Is Thai Fried Chicken The Best In The World?

Keith and Chris discover that friendship is magic, and so is green Thai fried chicken
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Chris Reinacher
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Caption: [music]. chicken wash doing mouth keys today is a . very special day chris because we're . having a thai fried chicken today we . also have a guest who has the fun part . of this guest i don't even know his name . why did you just find their entire . person chicken showdown and we got a . guest today i make podcast anti-american . and like a restaurant i love to eat ha . ha . all right let's do this wow thank you . you all make a thai fried chicken it's . our signature dish it's called hot guy . fried chicken hi guys oh wow yeah it's . the name of the city so it became to the . name of rice chicken and why do you make . it here i love it . what should we be looking for in the . taste like what's gonna stand out to us . this one is more like a little bit . indian forever . we have christy shower on top it's very . famous like you can have in like many . province in southern part of thailand oh . my dad's from the northeast the isan . region so i'm use of those flavors but . south has love like different spices and . what gives it that flavor exactly galaxy . lando . [music]. she doesn't want me to tell everything . okay good night that the night on i can . see where there's on the secret you'll . never know will you . [music]. [applause]. couple hot guys in hi hi chicken . [applause]. [music]. bout to hit it hard you can call me a . mallet. give me a brad i'm chucking jelly so . what's the process of cooking the . chicken so we gonna marry nandan what's . the marinade cilantro flowers by comstar . garlic powder sauce fish sauce and soy . sauce. we burned everything and then we got . marinade i've never blended cilantro. before neither i i always cut it by hand . i feel like i would be lazy if i didn't. not that you're i'm not saying that . about you you know what you're doing . you marinate it all night then you get . here in the morning what do you do with . it . we wrapped into under the skin . everywhere so it's in every part of the . chicken yeah okay it's kinda kisses . yummy yummy yum in my tummy time i've . never seen fried chicken that's green it . smells incredible yeah it smells it . smells very potent and so sensual about . i'm saying this like the scenes of ghost . [music]. girl i want to marinate you . [music]. you look good those legs i wanna be your . number one guy who gets it now and just . rubs you up and then covers you with a . bunch of green so let's get to the brine . chicken wash all right and how long do . you fry it for oh until it's done till . it's done i like that time man wow green . chicken it's like a sexy villain like . really sexy looking but underneath . there's something mysterious something . like poison ivy revived chicken that . james bond eats halfway through the film . till i get secrets but then that you can . betray him oh you think it was more of a . seductress i also don't know if i've . ever seen james bond eat fried chicken . [music]. chicken watch watch chicken watch all . the ugly can't fell down should we try . that let's try it plane first with the . shallots just to just to get the idea of . what it tastes like without in the . sausage all right chicken watch chicken . watch three one oh wow . different type of crunch yeah there's a. very little batter it's not like a shell . the flavor on it i'm have a hard time . describing it cuz i haven't had fried . chicken it tasted like this i thought . this cilantro taste was gonna be more . prevalent. there's certainly subtle has this really . juicy quality while still having a. really good texture but it has a quick . bite you know it fights back a little . bit normally chickens dredge like crazy . right is a ton of batter wasn't really a . dredging process it's mostly just the . skin of the chicken itself that's giving . you a lot of the crunch which is really . fun and great i'm gonna try this with . some sauce mmm . yeah that sauces does it oh that's so . good this one is no normal that's a . normal size so mighty fine it's spicy . they don't have normal and spicy they . have normal and then not spicy normal is . to be fair i'm actually gonna give my . sexy nod to the sauce it looks pretty . hot looks pretty cute and then you get . it in your mouth and by golly a sort do . a different world the spicy one isn't . that spicy it's still pretty mild to me . yeah yeah i was born with a normal tone. so what goes into this sauce chili and . garlic vinegar and vinegar sugar and . sugar a lobel love yeah they said the . sticky rice yeah. plus the sauce plus the chicken plus the . shallots that's the way to go i'm gonna . get a little bit sticky rice uh-huh i . got a little chicken dipping it in the . sauce i've got some rice in my thumb . here shall it taste delicious . yes it's shou . oh that's good it's so good have you . tried the combo party yet with the rice . where you get rice you got a i've tried . the combo party i did at the same time . with you i can't see you over there keep . think you're ahead of me yeah shook my . head at you would literally said i'm . doing it with you oh yeah i had the same . exclamation as you i was like wow the . last episode we had a little bit of . relationship trouble she didn't want to . be up by 7:15 and then at 7:30 was 738 . chicken doesn't make people break up . britt go wow really wow really but we're . back together but sometimes chris still . forgets about the things that we do . together i'm sorry you're far away okay . feel like quincy is coming between us a . little bit what's introducing me into . this thing playing your idea i don't . want it to be my idea if you're gonna. turn this into it's on my fault type of . a thing like i have enjoyed your . presence here i think it's been great . but also of your presence is detracting . from chris and i's relationship then . yeah maybe you shouldn't be here keep . those for you huh let's try the pink . milk it's like our version of nest . playing yeah it's really good it tastes . like a like ice cream or something yeah . it's it's the salaat fruit swap so la . sala sato so that's a lot of flavor it's . a lot to handle chicken watch 2k15 for. ya where does this rank in your normal . experience of having the hot guy . [music]. for me that massive amounts of shallots. are delightful well then you have it . like what the sauce you get to sleep and . then like the papaya salad you have like . salty and sour and spicy and you got all . those things going on to me like that . that combination factor is that's the. love right that's the combination factor . you can be a sexy not on your own but . you need something to acknowledge that . sexy nod and become a wow factor love . has a lot of parts right it starts with . a crush it's not for the crime punch and . then you start to appreciate all the . aspects but then you find out that . everything individually is great but . when you put everything together it's . something special . and sometimes it seems like things are . coming between you but maybe it's just . another thing you need to add to the . combo my hands are really sticky so i'm . trying not to touch your coat i wasn't . as courteous no my left shoulder is all . right well it's all right with me that's . all right with me syncing what chicken . watch what a chicken day what a chicken . dead down what a chicken day what a . chicken day day what a day what a day . day. i wonder why they're so tasty i don't . think they were very patient in use i'm . a flower power part of me superman i'm . making a fried chicken video what . question we asked everybody is do you. think that thai fried chicken is the . best fried chicken in the world i think . it's one of the best wrong with one of . the best for a second i thought you're . about to be like yep ours is the best . that i would have been i think you yeah . for me i think you were right there's . something about the combination oh it's . like speed dating okay you know it . because cuz you're jumping around doing . quick things you have a lot of little . relationships but ultimately you . remember the whole experience i'd say . the crunch is really good saltiness and . the shoe graça tea is really good but . the metaphors have antennae attack well . that was it. what a great adventure on shake it one . hey where'd it go the chicken ha ha ha . well we'll see you next time let's get . out of here keith. fun day chris yeah do you think the . audience is gonna notice that we haven't . talked about the rubric at all so maybe . instead of the wow factor we're looking . for the love factor oh and the wow . factor though because who always bets . that's part of the it's part of the . criteria you know we wouldn't just want . to give like a random criteria for. tasting food we need to be very specific . gracious cific this is a very specific . well-thought-out scientific method it's . not just something we improvised one. time and stuck with yeah that'd be . foolish in a terrible business model . that wouldn't be a good food show . .

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