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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. Iโ€™ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
[laughter]. welcome to the vlog guys hope you're . having a great are these it these are . the both pink and camel hope you're . having an awesome day we are out the . house is a madhouse right now i'm gonna. take you inside and just show you what's . going on it's just mayhem it's like . there's there's no peace and quiet we . came outside real quick we have we've . come up britain i've come up with like a . quick way to well let me just show you . right now okay so we have a bunch i mean . a is there even anything wrong with . there is it just like kind of bent it's . just not it looks perfect what are you . talking about they're not perfect is the . thing if you have watched the blocks for . a very long time we talked about all of . our camo hats that our last shipment . came in it kind of flawed up there . either bent or they're crooked and we . don't want to sell anything that's not. perfect so instead of just selling them . at full price or sitting on these and . taking a massive loss we are going to . put them up on the site as you're . watching us they're on the site right . now for ten bucks they are $10 a hat . they vary i don't see anything wrong . with this hat either these hats just not . what we sell you there like our other . camo hats are flat these are raised . which i like this better that's that's . awesome. right it's a blowout that's what it is . it's a blow okay yeah okay so this is . our full this is our full price hat and . this is our $10 hat which yeah you can . see how nice and smooth and clean this . one looks and this one's just got a . little like lumps and bumps but that can . be fixed the more you wear just put that . in the dryer microwave 30 seconds it's . it's just a blowout sale guys we're . gonna knock all these hats out even the. pink ones. ten bucks so if you've always wanted a . camo hat and you still don't have one . get one for 10 bucks right now why . supplies last awesome i know those are . no i know but these are our firsts these . are what these would be if these came in . right more we're on the subject of of . small more we have new come on focus . baby focus i'm trying to get focus here . here there tie-dye splatter pop sake why . i want it okay there we go there we go . brand-new tie-dye splattered pop sockets . which are pretty sweet so yeah good you . wanna go inside and tackle this it's a . little manic man huh you are filthy i've . been working i've been working know . you've been working so hard girls do you . guys you know the drill small more top . link of the description of this video . get one before they're gone they're only . ten da we're going inside not see it's . nice and calm right now and you might . have noticed that a lot of people are in . the yes always bring us together yeah . she hey guys what's up what's up oh so . nice and quiet in here oh you building . lego this the final piece that i just . walk in on the final piece uh so it . seems piece one our home right now it's . just hanging out baby look at this . bucket of toys you're catching up with . the boys with all these toys i think you. might have missed me more than anybody . hey baby . okay dad hi pretty girl . muah okay you head down dude that is . cool all the jets on the back okay so i . told you yesterday we've been working on . the basement and it's it's pretty . oh yeah can you bring in buckets back . down this way country give me a scale of . 1 to 10 how ridiculous it's down here . and so it's coming over i would actually . say but it was a lot it's a lot of work . [laughter]. how much for the drill that's right you . come in there like more park work not . look at it yo guys what's up . let's go yo this looks good looks really . good i'm impressed . that's awesome you're taking charge . break it brian hasn't destroyed it yeah . that's good or is it build it bro yeah . it actually was but what we're doing is . improvising and making it work look . honestly working together cohesively as . a team you guys are working as a team . i'm proud of you taking on do you want . to take do we even lift you did get it . go go get it get it get it . okay so everybody's down here where do. you want your swing all right yeah brian . needs answers can it just go on a pillar . like that there's like something special . you have you have to drill it into the . thing maybe open it . it's okay guy maybe i can do that it's . mario huh nah i look at this this is . cool sure yeah it's it's not a hammock . or it is you can use it yes yes . yeah just just in case you have a dirty . treadmill at home i'm gonna well . britney's gonna show you what you got to . get water on there right . [music]. i like your tape choice is it across oh . all right start it up here we go get . that dirt off that machine you got your . pulse now there's the dirt honey but you . got to get away get tons of water on it . no you're good you're good . splat turn it all the way up jason yeah . yeah i guess oh oh you don't need there . you go it's not dangerous what is . dangerous about that she's dangerous i . call it brilliant it is see that baby . cleaning up more water more water you . know this is how you clean a treadmill . yeah you almost got sucked up all right . horrible idea it didn't work at all. it's actually more dirty i think it's. just soap now i got an idea wet towel on . your chest and you lay on it . [music]. i'll just remix it that actually worked . pretty good it looks way better oh she's . ready going think long thing wrong put a . hole in that sucker britney wants to . swing dude you gotta give it yeah get it . brian brian the builder can he fix it . find a builder yes he can . how many people just stand here another . far away. he just hold on so we if you watched . last week we ordered all the costumes . for our go-cart races and they never . came but they came now so we have my . judge so we have all these costumes . random casas extra-large dude yeah . you're