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Caption: I will literally give you $100,000 if. you beat me in a fight good morning jake . polish the producers of jay paul vlogs . insist that you do not attempt this . stunt that is about to happen we are . trained professionals . honestly we're semi trained. professionals probably not probably not . even professionals i'm more of just a. vlogger never try this at home the point . is allow me to explain what is about to . go down guys so uh this morning we woke . up and our boy richard he built this . giant what would you call this yo he . built there's a giant jump in our front. yard roll the clips . [music]. oh so we're about to send it off this . ramp right now guys i don't know mari . it's like a little it's literally a . giant jump i apologize for my friends . guys but yo put your vlog belts on . put your seatbelts on and get ready for . this epic sin before we do that kyler is . gonna backflip off the back of this you . on youtube guys yeah that probably what . really was to be hopefully this helps . sorry about that . we're in there's not a star . oh. that's we're all a little i told you. told you that this is the most layer two . to nine later welcome to the most . dysfunctional team on youtube and . welcome to the team 10th house . [music]. rose easily jumps you land the flat . every time but judge there lets barely . clear the ramp nobody's safe sorry . nathan. sorry nobody's safe even my boy gez said . he's like super late today sunny . calabasas it's a good day guys smile . make sure your smile are you good bro . i just i feel like i landed in dog poop . you are dogs i just have to point . something out bro. you're looking a lot like the team ten . man right now speaking of jumps . [music]. [music]. that's not what i meant by jumping the . team den man . i meant literally jump it see i jumped . that guy's clickbait i'm a longer third . time comedy step i'm sorry guys like i'm . a vlogger i click pay people like if you . don't click pay people then are you even . a youtuber you can literally make . clickbait out of anything look a shark . jake pull punch me in the face check out . this one the team ten house is on fire . what this one i mean let me take paul . [music]. honey no guys once again welcome to our . lives if you new here my name is jake . paul you guys are the jake polish with . the strongest team on youtube but yeah. this is super funny right now uh let me . take the camera nathan what do you got . to do right now . no nathan's going on a date guys i'm . super proud of you the problem is i . needed a videographer so i know but i do . got these batteries for the camera that . i'm giving you to record here come on . mia please i'm actually better than you . so you really okay howler's i love you . guys but first of all we need to address . something before we can go any further . yesterday or like a couple days ago or . something like that . how many short boobs which is csi's . brother he basically made a video saying . that he was looking for logan and i in . los angeles and you know we got . something for i'm hard to get him on the . phone in just a couple of minutes on . this vlog here and we're gonna try and . figure out like what we wanna do but i . have my own plan in mind and the plan . might have something to do with an . octagon or ufc cage or you know . something with eight sides and a lot of . fencing there's i might be having a ufc. cage being built in my house right now. i'm gonna try and fight this kid today . before you know i was gonna say you look . good for you . groaning dispatch go get a buddy uncle . nathan's all grown up i love it . yo do you hear that i think the car is . here guys nah shut up actually so if you . don't remember uh i had dynamite dylan a . couple weeks ago take the idi fluence . car well at the time it wasn't the ed . fluence car but i had them take the bmw . m3 and turn it into the edit fluence car . and i think it's time to show you guys . he is like pulling up right now oh my . gosh bro look at this j father oh i just . kind of turned into like a romantic . movie scene where like a couple is going . it got kind of weird this is amazing no . what happened since ed fluence course. was so fire it is fire it is super fire . go to a divorce calm and chase your . dreams become a vlogger today but what . yeah i thought to myself why don't i . make the car spit fire no i think we're . gonna get to the flame part in a second . but check out how dope this whip is . i'm the booty cop you got me my knees . like yo so dope you don't like christmas . we do the gunshot yeah yeah oh my god is . that what yeah yeah what what did you . say fans redeye callbacks let's check . well just again i can hear a little bit . but sears my ears are blown out wow . bruce beck you know can we see if it . fits blame it's like i want to get a . shot of the flames . [music]. [applause]. my car is a charged dog that dog . [music]. validation michael cera keep it feeling . an excitation . what's that location for you from the . jump. validation magus a i keep it sitting . next to texas yeah yeah me now . what's that location been down for you . from yo i love that car guys it means a . lot to me especially because that took . so much time building influence course . but yo it is time to address this . situation i'm high so if you don't now . let me get you caught up to speed . basically ksi has a little brother named . comedy short boobs i don't know his real . name and he made the other day where he . came from england to los angeles to try . and find me or my brother logan alright . guys i know on my way to america i'm . guessing that it's to cause a little bit . of trouble or to stir the pot or stir up . some beef so i went ahead and put this . here octagon in my living room because . instead of just like talking about it . and going back and forth and like him . trying to find me i'm just gonna call . him and tell him my address and and . invite him over. enough with the back-and-forth bro and . especially because he called me the p . word like over 50 times . you're probably wondering jake like how. are you just gonna call this kid well . his friend actually texted me and was . like yo this kid is at my house if you . want to like call him i'm like yeah i . want to call him if he's looking for me . i'll just tell him where i'm at you know . i'm saying because