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Oh chill it's okay go get your hands off . of me what does that mean donation good . day how is everybody doing if you guys. have music donation hit that subscribe . button join the true million people we . just hit on this channel guys i am . currently in my hotel room in dubai just . landed a few hours ago so this is day 1 . vlog and dubai and decided to have the . travel vlogs with you i got these light . on me right here so you can see my face . a little bit better . we took an amazing business class flight . here so you'll see that on today's vlog . and then we got here and just dubai it . is so luxurious we've been treated so . well already guys it's going to be a . little vlog yet again so fasten your . seat belts and muscle in and get ready i . got to be a little bit class so i don't . get like a noise complaint and get ready . for some lit vlogs in dubai smash that . like button if you guys are a part of . the donation i appreciate you guys so. much so let me take it back to the plane . ride here check this flight out ok guys . welcome to the book i have to be a . little bit quiet right now because we . are on a flight right now to dubai as . you guys all know wait until i show you . guys this plane and where we're sitting . right now i'm at the bar the luxurious . everybody is sleeping right now except . yo boy george . georgie give me some action bro give me . some face dude how you feeling on this . flight can't get faced by it cuz fazer . of his head i was the black cat so you . guys all know the reason we're going to . divide his to meet up with our boy rush . it he is driving a clothing line and we . are all flying there wait till i should . do how do you like. you have to show them yeah michonne i . haven't showed of the seat yet yo guys . different men on the flight you probably . want the coolest youtubers either no way . yeah you bro yo you guys don't . understand me chill it's okay no get . your hands off of me what does that mean . yoga . you guys are awesome how do you feel . about donation george m colbert don't . you probably call your friends the . rugrats you're right let's figure out or . a rugrat your cell phone or or their . rocket oh oh i'm a donation myself yeah . or maybe they're your fake face is . getting walked on by us cuz there's no . clogs . okay guys so before i show you guys my . seat i can't really do her in x their . own sleeping wat bro . let me show you guys the bar area people . coming out here like we have the bar set . up we have these nice little treats . right here we have some fruit ice for . everyone we ate all the pride here we . need all the pretzels in here some . smoked salmon some more fruit this map . of where we are right now we're both or . by goose bay wherever that is in the . labrador sea there's a bunch of dogs . over there this nice bench right here . the windows of course and the hue lights. looking sexy this is just a quarter of . the full experience what do you guys get . the full experience much much much hey . guys so i just got some to sleep and . everybody's still sleeping cuz it's like . five o'clock in the morning los angeles . - but i wanted to show you guys my . little cubby here in business class on . and. this is one of the nicest place i have . ever been on just cuz i'm cool features . like look at this my bed is just i could . put my feet there i got a tv screen . there let's turn this on. entertain mac watch this movie i tried . to but then i fell asleep at my own . little refrigerator thing over here was . some pepsi cola some water i that . controls the tv. this seat recliner i could lay flat i. could do this i could do that these . glasses here water drank it i don't know . this thing if i hit this button here . turns on that light right there it's . like i have my own little fort right . here then george jake goes over there my . gosh wake up . we still have two hours till we get to . dubai . this is really cool you can check out . the camera on the play that's us right . now how sick is that and then you got . this one or straight-up just flying over . and snow then you got this right here . that's what it looks like ahead of us . maybe that's no i don't know or cloud . but that's where we are right now we're . about to go into the nighttime again now . it's time for that good good baby coffee . come on man george we're with the . waffles rookie mistakes you get eggs . benedict my boy i don't like it yeah . guys that was the flight we actually met . up with phase drug on the flight he is . super dope super humble guy i really . like him as a youtuber if you haven't . seen his channel already check him out. he's got like 7 million subscribers he's . popping maybe one day the donation hits . 7 million but anyways when we landed we . met up with rush aka money kicks the . whole reason we are all out here to . support his clothing line ok guys so we . just landed we got george back here he . slept the entire way but i feel fresh . it's like starting a day for us cuz it's . 