taller though i mean yeah you . know why i got extra large so you could . wear all your snow stuff under it and . that's it i was thinking to you actually . bringing did it oh yeah you gotta you . got so what's our options we got that . ones mari up bret right you got your . princess suit yeah yo yoshi xxl . oh yes donkey co that's a good one i . won't feels comfortable . it's like pajamas john this is so we can . chase brian in the banana suit yes good . looks go with the mole don't ready to . race again let's go grab a quad . [laughter]. [laughter]. your country's up front countries up . front brother oh well you're super . sideways country can you get this big . box here in the kitchen we need help . with it it's too heavy for me bro i know . i've been working out behind it's too . much for me bro it's right it's right . inside the door on the on the on the . right it's the big one the big one . [laughter]. seriously the box there's one bad thing . about today it's heat it's gotten warm . it's actually warm outside it's . beautiful the sun is out there's almost . no clouds and it got warm so the snow. has been melting which really stinks . still got a little bit on the ground but . i can hear it melting look at this look . so basically all this it's like all our . work on the pond and like just playing. on it may come to an end if it doesn't . it's supposed to be warm all week like . it's getting into the 40's the 50s which . means it's gonna melt very very fast i . just hope that don't last and we get to . play on this for the whole winter i . wanted to just keep freezing and getting . thicker and deeper and so you can see . the pond is like it still looks okay but . you can tell there's some basically the. snow is melting on top i mean look . here is look you can see down in the ice . just talk deep look at that there's . water on top but you can see how thick . it is it's very thick aw it's so slushy . that's amazing he's gonna slide that . looks awesome . so yeah we're basically pasted i keep . saying basically we're building like a . big slush on top of the plant i think . knights will save us so it'll refreeze . hopefully and kind of rebuild what we . lost during the day but if those . temperatures this thing is definitely . gonna mouth basically yeah dude that's . amazing which makes snow cones good . we're gonna lose our pond dude let's get. turn back into a pond you're doing a . hole the hole ha ha ha ha hey this is a . swing this is this is what you do this . is gonna be down here swinging you see . mommy cora hey look at mommy you goofy . yeah you all i gotta say is you better . hope you better hope brian mounted that . right it's all i got to say i want to do . it blast off all right let's see what . this thing's yep oh my gosh . oh my gosh you better hopeless dude . that's like so scary to me terrifying . oh that course here bring cora how's it . feel curt has no interest in you being . upside down at all of course is i'm out . of here i'm out of here . you're done upside down interview . upside-down interview who is the one you . love the most . good answer. oh second my boyfriend oh gosh court . you're next i have to hold on to the . sides really good okay like grab them . yeah take a hammock take a bed i mean . forward or backwards is concrete so . you're fine. you still got plenty of teeth nah yeah . so i don't know it's interesting i mean . i could see like right now i can see . like me wanting to just lay back and . watch my back just crack and stretch . that sounds really good . oh that's like where she was delivered . in number from the stork she's like a . song i think she's gonna fall asleep by. the way i'm so holding her she's diggin . it yeah she is like so she's just not . yeah she's like i don't know what family . i landed in but it's interesting you . guys are all this potential gym . downstairs stuffs got me thinking it's . time for our daily push-ups time for our . debt cory you're doing with us huh oh . you are adorable little girl . so starting like five days ago we . started at ten push-ups and we add just . one a day and we asked you guys to do . them with us do them with your family . your friends whoever's around or just . doing by yourself you hop on the ground . and you just do it now we started at ten . and i told you you can start at whatever . number you want start small and just add . one a day and that's where we're at . right now we're at we start at ten we're . at just 15 right now 15 push-ups week . unduli you my cameraman said she already . did them today sure all right . you know he's does he know he's does . this push-ups before us well you make a . good cameraman buddy everyone says . you're good camera yeah there we go all . right guys you ready hop on the floor . let's do it baby yeah yeah . ready 1 2 3 4 5 12 . we still caught up to mommy it's for . filming thanks for joining . it was so that's it you want to watch it . you guys subscribe to the channel and . then tomorrow at 3 o'clock you can watch . it if not that's ok you can still do it . just help down do it you don't want to . push up through sit ups do you know any . type of small exercise just add one a . day motivate you get you pump and see i . was all tired now i feel good where are . these common from man i think we should . open up a stinkbug farm he is not alive . don't kid and that's gonna be the . perfect place to say goodbye for the day . guys thanks for hanging out with us . today we did a lot of homework just one . work kids . home work work at home and you know . didn't vlog is probably much as i should . have but we're here streak still . continues and thank you guys for being . here camo hats pink hats on sale 10 . bucks get one before they're gone oh . yeah yep you guys are watching us it's . all it's all about taking i will take . guys of now it's up love you guys it's . not even a thing it's not even issue i . love you guys so much thank you for your . support your love to our family we'll . see you tomorrow you're beautiful . one-of-a-kind smile . you. .
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