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Jake pollard's if your name is at . jeopardy and there's only one side to . the story that's out there you got to . fix your name drumroll please . good morning jake polish what is going . on party people today was absolutely . insane i'm out here brah you already . know if you're new here i'm jake paul . this is the team town house and it is . lit every single day bro let me tell you. i hope you guys are smiling i hope . you're working hard i hope you're . dabbing on the haters and without any . further ado let's dive right into this . thing rosa flip and clip from this . morning yes oh boy you guys my girls . give me a beautiful day what is going on . guys today i have my yellows on you . already know about these yellows what . you know about is check them if you want . to put on the yellows or there you go . you're wearing the yellows pretty dope . right check it out oh . hashtag yellows am i right guys i also . just found chance and anthony's blog . camera look at this so this is you guys . log on yeah bro . you like these shut them on the handheld . yo that's a lit it doesn't even have a. battery you don't even need one . heartless bro we like to give them . quality es 970 is not i love it when you . vlog how do you hit it we're live let me . see it up that thing's it ain't that's . why you're the altos though the boys win . again run it up did you guys break up . we're still that's right . so that's uh nothing . good morning good morning that's right . you talked about this justice over i . mean you could turn it into a friendship . exactly what i said we're still best . friend i've got my yellers on you don't. think i get stuff like dr. phil with my . yellows on y'all are gonna be friends . and it's going to be great one of them . got whipped someone was wearing the . pants they talked about it one of them . one to leave i don't know what's . happening but that's definitely some be . asked we take this yeah okay the boy is . whipped good morning but it is gonna be . awesome . i know i know are you trying to talk to. bloodshot yeah we're gonna get it . doesn't talk to you he only talks to me . you just saw that x i don't mean did you . say you don't need that oh guys people . what are we thinking what is it . look at this look at this what is that . what is this wait what are those that . making fun of me oh did you know it's us . us over debbie scream an hour jagger i . want to try one erica its rebounding . though one of those who is this who are . you i'm back know who is this who even . lives here what is that oh get off of me . oh my god take it back are you good bro . are you a gopro i'm adele brouse i need. to get out of here what is all this . nonsense marge what like look at all as . much thinking my aha always like huh . [applause]. shut up shut up . oh i know i broke them all no we just . got that fixed no no what are you doing . max . i think his career is taking a turn for . the worse . i'm a boy needs to flip and send itself . i'm gonna get an office chair because . i'm quickly becoming irrelevant i . respect it bro do it for the youtube i'm . spelling one to my boy needs cheese oh . it was at this moment that evening . [music]. oh my god what are you doing bill we're . just trying to put it back and since i . would do it down in a heart . welcome to the boonies all right family . oh you guys smiling alice alice alice . alice alice. [music]. [music]. [applause]. oh. logan did you change your mind no get . out of my house i don't have a place to . live i'm currently homeless sorted . please jake let me move it oh yeah oh . wow i want to play something i love it . i'd love to live with you but i want to . live with you okay but what we did it . for 18 years together did we really oh . yeah dude brothers yeah no no but bro i . can't like the problem is his batteries . are always dying no see that's the . problem sal wait stop yeah that's the . problem logan if we were together it . would be chaos that makes me want to hit . something hold the camera hon jake don't . do it no jake no you just got the wall . replaced. oh god i understand it's never going to . work you just like my relationship with . some going man what did you say why did . you say okay uh i should have said that . oh no put your battery percentage at . honestly can i borrow a few better . subject my lord okay it's awkward . because of everything that's going down . right now not just really awkward . well i'm alan logan yeah what is going . on jake collar ties about to get serious . pay really close attention to what's . going down basically guys i just dropped . my music video it literally just got . uploaded and if you haven't seen it . already it basically talks about the . news the hate that i've been getting all . these people making false allegations . about who i am what i do and that they . are only framing me in the way that they . want me to be framed they want me to . lose they want me in a noose and i'm not . gonna have that that's why i drop the . music video the jake pollard's know . everyone else subliminally know is that . people are framing me right now it's . like observe do you guys know the truth . whenever i meet someone in person they . know about who i am they know that i'm a . good person that's why i'm still here . dogs that's why my brother and i at the . top because we're good people and the . news tries to take me down specifically . i've made mistakes i'm sorry which is . what this music video is about but guys . there's been something internally that . has been bothering me for months and . it's the truth about the situation that . happened with elissa and logan and i and . that whole entire thing with her and the . house i hate talking about it because it . like hurts. my heart like every time i talk about it . it's been bothering me for months now . and i've been i've been keeping it a . secret because i wanted to defend my . brother now . forget all that recently logan has been . making videos about a third verse and . he's been trying to protect it basically . because the third verse it explains the . whole entire story and it's me rapping . on the third verse and logan didn't want . to get out there and logan is the only . one with the copy of the third verse and . in his recent videos he's been playing. off of it in like hyping it up for what . reason i don't know he wanted to bring . it back up and because he's bringing it . back up guys i need to address it it's . been like literally haunting me every. single day i wake up with like a pain in . my chest in my mind because people have . me framed in the wrong light and they. don't know the truth about the situation . and they think that i'm the bad guy when . in fact that is not true and anybody who . knows the situation the opposite bro . anyone who knows about the situation . knows that that is not the case and . logan i love you i know you're probably . watching this and you're like whoa my . god this is all about to go down the . whole entire time i kept silent to . protect you but when i