Listening to The Second Verse made me cry..

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I hated doing this.
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Is heavy like paper happy i can watch . this to us but low-key like our high p . actually i have so much anxiety . [music]. right now it's like 10 o'clock i didn't . want to vlog today i was so like . pressured with the decision of what to. do with this that i had to think and . take myself out of the situation and . really like make sense of what exactly i . should do with this i talked to everyone . chance. anthony ray okay my dad i asked you guys . like what i should do with the second . verse after a term of headache and . discussion and figuring out what to do . and listening to your guys's feedback we . came to a conclusion but i don't even. know what i'm saying . well i can't think it's not an easy . choice i think we decided on the right . thing you know basically i'm going to . have i'm going to have like chance . anthony listen to it first and watch it . and maybe a couple of other people and . then together as a group they're going . to tell me whether they think i should . watch it or not and then after i watch . it and listen to it i'm going to make a . decision on what to do with this i won't . know whether to show you guys i don't . know i won't know whether to like delete . it or there's only one thing we can do . but we just have to watch it and decide . right well no monkey yeah we're here oh . the dishes were whatever that's no joke . that is too far yeah i love you swatches . knowing the whole thing and like . everybody what happened with you guys . remaining yours was playful playful . serious like his was straight serious he . was pissed when he taught us no watch it . i'm going to watch it just cuz i want to . give you feedback too but i really just . don't like the idea of this right now . because i know what it feels like i have . to just briefly hear what they were. saying think it through . don't just watch it so yeah you know dig . game and try to remember grossman he did . this in like 30 minutes . now this cottage folk yo j yeah . different so be straight up with you . like he said something but if not like. hidden go people are nothing are the . worst thing you did was bring your ex. into this i'm just trying to figure out . what i should watch it or not how do you . see how yet no i feel like you should . watch it anyways it is heavy because . like paper heavy i can't even watch this . yet but low-key like i are high fee . actually i have so much anxiety i'm . actually i've been waiting for this . honestly for like i hate fit allow okay . i actually like kate i'm really . everything about this all right here oh . no that's wrong percentage no no way. replay that part yeah usually like i'll . come up with like something witty if i . need to say to like lighten the mood but . like you and alex. like honestly on both of their ends no . you don't talk about rather your little . brother to you like i think that the . definition of family is a lot different . than that in this current family that we . have right here if one of us left for . whatever reason family doesn't do talk . like this now . nobody would ever pull that will never . we both know yeah honestly i think it . was a little too far playful like . whatever falls out was kind of like dig . dig dig i think you should for sure . watch it watching i thank you appreciate . likely you have in your life watching . this make me and i'm not even a part of . this video but it makes me grateful for . what we all have and i'm gonna watch it . now join us all of you . no i'd like to do it along okay my time . before i watch this i just want to say i . love you logan . the past like i mean our whole lives. have just been incredible and my . spending time and growing and playing. sports together and making videos on . vine together and growing up in . cleveland ohio moving out to los angeles . to conquer the entertainment industry . and not knowing what the hell we're . doing and look at where we are like . we've accomplished so much and like we . have our saying like the rise of the . pause. obviously we're super competitive and. like that's why these like few drama . happen and we both have dirt on each . other more than anyone else but i love . you and i really want our relationship . or brotherhood to be better thank you to . all the jake callers who support me and . again on the other note like i'm sorry . to you logan and i'm sorry to the low . gang for feeding into this some of the . play . [music]. beyond to take the girl that i love and . do that sometimes things just like cross . a line it's so demeaning and like the . jokes and stuff in like yeah the dishes . whatever when you bring in someone who i . love to cheated on me into the equation . it's not it's not cool i haven't been . like to that close to crying in years . wow wow . and the moment that i just had i got . over i got over that thing that human . being that's just worthless yeah i . didn't think out but i didn't think you. would take that just make sure you get . over someone i feel so relieved like . that just proved to me that how . worthless