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Huge family surprise...something we've been waiting for!!!

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Someone told me never saw . please don't exist in my life these days . but you showed me if i . just find the fit i need to believe . anything is possible if you wanna pass . look this guy high-test your limit . in crap . i can see i'm sorry hey welcome back to . my channel guys what's going on . everybody. baby do you mind if i take the ace . family with me really quick ra 7 come . with me oh you come with us okay cool so . if you're part of a family you know that . we recently announced our pregnancy . she's beautiful . watch your step by the way tight squeeze . so we recently announced our pregnancy . and there will be a new blessing being . added to our families very soon and if . you know me you know i love basketball . and you know i'm all about doing these . crazy trick shots in our videos so it's. only right if i do our trick shot for . our new he or she new born to be so this . shot is for him or her so if you're new. to our channel make sure you hit that . subscribe button enjoying the family so . as you all read by the title today we . will be getting a family surprise and . waiting for this . wait for like three months it has it . really been three months so if you were . part of the eighth stanley you all . should know what we're talking about if . you think you know comment below and if . you don't it's okay because you're gonna. find out really so the plan is to head . over to the surprise location and take . you all with this so y'all ready to go . are they ready to go shotgun oh a with . that far enough i mean that fine . pregnant where are we . i'll be honest with you guys i don't . think all of you can fit in our car so . i'm gonna just put you guys in my pocket. [music]. oh sorry guys hopefully the drive wasn't . too long so we just arrived at our . location to see our surprise so last . year katherine and i bought a golf cart . we really just buy a golf cart give me . that camera back our bro now i gotta . figure out how we gonna get home what do . you mean where's katherine what do you . mean no nice already were home dude . we're like 50 miles away from that well . we're gonna write this ollie home yeah . dude it's gonna take five hours how . about the battery won't take that long . hung say like 30 minutes this probably . has like 20% battery charge hey . [music]. and we gave her a name her name is patty . but it's time went on we felt she was. missing something pretty much she needed . a little bit of tlc so we had patty . picked up and dropped off here at . platinum where jonathan works jonathan . is violets dad elle's best friend so . jonathan said bro don't worry about . patty i'm gonna give her a makeover so . he told me he didn't want to show me the . final product until we came and picked . it up in person which is today so today . will be a surprise for all of us and . we're so height because miss patty so. much and we can't have a completed. family without her so if you're all . ready to see the new improved makeover . patty give this video a thumbs up right . now you know what's funny the surprise . came in perfect timing it came right . when we found out katherine was pregnant . so it's really like a pregnancy so . practice kind of thing all right guys so . i think it's time we don't know what to . expect all i gotta say i hope it's fine . oh hey standing ready bevan you ready . but before we go we have to switch . cameras. yeah yeah i love you didn't didn't be . right we're going to that my god. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. now home safe and sound. i must admit they killed it everyone . give them a round of applause . paddy literally went from a doughnut to . would break a family now i'ma show you . guys paddy's upgraded specs come check . it out. we're to start right here with the . massive tires with all black rims four . inch lift we have the all red in syria . with the ace logo the out carrier also . red with the 8th logo i'm not sure if . you guys noticed well we have this sound . system right here blue - yes indeed . uh-huh uh-huh comes to the front well . i'm not sure can they see this right . here. can they see that the name is patti yes . beautiful yes in the front we have the . ace logo again right here in red you. know it's all about the ace family it . how much more beautiful can i golf cars . but you know you're about to hit five . million any second right now yeah any . second baby do you know where we go okay . do we go here we go here a real . subscriber count down since the right . website okay okay come on come on come . on come on . a space let's go let's go let's go al . let's go there we go there we go hey . family what are the odds we make it back . just in time to hit 5 million a family . member guys we're so close god damn we . love patty inside this is way more . important we are so close i feel like . this is a surprise today yeah how do you . feel oh my gosh really want to get 5 . million do you know how i said it but . question do you know how much 5 million . is we're gonna be completely honest with . you guys we did not expect to hit five . million so soon. we literally hit a million in what a . month and a half million the day before. new year's wow and we're on wow . so less than a month and a half creeps . up on us so fast that we couldn't even . plan for anything and to be honest this . is the best way to do it to be home with . your family with a family this is all we . need but if you new to this channel you . have never seen us hit a milestone we're . gonna roll it all the way back to our . first million all the way up until now . [music]. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. look at that view though she's amazing . guy she knows she knows i'm so proud of . you i think i've been crying way too . much this week has been the craziest . week probably of my life really other . than when l was born yeah and when i got . what she and then we got a okay so they . okay so listen definitely a top day for . us maybe not the best but a top guys you . really i'm crying right now but i'm . really not my eyes just is tired along . put on the sirius no guys some real shit . we cannot thank you all enough for all . the love and support that you show us we . honestly wouldn't be where we are today . if it wasn't for all of you and for the . people who consistently watch us and . consistently keep our channels so . positive today's notifications shout-out . goes to you you guys are the reason why . our channel is the way that it is and . obviously we spread so much positivity . and you know this channel the drama-free . this channel is just literally us living . our lives and doing what we do and you . guys are part of the reason why it . continues to be so positive so thank you . so much for keeping that positivity on . our channel damn i almost stopped . watering hills romi damn a family we hit . 5 million ace family members do you guys . realize how many family members that is . know do you realize i don't i don't . still feels like surreal . the next milestone this week's meal . and aside from our aches family members . we want to give a huge shout-out to our . boy phase rug his family as well mama . rug papa rug shout-out to you guys he is . such a young humble hard-working content . creator nobody watching from the outside . and realizes how difficult that is to be . able to post every day but he manages to . do it he does a great job at it yeah and . i do want to say that when we first . started our youtube channel we were . actually watching him and being inspired . by him and it's crazy that just recently . he actually gave us a shout out and not . just one couple shout a couple shout out . and for someone to acknowledge another. content creator in the way that he did . for us means a lot and it actually means . a lot in general and just like people . like you know saying that they're fans . of ours and people saying that they . respect us are inspired by us like that . means a lot the fact that you're . actually saying that means a lot to us . and for him to admit that in front of . millions of people we respect that fact . that he gave us a shout out without . expecting anything no incentive not . trying to prove a point not trying to do . anything literally just did that and . just know that we see that we respect . that so thank you for that . so shout out to you face rub hopefully . you're watching this i know you're in . dubai right now in ace family all i . gotta say is stay tuned for a collab so . thank you all for tuning in as always . before we close out today's video we do . have to give our posts indication shout . out to who baby . the ace family and all of our family men . whoever else like a post notification. shout out all you got to do is subscribe. to the family hit that subscribe button . turn on our post notifications hit that . bell button and once you do those two . things all you gotta do is comment . doesn't obviously if you liked today's . video you've got to give it a thumbs up . give it a thumbs up for the a's family . being so damn strong we're literally an . army like no bullshit we're literally if. anybody want to get crazy you don't want . to get crazy today all right same number . stick together oh and if you give us a. thumbs up before we ask you to give us a . thumbs up like those people . when the video starts you guys give us a . thumbs up before watching the video yes . your real one for real i love those damn . people don't even know what the videos . about thumbs up i love y'all so like . comment share and subscribe and like me . and my beautiful pregnant clean always . say . .

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