was getting . roasted because i was protecting you . you didn't come and defend me and for . that reason i have to defend myself i . don't know if this is making sense at . all guys it's all going to make sense . once you hear the third verse here's the . problem logan was the only one with the . third verse i never got it i never . received a copy of it because logan was . like if this gets put out he didn't know . if he wanted to put it out or not as you . guys maybe have seen in his logs these . brothers named raka raka from australia . stole the third verse from him i think . this is my time to defend myself defend . my name and for the jake pollard's for . the internet for the world to know the . truth about who i am they invited me . over to come vlog with them for while . we're there i'm gonna need you guys to . try and find the third verse so that we . can release it to the internet to defend . my name because i'm sick of all the . bullets that's out there every single . time like really negative about she was . like why would we all be here any of . those things were true maalik . why would i have his face on my leg . why'd i even end up here we would not be . in this family if this wasn't like one . of our favorite people like the nicest . guys we do thank you max . this is mission it didn't even get yeah . we're rolling up to their house guys um . i'm gonna like vlog with them. ray i think you break away bro the shed . you can you can like entertain them i'm . going to prank them around oh let's like . put the oakland jenga with you i'm going . to just walk in there on a mission you . got to get behind out like whatever i'm . doing i got the gopro in my pocket i say . rollin on you just act like you're . vlogging this is really weird that we're . on a tour or a crack house or you just . want me to act like me justin justin . jake ballers if your name is at jeopardy . and there's only one side to the story . that's out there you got to fix your . name defend yourself kids it's what this. mission is about blood shark we might . have to have a hot escape everyone eyes . cool blood sorry no closed blood shark . we just do we just just kick and just . kick oh all right car wreck all right we . hear you but we can't see you yeah . come on yo hey don yeah mickey's my jam . bro that walking on glasses is this shit . with oh my god we are twinning oh my god . no take it off yo is mr. guys's house . this is my house and it's a requisite . your room what is over here for how long . you guys here for tonight what you slide . that and we're going to react the . business bro you guys have the third. verse yeah yeah this what you've come to . final for the faubourg no you guys you . guys sold a third verse to my brother . that is savage . is that a trapdoor yeah a trapdoor i am . sure he's with us bro that's a q10 . colson's interstitial area modern . interaction did you mess it can we do . like a little action seems like just you . just like five seconds ten minutes okay . i like the accent it's really cool and i . want white and compaq special just stick . to the sides. [music]. yo guys i got it so often the sick he's . feeling nice but i don't know who raised . weird he's always vlogging on the gopro . - it's really weird okay guys so i think . ready got the third verse i saw him like . it going here's like loki almost crying . but right now we're going to like play . into this like action sequence. i guess prepare for an action sequence. right now ready jake . third versus - . let's do it . oh jake call the fiji that's now quickly . risen third verse a large team to fit . their verses my brother and i have the . third person whole district your is that . the picture of the dock . well there will be show bitch should . have flipper freaking you don't take my . line bro. oh. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. i'm calling you. who loves baby. [applause]. oh the third verse . oh whatever oh y'all my camera hello oh . my god i ruined it i ruined it oh my . gosh back to you jake. yay oh guys so action secret yeah you . see that i saw it oh it's a good job . much all next yeah all right cool don't . give you in service yeah no it's cool . sorry we don't yeah all right each end . we got to get out of here sakurako thank . you guys so much . you guys are awesome oh my god i love . you coffee - i'll see you in australia . okay blood shark buddy do you have it no . oh my god i know how to put it down but . it oh yeah hurry get a bro like i'm . freaking out my heart okay . go ready go this is it guys i was crying . earlier because happy i found it your . name is about to be cleared right now . all right we're going to figure out what . to do with this junior sex 3 alex a phil . do you guys i'm exhausted right now like . 10 o'clock but basically like for the . past couple of hours i've been figuring . out like what to do with this so much . deliberation this is going to change the . world it's going to change the internet . for the next couple of weeks probably . i'm taking that wow did it big tickling . the labeling off on this hard drive guys . is a lyric video and a music video to. the 3rd verse and this is your ratchet . are you sure i'm sure chainsaw sorry i'm . sick and tired of like all of these . people not knowing the truth about who i . am. no one can blame you everyone in this . house knows but i hate to get emotional . i'm gonna plug this in and start to . upload the lyric video so you guys can . be ready to watch that in about an hour . so maybe two hours i mean the right this . is a fully vacuum . it's my philip and boy take polish hope . you back me too because it's about to go . down for real be ready for battle or . whatever i don't know guys it's . absolutely insane you guys are going to . see. the lyric video in a couple of hours . thank you guys for being the jake paula . thank you guys for supporting me on a . day-to-day basis . join the jig koala family cop yourself . some hot new merch backpacks sweatshirts . the link is in the bio and don't forget . about my iphone giveaway guys there's . only three days left all you have to do . is smash that subscribe button follow me . on instagram at jake paul and i'm gonna . pick one of you join the flippin . movement the hottest words in the game . this song is youtube family grab on the . haters and i will see you tomorrow . because actually now i won't see you . tomorrow i will see you tomorrow but . i'll see you also in a couple of hours . for the lyric video uh but it's everyday . bro please jake pollard's whets pop and . check out this new march ooh that march . is hot boy new items of merchandise. limited time put the link make sure your . subscribe to keep up with my life on a . daily basis and you want to see more . content check out yesterday's vlog . because it is super lit plus i have a . second channel jake paul to which you. guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from . everyone in the house our group channel . is called team 10 check it see you guys . tomorrow. .
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