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Now i have a big update for you it's . pretty funny it's pretty savage these . are our jobs bro it was the two thousand . dollar hard drives that didn't work at . all. corrupted all the data what's the. company drobo drove oh you got called . out bro you're stuck we got that too . you're filming so we saw it coming a . mile out bro hey come on tj follows i . hope you're having a great morning make . sure you're smiling because when you . smile you feel happier and when you're . happier if you work harder and when you . work harder success levels growth and . when success levels grow you get more. girl we made it so jay solace let's flip . it to today . [music]. tell me this i'm like i'm so powder oh . my gosh they're learning like a parent . most kids read you know we go man i'm . their mom you're learning braille what . do you learn and now it's talking of . your tongue give us a word give us a . word there's a console oh thank jesus . station right yeah yeah see how like . normally there is castle there is a . castle bro this book is actually worked . well yeah well no i'm actually like i'm. the best okay give us a word give us a . worthy she's coming to my heart . oh from gender i'm going to look your . book what what did you say make your . bison i'm pretty sure it doesn't say . that i just ate your book he's like what . learning is about girl make mistake hi . in life when this tinder girl comes . she's gonna think he's 26 are you on . tinder right now wow oh my god alright . guys so life has been crazy as you guys . have kind of seen and i kinda just want . to like recap everything give you . updates on everything and there's some . really really funny stuff that you're . going to want to wait and like stay . tuned for but i mean i kind of check in. with everyone so let's do then nick you . want to go first . what are you working on big eyes i'm . just removing old team time numbers from. the door time that's average we're just. disappearing. going they don't want it sam they don't . want it you're gonna get your raced off. the banner mmm the family is stronger. faster and more unstoppable than ever . join now or forever hold your peace you . have any updates what are you working on. what's going on. no we just happened off a couple. projects but recently i've seen there's . more people now specifically two more . girls so i'm like i'm like like there's . never girls here so there's got to be an . explanation figured out erika got an . assistant and her assistant got it it's . an assistant as an assistant another . assist yeah but the one assistant here's . the worst part is that erika is jake's . assistant. that's me i'm jake so that means that . that's an assistant assistant assistant . what are my assistant i don't think in . the i need one if she's got three jake's . got three now. erika has two and the new one even has . one i've been here that long i don't . even have a single one maybe the . monstrance could be your assistant she . will go for the price of one . i know it's legal to employ them but at . this point i feel like she doesn't even . have anything left to do now she's full . influencer ever since she here or under . k on instagram she switched up on us i'm . going to talk to erica what's up nothing . explaining how are you how are you i'm . just checking in on everyone's lives you . have any update um well we did a lot of . cleaning this is my assistant bella . she's helping me with a lot of stuff . first thing she says i said do you have . any update she goes this is my assistant . bella no honey no there could be a watch . a vlog tomorrow i'll be like oh you have . any updates for us i am i'm asking . everyone about their update a chance and . i i actually nerd he likes a gain so we . have this little team ten gaming thing . that we're working on that's right it's . pretty good don't sleep on us so jake . pollard's if you're gamers be ready for . that do another update i know i know you . have another ones you need me to remind . you. my boys are the fourth fastest growing . youtube channel. [music]. yeah y-yeah that's all sigh if you watch . your youtube channel . a month and a half ago i mean that's . good news wow gee thank you me you're . number one. no way then load unit number two and . then some guy from spain's number three . yeah my boy your dad and then it's not . yeah so we're above you so guys now i . have a big update for you it's pretty . funny it's pre savage let's go what's . update colors cool come over here . gathering so the first update is i got . this yeah this is for like 5 million . subscribers that's cool . that would kill you and then the second. thing guys we're still working on . getting a house it's like a really hard . process takes a lot of time it's a foot. like money in escrow get pitt she thinks . she owns the world but guys we're . working on getting into a house we're . really excited about it a lots going . into it boxing . we basically have to convince our . neighbors at the new house to let us . like pave this one road on the way in so . hopefully they'll be able to agree to . that or if you convince them were nice . oh a neighbor's bubba yeah well actually . actually that's right including my third . update which is at the end of yesterday . we got a letter an email from our . neighbors from our neighbors lawyers . because they loved it so our neighbors . hired lawyers to try and scare us to . stop making videos but it's every day no . and i'm stopping oh final blog yeah we . actually have to stop yes yeah . retirement yeah so my final vlog from . you yeah because look it says my client . is resolved to take legal action against. you to stop the ongoing nuisance at the . property accordingly demand is hereby . made that these nuisance activities at . all film production immediately cease at . the property if you do not reply within . seven days of this letter commerc as i . was saying if you do not reply within . seven days of this letter confirming. cessation of such activities than my . client shall have no choice but to take. any and all actions available at law and . equity including but not limited to . filing a lawsuit against you for damages . and seeking injunctive relief wow . very efficient i'm scared we have to . stop logging i'm remiss to say this we . have to stop the vlog for like until we . move into the new house it's going to be . a couple yeah . ah . that's ominous that comedy so they know . that is everyday bro you don't want to . take caller sick on your own . it's very comical so i mean obviously . the nip the neighbors are probably . watching up this right now so hey hope . you're having a great day we are . cylinder thank you for this letter by . the way great read there's a lot of . typos in here so tell your lawyers or if . the lawyers watching this you really got . to work on your typing i dropped out of . high school and i'm telling you that . serious knowledge they went in on this . letter and i'm going to read it to you . doing his glasses yeah yeah it's good . art this office represents the owner of . a property on the block of kill kia . drive in los angeles where your property . our address i mean you guys already know . it so is located the current occupant of . the property are engaged in continuous. non-stop film production and business . activities on this residential block . without a film permit or business . license in violation of applicable law . this includes disruptive and often. dangerous activities for the benefit of . the cameras we're professional dangerous . mother yeah we're always everything's . always under control one of these . residents jake ball chronicles these . various unlawful dangerous and. disruptive activities occurring at the. property in webisodes on his popular . youtube channel thank you fell off the . high horse shake come off the high horse . not bad just another kid from behind . the purpose of this letter is to advise . you of this nuisance so that you can . take the steps to stop these nuisance . activities and advise you that my client . will take legal action against you if . you do not do so the list of outrageous . disruptive and dangerous activities. create an ongoing nuisance does not stop . there over the past months mr. paul and . his associates have used trampolines on . the roof of the property creating a . danger to themselves and a great . potential liability to you . they have brought a live kangaroo to the. house when the other world that even . illegal though kangaroos are nicer than . most cats let me tell you i almost died . from a cat this kangaroo i could have . made out with it yeah what would they . have set up a kissing booth outside the . house for their droves of fans . jake pollard's give it up for you guys . this is my favorite yeah. in addition if you're dropping. watermelons from the roof and throwing . footballs from the roof you're trying to. get us kicked out because we drop the . watermelons oh my cousin we have fun but . the latest and perhaps most dangerous . incident occurred on saturday night mr. paul's youtube channel shows the . creation and lighting of they put in . quotation marks the saturday night . bonfire as they called it abby lee . calling in the episode as jake paul . himself says this is a legal as i did . say that and you can clearly see . numerous young men at the house tossing . random debris into the empty pool . including a sofa chairs and even popcorn. popcorn was experienced popcorn was . score but they then doused the debris in . gasoline and light on fire it was . acetone it was acid exciting you guess . if you're a rookie at making fires you . get professionals we were used as amount. because it burns and like oh i need to . drink yeah but i will say that was . probably the dumbest thing we do oh yeah . that one will miss the most rule is no . pun intended no literally stomp on. someone it is a kind of a pun intended .
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