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When i being a ward thinking oh i am . knew that they were fated from i say no . [music]. guys ha ha so good morning i was given . the option to take down the billboard or . have my brother release the second verse . well take colors before i get into it i . want to say good morning and i hope you . guys are working hard i love your debit . on them haters all your smiling and if . you're new here i'm jake paul this is . the team 10 house you guys are the jake . polish join the family today and it is . lit every single day brother . so this morning was a boy's morning i'm . talking motorcycle yeah what is going on . party people. it is like 6 a. m. right now we are on . the move so we all made the bond . together to get our motorcycles license. oh bond brothers ok so it's like a boys . time right now we're about to like ride . around on some motorcycles and get our . licenses that we can steady mob together . mission it fairly with beatrice baby . without that anthony are you upset with. me bro we all got free boots you got . those i got the dope when she was trying . to count the dope ones i was like bro . that's the one that i asked for yes for . greenland your scoop said nah dude ah . okay i'm never gonna wear these anyways . so they were free to bribe you live . amazing distortion baby baby . [music]. by dispatching your feet i got a me . anytime so are you whoa kill that class . baby now i need your guys's help stay . tuned ready three two guys okay so we . are at harley davidson right now i am . getting a motorcycle not right now in . the next week or so and i need your . guys's help with picking it out so many . of you three of the options that i've . narrowed it down to and i want you guys . to comment a b or c and i'm going to get . whichever one jake pollard's want me to . get alright guys so this one is a baskin . all of its glory check it out there you. go that's a so the guys this is b check . it out through the rim guys this is c . check it out boom boom boom bada bing. bada boom yeah yeah yeah guys the last . option b check it out wait wait have you . ever considered getting this one now. hear me out a little bigger fry a little . less speedy but that's not really where . we worried about you erica on your lap . obviously she's dodging a lot kid it's . no no this is really big oh no the . harley's for me to be like again a man . again in like a graph i seek what do we . talk about mary is mary jo you and her . and someone out jay paulus thank you so . much what's next and then we came back . to the house and it was time to flipping . the ball out guys ah does exciting news . right now i am about to play in a . charity celebrity basketball game how . long was that noise that i just made i . don't really know my friends are coming . to the party i'm cuban martinez when do . you come in erica are you coming . you're gonna come support me babe also. good morning . [music]. okay paul we've heated hair wow i am . correct no go i have i have a special oh . i have a special weapon that's gonna . train me march march . no no oh look pyro hey every game you're . hustling you help me with my game . hey no you got it he's not really that . good of a coach i need your help . it looks like you're working on your own . game i need help my boy said it's okay . it looks like you're ready to play are . you playing in the game it doesn't look . like you're choking me i really need . your help. jake uh jake what you like divorce . whatever she's like lebron bro what yeah . i just came lebron babu everything he's . really cute but like yeah he knows . nothing about how to teach anything . what are you doing it okay i don't think . he actually knows anything about it. oh we've got that jane i do that before . you go always aim okay we're getting . somewhere. okay. [applause]. oh kenny would be just baby like that a . little man just pull off so many baby . yeah laughing you three guys jump out . hi guys we just got here i'm late i'm . late we gotta go we gotta go we named my . baby after you know yo that's my girl i . love you for that ball is life right oh . these got a clock in the rori . my boys a beast i got a glock in my car . is the seven i sold i got my lucky ochio . are we on the same team boys say if we . got a white church oh snap my boys on . the same team as me there what about the . ball out i'm number two representing . kyrie baby cleveland we out here ohio . you know how we do it oh my god we don't . lose but do we move dribble too much . johnny julie look 0l0 all right so it's . team metta world peace we open right . we're gonna get it an easy work baby . boomers the jake polish don't take else . we got a win secure wayne who can win . too much weight. i think big balls john. [applause]. [music]. [music]. the lena pole i'm a list will be a list . just a little bit i'm sure so that's an . example of oh hi ron hi bro it's . halftime how do you think i'm doing am i . doing good what do i need to do to . improve i don't think i have any . volunteers always buy that but we don't . pick out baby you can't win them all . sometimes life doesn't give you double. use and sometimes you just gotta take an . l and that's what happened here today . yes it's sad yes we lost but the one . thing that you can take away from this . is to always try your hardest and beat . joke add things oh hey uh yeah it's not . it's making this the voiceover it was . dull right i mean cool we lost yeah that . was pretty bad but yeah yeah i do good . come here i spend time with you all day . thank you for a supporting the other . game high drama but you do really good . thanks stanton's aren't going to person . did you check out my life you should . check out her glad she likes it should . be like ah continue this is not okay i . hate to see her go but i love to watch . eileen so now guys it's time to address . the job basically what's going on with . the situation between logan and i if. you're unfamiliar with it basically what . happened is i put up a billboard of him . wearing my merch on a main street as a . prank he got really upset and was really . offended by it amid a whole entire video . roasting me talking smack about the jake . pollard's you guys talking smack about . my merch basically threatened to release. the second verse of his diss track . against me if i didn't take the . billboard down i was sitting next time . watch the vlogs and a lot went through . my mind first of all i was like damn . like i didn't know this it was going to . affect my brother this much and like i . would have never done that if i actually . thought he was going to get like super . upset about the billboard but to me it . was like just a prank and like everyone . around me like everyone in team ten was . like oh this is hilarious but i didn't . know that it was going to upset him at . the end of the day it doesn't matter . what i think if it upsets him then it . upsets him so immediately i texted the . company that put the billboard up and i . was like yo let's take the billboard. down friday july 7th i don't know if you. could see that july 7 i'm texting the . guy right now from outfront media which. is like the billboard company you could . see it on the billboard so you could see . that that's the company i'm lilly . texting the guy i asked him if we can . take the billboard down he said we could . take it down next week if needed i said . okay can it be done faster my brother's . was upset and i don't want to hurt his . feelings anymore . he said they can't really do it till . monday so i said yeah . i want you to request it sorry about . that blah blah blah they're taking the . billboard down right away i don't want . to like start any drama or like hurt his . feelings i didn't think that like my big . bump like brother we get affected by . like a billboard that's clearly just a . joke like i think i'm just not going to . be able to prank him so yeah first of . all right now i want to say like you . know logan . i am truly like sorry dude i did not . know that was going to hurt your . feelings and as your brother i would . never do anything to be malicious or . purposely harmful for you to towards you . i mean and i didn't think that it was . going to affect you that much but i . texted that company and told them to . take the billboard down and at this . point i hadn't told logan about that or . anything i wasn't like oh no he's going . to release the second verse like it's . already released on the internet so like . i don't know if that's like really a big . threat i think he might have been . talking about like the video portion of . it but then i started to like trying to . really like gather my thoughts on. everything and after watching his video . i was like okay he's upset but . throughout this whole entire video he's . just talking smack bad things about me . um sorry about computers okay i know . you're there be quiet um throughout his . whole entire vlog like he was just . dragging me down at one point you said . if someone has a piece of my merch they . are no longer in the low gang then he . goes on to say that my merch is terrible . that if anyone wears that you can like . punch them in the face. and the list goes on and on and on and . to break that down first of all you may . not like my merch but as a brother you . should still support it and you should . still like always support mean . especially as an older brother . that's why i was like so confused when i . was watching this video first of all i . would never i would not be offended at . all a teammate a billboard with me . wearing his march on it like i like his . march i want his march to do well i was . like dude what is going on like this sox . man louis i'm going to put your merch . link in the description of this vault . because that's how well i want to see . you do i started to like to think about . the next part of it which is like my own . brother is blackmai
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