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When you discover lost treasures of the past right in the trunk of your car!
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Oh champagne oh god friend of moe's ells . fuck could have been really dangerous . but it wasn't because i'm an adult . welcome to what's in my trunk a fun game . kristen did what's in my desk devin's . what's in my purse and now we have my . trunk we're gonna get into it because . it's fun and who knows maybe we have . similar things so let us begin there's a . lot of things in here. i should have jumper cables like water . bottle probably like a first aid kit in . here it should be in here it's not but . next time one of the largest items i . have in my trunk. is my skateboard so i like to keep this . in my car because i like having quick . access to it i live in los angeles i . have to drive a lot parking sucks so . what i like to do is if i have to park . far away i have my skateboard i can hop . on my skateboard and i get to where i'm . going much faster big fan of this bad . boy. there it goes this was definitely a gift . from someone there's like nice tea in . here and there's like this adorable . little jar of honey and a little . honeycomb thingy so i don't know where . this came from i'm sorry but it's . wonderful and lovely trunk snack oh this . is from like two years ago ladylike did . a transform into your heroes video where . i essentially did a cosplay up off from . class airbender anyway . i don't know what i do with the rest of . the costume a selfie stick i bought this . because i was going to japan and then i . left it in america didn't use that . speaking of japan i have a blu-ray copy . of barakamon which is this anime that. came out a few years ago i've actually . seen this it's really good i don't have . a blu-ray player so i can't watch this i . got this for free someone gave it to me . oh there's the rest of the costume oh . this is a fresh fig wild ginger soy . candle it smells beautiful . i feel like a lot of this stuff is stuff . i collect at work and then don't really . know what to to quit these are superhero . coloring books this is actually good . because a lot of stuff that i have in . here that i don't need like i can just . give to people so yeah okay . it's a fanny pack it's from our a video . we did we went to universal which may or . may not be out yet but a fanny pack . why i love fanny packs is because they. are almost impossible to lose and they . require only passive energy to have on . you what else do we have. this thing this i got and suppose the . tag on it so i can tell you that i got . it from cbs and i bought it like two . years ago because i was really lazy for . halloween and i just wanted something . easy i ended up not even using it i've . two costumes because i have a fucking . airbender thing so it's apparently . always good to have two costumes just in . your car at any minute. it's fine totally fine i have tank tops . that i bought for a shoot i don't need . these and i probably cannot return them . tissue paper . oh god that's a card i often find myself . in situations where i'm in like a secret . snowman type deal so i like to buy a bag . throw the item in there and the throw . tissue paper over it because i'm bad at . wrapping this is a life hat what else. god this started trunk looks like trash . okay what is this so this is a shooting . script for the movie win-win which came . out in 2011 i think and it was directed . by tom mccarthy i really like this movie . it's a great film this is a camel back i . go hiking sometimes this actually was. purchased for a lady like shoot when . some of us went backpacking overnight i . still have it i've used it since that . shoot this is my work book from my . japanese lessons i have been trying to . learn japanese for about a year just . because it's something i always wanted . to do what's how she wanted gigas nailed . it the thing is my car is just littered . with papers some japanese homework more . miscellaneous papers more coloring book . stuff this is a benihana hat from a . ladylike video actually where we learned . to become benihana chefs we didn't put . any of this stuff in the car as prop . this is just where things go when i . don't know what to do with them the . funny thing is the trunk is a mess but . the inside of the car is like fairly . immaculate. this is sephora it's a pomegranate . sleeping mask i think it was maybe a . sample it's also really warm so i'm . pretty sure it has melted these are . socks that buzzfeed gave us like a year. or two ago they have pizzas on them i'm . always losing socks i could always use . more a couple of last items just in here . i got some . emotion i didn't even know i have this . in here you know what i was hanging out . with a friend she asked me to bring . lotion i grabbed this and never brought . it back into my house there's like . always like loose sweatshirts and things . in here which is normal i think a lot of . people have old jackets in their cars . just to hold on to more mail old mail . i also found it in and out gift card . this is from christmas 2015 . that's probably another gift that i need . to be more grateful for things we've . learned one my trunk is where a lot of . leftover ladylike props go to die and . two i need to start being more . considerate of the gifts i receive. because that's a form of caring okay i . need to start being more grateful and . appreciative because it is shitty that . people have given me things and then . they've just lived in this trunk until i . found them so i need to be more on top . of that thank you thank you i do . appreciate it there's a bunch of other. stuff left in here but most of it is . like more you know loose papers or bags . that are empty and i should throw out i . would say that a lot of this is not very . useful what would be useful would be . jumper cables bottled water first aid . kit what is the morale here we all have . junk drawers . yeah there's gonna be parts of your life . that are a little bit messy and they're . a little bit hard to categorize and for . some people as their desk for me i guess . it's my trunk i've been reading the . comments the other videos we've done . similar in this vein kristen's desk. devon's bag people are generally pretty . supportive and interested in this stuff . it makes us feel like we're all . connected when we know that we all have . something messy in our lives i guess . that's pretty much all that's left to it . y'all this was my trunk work days not . over so i guess this is just where she . lives now we got a merge click here to . buy it . 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