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Today we do the Inside Out Face Paint Challenge where we each paint our faces like the characters from the new Disney Pixar Movie Inside Out, in Theaters June 19! Who did the best? Was it Jonah as Anger? Noah as Disgust? Emma as Sadness? Comment below!!
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Caption: Ok hi marina dinner i'm joining and i'm noah and they were going to be doing the inside out face the impression challenge which is where you put your face to make yourself look like one of these inside out characters and - and your nose is disgusting image of sadness so yeah we're going to paint our faces going to do our best impressions we're doing this in celebration of the new movie inside out that is coming out on jun 19th or definitely want to see it to the bathroom i'm gonna do it okay so we're gonna do our best cost our best cosplay and of the character that we have chosen i just sadness i chose anger disgust and we're going to cosplay ask them with all the accessories and stuff and and then we're going to do an impression of the character that we chose and you never have to vote on you win so let's get started look on her face and throw it down here with adam i don't know it looks like he's done this before you know what first tips general that stuff doesn't work very good on the island that's why i gave you our show ok beautiful you know when you've never even though i never remove the plastic what where is the last series i didn't notice it so that's that's why i wasn't getting any weight on the brush just about to say you haven't been to the report to go on it i feel like i should be saying what i was doing but yeah i then i was thinking about whatever i put on my gosh . now i'm just going to put some showed up dripping that bad not too much water trippy he can you go get know some pink lipstick on get on my salad like beauty supply stuff painting my face red roses there to say doesn't that the movie is great i love the movie is awesome yep just going downward and this is my favorite character she's awesome and funny and that their favorite character was being bomb worth your time with this wait what is this again well you get a brush which is gonna circle you're doing something and you are super not solid what do i do that yeah what am i going to fix that no this circle is a circle drive in our dollars and four and then i get a matter how you're already have you watched it was no i had this is your version of making her own i don't know shut up i'm free shit ok ok don't understand we're doing that like yep use the butt lights on your body and you guys can't judge on color of skin because you wouldn't have the right blue unless you want to mix it down i don't want to paint off of the right and no one would you judge me on it's more grated parmesan if you wouldn't give up judge on the skin from what would you pull up to the facial and bring it into the white kind boys beach i want you will not be right now their colors with you oh my god even don't judge me on the colors to me i know but you were some red lipstick red looks good in blue lipstick - but we don't do we have heard it kind of hard to get the right color space is non-toxic right ok ok yeah my hair all in my face my fingers are covered it right here is gonna stick to me your use mom money and we need to man up and while you're at it ugly mama ok black something my lips are too chap to make it look too good well i have a small brush up here okay good because it's not that i browse or women and girls it's just gonna i'm just gonna get dirty i should wait till it's over right die no i doing out those eyebrows stuff that makes a darker i'm gonna make it alright yes oh hi joe know why those are bushy enough and they don't match but do you have any blue lipstick perfect showed up there will be no i will be with you doing we could start over ok wipe it off oh no you're on backwards and you get it above your eyebrows in the media new mix in eyebrows fixing up my operator me is the real eyeshadow meaning to my house there's hair all over my brush you know your brush his hair but they're still here every year do we have any eyebrows won or you won again it's perfect to meet ya what why how's that marshall i don't think my brands you can really count the face may allah mullet oh i didn't mean to she can have it all wrong yeah perfect my hands are met and it was all makeup techniques and ways to put a lot of mascara you can put people are single now displaying your read on night are you can my lips and it was weird i've gotten from you as a terrible job this is terrible it looks better on camera that in person i will say that access to know looks fabulous cool okay you know what so first thing you do is you put on your you put on your bottom lip and they need this and then you like any kid exactly do that i have a my lips i think you can use okay then fine where the mirror you're crazy stretch down my your nose hopefully its use this is used i refuse i refuse wrong number use it again i would you know john a lie come on we're not going to let you but we're not going to go and buy a brand new lipstick and will never use it again come on mr. diva but he's not a good idea he isn't getting the app can think when one no don't it's so easy just to apply it like it's normal lipstick put on your bottom lip and then oh ok ok then you could do rope into it with it on your cheese right here is he doing this pretty girls here yet should we tell him i use it or not even blink with it or not it's my anger face you know where nobody might win emma you have some competition over oh i cannot become discuss with you you look so pretty trevor a giant gap of mascara it'll be a jonah in this mirror didn't know it's all pointing at his eyes get on see you at the gala learn from you hear the cycle will be a huge you're going to live wait wait wait peter have your cross eyed a line oh no one really likes the mascara know any tons of mascara on your lashes screw you can if you want no all right mol you know i was mascara it's a mole and that's more crew and i know it sounds like a lot of balls on you and i have a giant diamond armor three moles and becoming founded sadness and touched me and then you put that on there and smile smile real big and then you put it on the little certainly parts right there we go up go up yeah make a pizza , except the kind of more to the side and don't like gather on like a good foundation brush schooling done yeah moving to the middle watch what would you do what you want to watch the natural no it's like serious about it more when it was the most difficult i think well notice in the most steps makeup stylist yeah makeup kuno up yeah it looks like what's that from me now we're going to the face plate portion where to clean up around us and put on our way then the last part of the challenge of us to do our best impression of the character ok so now that we have our we don't have to our impressions on the characters congratulations san francisco you ruined picks up or i'm telling you what's going on guy in here that's not gonna work that's a bad idea so don't forget to comment down below who you think won maybe maybe your app or aimed you and don't forget to watch the movie whenever it comes down to 90 because an awesome movie and i really enjoyed it and you guys will too because it's pretty awesome so thanks for watching and this john g oh please , said scott them that pocket by you to you tomorrow youtube he said don't forget to comment down below what can't you want to do next the time do what you gonna do him just smile see - which is gone smile you can see through going across to fly yeah

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