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Alright so I told you guys that I was going to start implementing what they taught us in the how to pick up girls at the gym video. The time is now. What gym is next? Hopefully you guys can continue to learn the proper way to pick up and talk to girls at the gym. For me...well I'm still learning lol. Also in this video I'm making some power clean gains. And still hitting my favorite body Part for the New Years...leg day
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All right so all right i told you guys . that we're going to hit room girls in . the gym. well since we're doing is like workout i . was really kind of inspired i was like . why don't i just try this right now i'll . pick up this girl who the girl you like . killing that girl i was like one girl . wanting to see a girl she's overdoing . the feet . [music]. notice my new car . yeah just got i got this from the . dealership. it's a rabbit guinea i got in white you . know what you're right though you know . because that's what i was feeling today . just felt that way to get started you . know start the day off like that . i got a tow truck be quite real quick . you know just done you know that's when . you really get that stuff . yeah i mean this is you know this is not . what's important what's important is. knowledge. ok knowledge is what's important in the . knowledge that i'm teaching today to . kill your fucking legs okay lamborghini . is cool but you know what's even cooler . the weights . alright so we're getting here we're . gonna hit legs your bad lopez lopez brad . anyways point is like let's just go . workout . ok we're going to lakes power cleans . have some fun probably a squat probably . front squat because back squatting is . for the birds. that makes no sense why doesn't have to . make sense of the internet and whenever . i say on the internet is the truth . because it's the internet that's not . true it's true . let's just said it hell ya thank you you . wanna tell me your name up james track . follow me on twitter james and that that . you got it doing you don't shave this . book times 18 anything yeah i'm going to . be going to hold this in your state in . the fall she'll appreciate your brother . and i really appreciate you've inspired . me on . get better . schmidt you to see like all right my god . your video to your here right now see . what is my name's andy blue he's . following me motherfucker. yeah underscore fitness highest grandma . i met bradley martin a twice wisely . this was this is the la fit expo write . this on top 10 i think it was arnold . this is the arnold yeah what year was . that that was a good tan maybe to . understand that 23 years ago maybe . oh yeah how old am i now dammit day i'm . like a hundred over 30 bro pretty good . night 27 almost one year but fuck you . was a bottom one the bottom was last . year at the expo. no arnold two are also you're from ohio . then assumption know i just go there to . see the army is always yeah and honestly . i tell you guys so that's one of the . finest x1 he has down so you guys in . your from trying to guess . oh shit what college are you just you're . not really from trying to ram you speak . so this is really actually really . important this guy speaks five languages. five other so much languages i speak . english french german dutch and italian . tell them you speak english french . german russian time in each language . expert in a lance expression storage co . parlo italiano . i speak english and there's apart from . self at the yeah you did not fire bro . but it is great seriously i'll tell you . is crazy cuz like i like i can tell . myself smart person can barely speak . english . yeah they write that out right well i . just do my smart as out i don't like the . squad is smarter than me right now it's. fine yeah that's fine but he speaks two . languages we want some sesame chicken . clucking me why i can only speak one . language and i'm gonna beat your rosetta . stone on rosetta stone and it doesn't . advertisement link in description below. shit's got here we got so many plugs for . you work down folks just crazy literally . we it took about an hour to get from . there to here dude it's that's what this . is all about that the other day it was . about what is it about lagging know . people not sure about the people in five . languages because now he get he could . sign out for me and find your language . and how strongly you feel like you can't . you know like closed captions yeah . i don't know doing it so people ask me . too i'm sorry i don't know how to do it . but anyways let's go do this workout . ok alright i get a good picture . film this yeah but i'm just warming up . for my close-up . yeah what my hips up . that's essential especially to do this. kind of stuff. you guys want to give yourself a shot . putting this this this is a little . reality this is not what you would . consider across the even a lot of my . seems to be like crossfit but i when i . do it it's not crossfit yeah kevin does . it is crossfit ok so what is it was . nothing . i'm gonna do some power cleans i'm just . warming up my hips and my ankles . is automatic part because i'm putting . pressure over here where