i'm a big proponent . of settling things like in a mature . adult and not over social media and so i . thought that instead of just like him . trying to find me i was just you know . you know what . just like how dopest octagon is first of . all i think we're undermining that fact . it actually took so long to build check . it. [music]. [music]. oh i love like calling people's bluffs . cuz like he said he was looking for me . and i'm like telling him where i'm at . and i'm gonna invite him over to my . house and like handle the situation . man-to-man or like talk it out or or you . know just resolve the issue bro because . i think that's what the people want . please leave your message you had a . planned call bro can't you have a little . bit of professionalism dammit like this . kid is too scared to pick up the phone . and even just like talk to me these kids . are saw chaos i won't ever may fight me . his brothers making all these videos . looking for me. come into my house look i mean look at . that did anyone see that's on them bro . put your juice off to actually come and . settle it all right guys this later on . america's house right now stay hi hi . this kid texted me huh i think he's . ready to answer the phone this time is . jj ksi i was calling to talk talk about. you um just cuz i've been seen like you . saying that you're looking for me. i would just want to let you know that . you can come to my house or like i'll . give you my address like and you can . just come over i built a bell in the . octagon actually in my in my living room . mom i'll box you like literally right . now you're calling me the p word online . pulling me out saying that you're . looking for me i'm confused while you're . looking for me then like but but then . doesn't that make you up okay well i'm . i'm challenging you to a fight then oh i . haven't trained either. why do we need training why don't why . don't you like i literally have an . octagon in my living room fact what's . your real name by the way sorry like uh . dougie well dizzy bro i just don't think . it's smart to call somebody the p-word . and then try to look for them and show . no there's no rules though the thing is . bro if you're trying to show up at my . house or like come over or look for me . like then actually come to my house i . mean i'm down to have a slumber party . bro . if you want to come over and we can have . lunch but then we need to have a boxing . match or mma match or whatever type of . match that you want to have yeah let's . run it i am i built the fuckin cage in . my living room i'm so serious i think . you need to learn a lesson on it is bro . go to edmunds. com right now and learn. about social media and also learn a . lesson about saying the p word i will . literally give you . me in a fight i want to fight him but i . want it to be an mma fight i'm telling . you to come to my house so you do want . to fight me right now we can fight in a. year we can fight in five years i'm. challenging you i'm challenging you now . how about this let's make a deal you and . i fight in a boxing match when i win . then ksi has to fight me in an anime . match you know you won't win against get . aside in a boxing fight a boxing fight. isn't a real fight though that's the . thing like everybody wants to see . mmm-hmm . i don't get how somebody over the phone. can be can talk that much smack but like . not beat down to fight in some form or . fashion guys he's literally flying to . los angeles to try and start beef with . me and i'm like but i'm just saying like . i'm down bro like whoever wants it you . can get it but a boxing match is not a . real fight it doesn't show who's a real . fighter big pads on gloves and i'm not . gonna utilize only my fists in a fight . like that's not that's not how people . fight but again i reiterate that this is . all just like fun for me it's . entertainment purposes guys and i. encourage you to not be violent don't . get into fights at school don't go out . and think it's okay to fight like this . is hollywood like a lot of stuff is like . just for fun and i was hoping that we . could do this and that come to an . agreement for charity again these kids . are literally like revamping their. careers off of this drama and i respect . that cause i respect all so this drama . goes away tomorrow i go back to making . the most litte youtube videos on you . little fact and they go back to two . i don't know i don't know what they do . and he keeps on saying that like uh he . didn't challenge me but like oh i'm . challenging you like you're talking mad . smack so i'm gonna take you out before i . take your brother out you guys keep on . saying yo you would lose the whatever . his name is in a boxing match like that . just proves that you guys know he would . lose in an mma match and so i want to . put another offer on the table here's . the offer but before we getting that you . looky there . yo that's what i'm saying i offered him . a hundred get about that bar bro no one . offers me a hundred a new car my final . offer is i will do a fight with ksi if . we go round by round switching the sport . i don't know if this is possible we do . one round mma one around boxing one . around mmm a one run boxey i'm down for . it cuz like i don't i just came up with . that i'm trying to be smart bro that's . the farthest i'll go that's the biggest . compromise i'm making and dj i'm down to . fight you bro what daddy i'm down to . fight you first like please train bro . like out well i haven't been training . either like free verizon message you're . paying per minute rates on international . calls on damn it that cost money to do . that call no i'm really pissed but dj . after after i beat your ass you know i'm . gonna beat your ass ksi you can't get . two hands to like i love how logan's not . even in this anymore i'm just taking on . both brothers cuz i'm about that life i . throw these hands buttcap yourselves on . the highest marks in the game fans are . that kovacs that's jake paul and i will . see y'all tomorrow because it's everyday . bro peace join the everyday bro movement . default and calc your self some of the . hottest sports in the game go right now . because the take callers sell everything . out and subscribe button and join the . most lit youtube channel on youtube i'll . see y'all tomorrow . [music]. .

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