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The old man is back... and he tries to break into all of our friends homes! These are the outtakes from the original vlog that you guys have been asking for!
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What's up guys welcome back to my second . chance today i'm gonna be showing you . guys the video they got been asking for . for a long time the last couple of vlogs . on my main channel i've been scaring . people with this mask that alex bought . it's a really terrifying match that . makes them look like a real-life old . person i basically ended up scaring all . our friends but i didn't use all the . reactions in the vlogs because some of . the reactions felt incomplete are really. short but nonetheless you guys wanted to . see the rest so i'm going to show you . guys some of the other reaction i'm . going to start with jason seeing the . mask for the very first time that alex . urged or not happened . i fucking i fucking lost it in here i . was sitting in her room and you just . walked here just going to geoffrey here . like that has autofocus boogieman to . kill all of us sure man my first my . first reaction but i'm getting the fuck . out of here . fuck all of them yes is the avalon right . [applause]. stop it stop it stop . here's the perks come on this isn't a . gun in there it's not funny she got in . there he doesn't have a gun she's here . to kill you show him your purse so it's . not weird traffic stop it was that was . he related to you if he related to you . if you can point you out i don't know . why i'm shaking i'm shaking but if you . guys can look in my purse i have nothing . in my purse honestly a hundred percent . swear to god you don't know god . i don't know like i'm shaking i don't . know who the fuck that was . i'm not going to tell you i don't know i . was terrified. what's wrong with her why give him the . fine person get and get . here just even you're hurt i feel really . bad hahaha what are you in here then i . don't know if you told me to fucking . come in here you son of a bitch given. the wallet yeah that's hot fuck you only . looking motherfucker average hours drop . it but refusing a thursday no my five . heartily job please contribute children . a business not my fucking wife wife sso . no business but my wife router that son . of a smiley we love with anybody's wife. their official okay the fuck you do is . buy one fucking stab let's figure this . out i have them on video three is that . why just do another fucking lucky i know . what just figure it out you will fucking . applause okay why are you here is a . beautiful card well i didn't know if . this dude on a fucking gone or what's up . not like i didn't we'll do it first i . was like hi who is here and i saw the . face nothing . i feel so bad doing that like oh my god . your hands shaking it sounds like me . behind the mask or not okay it's nothing . weird dude that i'm about the murders . some what sounds like . [music]. oh my god no . .
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