that human being is she . deserves the you know what no no let's . stay positive like still amazing right. now like i could care less but it's . still messed up i like so much good just . came from that i've never had a home . like this i'd rather look so dumb and . vulnerable yeah i still can't put the . video out there because logan you would . look like i'm trying to like you you . gave me the verse because i think you . knew how real it was you're the good . brother for doing that not just dropping . it and i would be the good brother for . continuing not to drop it like first of . all family over everything like this is . between logan and i and you guys you . just watch family over everything like i . i didn't love you logan and i second . love the jake parlors and i pack in love . the low gang i love youtube because you . could be who you want to be and know . i can stop you you can do whatever you . want and i've never said this many times . but uh i'm a sissy channel what what am . i doing everyone just needs to come . together and love one another like . youtube like we're a community like . everyone tastes on me like people talk . smack back i talk to matt i say whatever . like me logan like i realized that now i . had an epiphany it's not about that like . we need to come together as a community . and support each other versus trying to . drag each other the fuck down oh my god . that's a i mean if you're watching this . welcome to the madness you know i feel . so like bill al-azhar is out there like . we're so connected right now i don't . feel so powerful and i just feel so . loved i don't even know what i'm saying . this is the crazy ride that i have this . is the crazy journey that i'm . experiencing since the day that i moved . to los angeles and it's absolutely . incredible and if you're new to this . channel or if you're watching us right . now get out board guys cuz like we're . just giving boards up like this is the . most list this is this is the most list . thing ever . you're a jay paul or now you have to be . a jay paul now i cried in front i did a. form of crying in front of you you're . jake's mother now like i just put . everything out there for you i tried to . smash this and i cut it so now i'm going . to go tear this up i'm not saying the . f-word . don't say the f-word kids don't swear by . this marks but don't swear course thing . about but don't swear yo let's destroy . does take right now we heard you . oh what is that. [music]. ya know we just heard you . we knew we all watched it we saw what . you get done is it destroyed the second . verse may you forever . rest and as we smashed it. what very smart so take pause i'm going. to copy my brother and do a dramatic or . doable it just makes everything better . but an honesty rico like the ferio the . moral today's blog is to stop the hate . to not let negativity bring you down to . be bothered to expose yourself to the . worst things your worst fears in life. and don't fight primitive and don't let . dippy what my jokes holds you down and . always remember that family first and do . not let anything else get in the way of . that i don't know if this is dramatic . enough i'm trying my hardest okay . [music]. i'm done with the voiceover back to you . jake hello so jake i know this has this . wasn't like really like a vlog like by . the beginning of my day to the end but . that's my life guys like not everything . is lamborghinis and rainbows today was . incredible . today was beyond incredible i feel so . good about life right now and logan if . you're watching this bro i love you i . love you so much and throw is before . toes you mean the world to me and i'm . sorry for anything that i ever offended . you with i'm sorry to anyone that i ever . offended anything with thing i realize i . hate hate nobody's perfect and i'm just . trying to be the best version of myself . it's okay to be vulnerable people like . it's okay it's been such an amazing . experience like it's everyday bro and i . don't even know what i'm saying anymore . but i'm hype and i'm about to end the . vlog but before i end the vlog i'll talk . about some other stuff five pairs of . easy's are being given away all you have . to do is follow me on instagram at jake . always plug merch link in bio become a . jake polar become part of this . incredible family represent wearing your . merch guys literally just kill it every . single day that's what these lives are . about i'm freaking out right now i'm . just gonna i'm gonna see you tomorrow . because it's everyday bro is that . actually someone everyday bro peace i . don't know what l seen jake pollard's . what's poppin check out this new march . oh that march is hot boy new items of . merchandise limited time click the link . make sure you're subscribe to keep up . with my life on a daily basis and if you . want to see more content check out . yesterday's vlog because it is super lit . plus i have a second channel jake paul. to which you guys can subscribe to right . now and if you want to see more content . from everyone in the house . our group channel is called team 10 . check it see you guys tomorrow. poof . .
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