7:30 a. m. back in los angeles but it's . 7:30 p. m. right here baby . yo touch my hands we're bonding . thank you ok when's it my turn . are you ready for this i love how . respectful you guys are being not . crossing this line right here but let me . just step over here what . how we live in a quad and up right now . with mickey mouse ii so me in the first . dubai fans out he's got them new dad . shoes on my man. ghosts ride though where do you like . this compared to your ferrari or of my . man first impression of dubai we're only . in the airport but i scoping this is . crazy so imagine what we see the real . city my lambo and it still is my dream . car so it's amazing yeah i drive a . harley-davidson that's that's my yeah i . don't have a car yet but i've been . talking about getting a car i'm trying . to weigh my options george how do you . think this compares to your corolla . nothing on it right i don't like the . color corollas are nice popping in our . taxi look at this thing bro gross yo . okay just got to the hotel room guys i . know this vlogs been a little bit. clustered cuz the traveling has kind of . gotten in the way and trying to get . things done but check out the pad for . the week we got a nice little lounge . coffee over here the oh that king-sized . bed nice little rest of the footer. thingy there got ourselves a tv some tea . desks so i can do some nice work with a . mirror and i can just be like oh bro i . see you you're a savage er and dubai . you're working okay got my luggage right . there oh the new suit baby looking bow . moving on over here look at this oh nice . rainy shower we got a bathtub that's . gonna beat a coal miner a row obviously . a toilet that's cool a sink a typical . yeah but this is probably the coolest . thing walking over here if you just open . up these shades right here you guys see . those lights let me just open up you're . right on this like city walk baby we're . the meetup is going to be how sick is . that. i'll give you some dope videos while. we're here in dubai guys right now i . have to get ready we're heading out to . dinner everything's been kind of pressed . for time though it's been super . scattered but i'll take my little camera . to dinner and show you guys a little bit . of the city hopefully as i said the time . difference is really weird 15 hour . flight and it's a 12 hour difference so . like i'm all out of place right now then . we got back and we went to dinner guys . this was one of the most elegant . exquisite dinners i have ever ever had . in my life check it out okay we're at . dinner this is what's going on this is . the situation i don't know what that is . it's like dry ice or something oh oh we . make money move that miss money you see . my mans bringing out the flames look at . this oh . this dinner is flames dubai is flame my . man's about to cut this steak oh there . it is ladies and gentlemen the full . experience we got bread we got steak rub . you happy. damn he's got a nice watch i'll take one . of those too round two of the full . experience my man's cutting up these . ribs the first place we eat isn't the . salt made on the guy that goes like this . it's his restaurant . nusrat et look at this what is this a . rack of lamb talk to me what is this he . doesn't talk to me but you know what . look at that man jenga bro oh my man's a . wizard. look at this desert brush its . rolls-royce and then mo vlogs over here . with the rori bro when you're gonna let . me ride in this bad boy tomorrow we're . doing it knuckles me we'll see you this . is what we ridin in right here the . luxury mercedes van let me just open up . the door here and just yeah we got the . party bus let's go oh i just realized . that it's like two o'clock in the . morning but i'm wide awake because la . times 12 hour difference it's noon back . home i just got back to george's room . it's got the same layout as me he's got . all those nice little camera crew no . door here how you feeling about that . dinner but dude i'm exhausted go to . sleep . while he's sleeping over there check out . his dope view baby this is dubai the . burj khalifa right there look at that . needle and then there's the skyline he's . got a sick view up there baby i don't . know is he . hey my man comes to dubai he's like i. got a show up every piece of camera . equipment i have i got that this camera . this camera this camera this camera this . camera this camera this lens the . citizens and then i got this magazine . over here what's going on and that is . going to conclude day one in dubai it . really wasn't a day in dubai we only. spent a few hours here so far tomorrow's . we're gonna pick everything i'm gonna . get some sleep now because of the jetlag . shout out to the entire nation for . watching especially my guy devine he has . the white skull hoodie as all you guys . can get on don't calm don't forget i'll . see you guys all tomorrow with a brand . new vlog . [music]. .
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