pressure will . be when i'm working out yeah and . pressure over here. yeah i wanted to be leaving both sides . so this side always feels loose for me . i've always been like that was inside of . a little bit more that's all . fucking finger going to happen . [music]. finger with that . [music]. [music]. alright guys so check this out so . everyone cleans i'm working on like a . little with this stuff a lot of guys say . hey do more that i'm going to do more . that this year for sure because not only . do i think it looks cool your route . yes my room is kind of where i came from . is kinda what i started doing before i . really got into bodybuilding heavy i was . always more about like trying to be. exposed to try to be athletic so this is . me not necessarily getting back to that. but just like keeping that in my routine. you guys can't do this you don't know . the technique you want to give it a try . try it. my best advice is like finding coats i'm . going to like an olympic weightlifting . coach at classic coach and olympic . weightlifting coach someone who say . they're very hard to find was a rare . like starting point buster uniform well . it's a fucking uniform legit unicorn so . do the 51 practices because i promise . you these kind of lifts will make you . better at bodybuilding i guarantee it . like it's not going to be talking to . your bench press but it's gonna help you . more explosive which inadvertently will . help you improve your major list is . quite your deadlift your bench press . right gonna make you more explosive . gonna make you more athletic you can be . able to jump higher like all things that . everyone thinks it's cool like this kind . of comes from these kind of this squats . the heavy deadlifts heavy heavy . posterior chain movements a heavy hit . movements so i've done is forever happy . ending but i don't let you guys watch it . might be like hey i can't do that like. why the fuck you show me that i'm going . to show you a few sets of me doing it . because it's what i'm doing today but if . you want to replace that's fine your . place would like stuff like their lips . just passed your changes delicious use . you know try to use minimal like . quad drive just hips like its strength . its closing this . that's fine or just regular dentist is . fine but i'm do this movement power . claim i'm going to traditional lightning . said you guys will be able to do it . yourself understand the center first get . myself like donna hyped up so if you . guys wanna try it cool if you think you . have some idea . go for it my best advice is just don't . hurt yourself easily kind of movement . said you don't have to do it right like . i just watched a movie like try this . i mean like i said i'm gonna stop you . try and do it you feel like you can do . it go for it because i was the same guy . i'm the same kind of guy and i will go . for it but just understand like your . limits right at the same time be ready . to like surpass them if you want to do . it so it's just not straight across a . frosty my friends . [music]. yup . she'll hurt now good . [music]. let's go . [music]. go . how that feel right good really good . like legit 350 no problem right now and . then and then going to stop there was a . problem. i'm fine you alright that's what's gonna . happen then go straight in front squats . and then back squats and front squats . and back spots and then press the other . than amrap muscle-ups up . that's what she wanted to write and then . what-what and pushups anymore and wrap . tricep extensions and i'm super set with . clean gingers finish off and clean your . toilet with a job . yeah bro cuz you gotta keep it clean . though because after that workout for . sure i'm taking a faction cleanup . bus. my . ok . it. my niece here bro i got this girl her . not very good . [music]. one . what number that three . this is three dozen for . one . [music]. that's wanted one . what . let's go pop up is easy . come on. yeah well don't take a few days maybe a . few week now about one week 3 15 for 15 . 315 rest key i'm starting now time for . us this video ok little bit robbie's 343 . plates is equal to three . we'll go . easy make it snappy . still in this row . [music]. it's gone . let's go . good morning easy . oh that's second were so pissed me off . that's not good second one like you the . perfect you had like at least 3 45 or . hillary lane hell yeah . apart from quarterback spot was like . press we think that's our bathroom for . like dress look like dress i mean my . breasts obvious of x pi/6 hey i got here . as you can see that finding them . yeah no belle doesn't put that in there . haha . uh-huh right across well he called it . you're right dude i did a lot of work . here matt clean a lot of shit up . yeah clean up 3 15 times . 78 in three and five bro how ya doin the . math what's that . 3 15 x 8 i'll do right now . 25 for all twenty twenty-five thousand . pounds . ok i really do . 2500 if you did you pick their let's be . real you do like press ok yeah because . honestly this is the first time i've . done this last time i did he was here . yeah it was like six months ago first . time in six months but this is 201

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