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I don't remember taking that bite... it just kinda happened.
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Devlin McCluskey
I need to place a rather large order . basically one of every food item there . so like one of every sandwich one of . every side. breakfast and lunch everything today's . very special day i'm doing the every . food at mcdonald's taste test . i should be picking up 60 things that's . a lot it's plentiful now i'm gonna try . everything in mcdonald's you'll be able . to know which one's the best and which . one's the least best the worst you want . to hear an interesting anecdote yeah so . i used to work in a chemical lab right . and so one of my co-workers used to work . in a factory donald don't be 8 3 i have . a very large order coming in are you . ready all right i want one big mac one . cheeseburger one quarter pounder with . cheese signature sriracha then the peak . of guacamole burger . do you like mcdonald's mcdonald's okay i . like their chicken stuff i don't like . the burgers as much but that's because . when i was a kid i had a clue . oh yes i rutten yogurt parfait . and i think that's it . i'm under five . wow all that for $105 is actually what a . deal also eight cars have piled up . behind me since i started that order . thank you very much . wow they showed up with a box and little . drinks i didn't order coffee right . you know maybe they just felt bad for me . maybe they're like he's gonna need some . help pushing this out let's give him . some coffee i would say like oh well i'm . lactose intolerant i don't want to upset . my stomach but i'm eating everything at . mcdonald's that 60 bites of any food is . too much food 60 orders too many oysters . 60 doughnuts too many doughnuts it's . just too much but you know i'm trying to . stay positive . [music]. let's do this. [music]. [applause]. okay so this is everything at mcdonald's . not everything on the menu because they . didn't have everything but i ordered . everything that i could except that i . forgot french fries so i'm gonna go back . and get those but right now we have . enough mcdonald's to start with i think . we should start with the lazy eye a fish . sandwich last night and it wasn't that . good this was better than that that was . a real restaurant so good job mcdonald's . one done good fish yum yum let's move on . to the double quarter-pounder with . cheese a signature burger of mcdonald's . hmm a little more meat than i like but . some people like a lot of me that's the . thing that i threw up after eating once . and it doesn't make me nauseous anymore . the big man . what is it the real star here for . nuggets this is the traditional boot . shape have ranch sweet and sour whoa . look at the size of this chicken is . coming out of the sandwich oh yes here . we go there's some crispy fried onion . strings living on his box . what burger are you signature sriracha . artisan roll whoa very spicy . i taste nothing but heat oh my god my . body just trying to ruth the food is the . pink oh girl chicken sandwich it's got . work i'm always sort of on it and i . guess i'm supposed to squeeze lemon on . it so i'm gonna whoa is the best thing . i've had but the call you my voice get . thicker there's only enough grease on my . throat my voice has changed . holy shit salad grilled chicken. southwest salad not bad salad let's give . the body a treat let's have some apples . huh my body thinks it tastes even better . than normal i think oh let's have some . breakfast shall we i'm gonna save this . for last no i'm not because this guy . won't taste as good later i'm gonna eat . it right now . everybody loves the hashbrown it's . perfect this is the best thing we can . get at mcdonald's big breakfast thing . the bacon is on the pancake so i'm gonna . leave them on the pancakes oh so sweet . thank you great pancakes you can't . really fuck them up english muffin mmm . not crispy at all how did they make it . look like it was crispy it looks crispy . right it's not it's so pillowy so . pillowy so pillowy mm-hmm . i'm not really supposed to eat eggs but . i'm also not supposed to eat 60 things . in mcdonald's so no what's the worst . that happened oh i won't trace it eggy . absolutely i'm not really supposed to . eat blueberries or dairy the hot fudge . is fucking delicious it's good but it's . like an assaultive sugar oh i had 32 . different things not really though cuz . they didn't give me salads they doubled. up one of my breakfast sandwiches but my . mind is very foggy case of the post . thanksgivings you know this is sort of . where we are i kind of enjoyed . everything i'm i just kind of blown the . price i haven't had fries by the end of . the video i'm going to eat fries i just . i don't know what to do five six 27 - 28 . only 28 there's way more things than . that i wanted 60 of them there's only . oh god no anymore . calling zach hey boy so much what are . you guys up to . you want some mcdonald's . i was about to go get a salad oh i've . got it i got i've got salads i think you . just need to come now . just put up the bat-signal he's got a . lot of mcdonald's and he needs some help . are you guys ready let's go here are the . things that i ordered it was only 28 . things that means you should be able to . eat this all by yourself benefits only . half well it's yeah well and then i. forgot french fries and i'm an idiot i . feel like an idiot i know i know i feel . like our first mission should be to . finish all this food if we can finish . this food then you can order more but i . don't want to be wait i don't want to . just order more food when we have best . food yeah well you didn't eat fries . though time for lunch. [music]. i don't remember taking that bite this . is going to happen can you see can you. see space and time booze bitches got a . fuzzy let's load this up into a cart and . just take it around the office that's . what i think we need to do it let's box . dim-sum do you want some mcdonald's why . why are you giving you . do you want to grab something i think . you're gonna have to you know watch it . on charm just making you hungry not . charming enough eugene what you get . let's question paul don't worry about . that we're spreading happiness . this isn't huge by then spreading joy . we're making a dent in this guy's happy . birthday . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. wow keith you know at the beginning of . this day i think we all had our doubts . but you really spread enjoy seeing the . look on people's faces you did a good . thing we gave everybody a gift today . yeah and dance i think the lesson the . big takeaway here is don't do this yeah . you shouldn't try to eat everything at a . restaurant you should just pick one . thing but i did learn what was the best . thing there and it was the pico grilled . chicken signature sandwich thanks for. watching our vlog it was a vlog until . next time i farted when i did that i . think pop culture is a social construct. everyone knows that viral media is just . opiate of the masses. i like buzzfeed before the try guys so . over this just can't wait till i leave . this small town los angeles moved to . sweden fed jet life the irony is not . lost on me . i reject commercialism but i love harry . potter so lit so it's another day but i . just went to mcdonald's and got all the . other stuff i don't know sixteen or . twenty things that i'm not gonna give up . on this i'm gonna taste the rest of this . stuff so we're gonna go eat it it's just . me it's just me and food so we're gonna . do this as quick as we can quick and . painless baby coca-cola french fries the . most important thing that i forgot . hmm all right good . there aren't as good you think you know . that rise. [music]. [applause]. [music]. see some happiness. [music]. .

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