Logang Sucks (DISS TRACK) Official Music Video

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My older brother logan paul probably . never heard of him he basically uh this . if you could even call us that his . youtube video he just he dis it's . everyday bro the song badly if you want . to throw bars let's throw some far so . now we're going to make a diss track. [music]. [applause]. yeah you like that don't you try myself . oh nick i'll put the mouse oh yeah . there's another one fun down yeah more . who wants it who wants it the best one . is it oh my god oh i don't even have . bags hey you mate what i got back oh . good morning jake wohlers today is going . to be an awesome awesome awesome day . this morning we woke up and the song was . number four and itunes what's the flip i . hope you're working hard. how have your dab it on them haters i . hope you're smiling i seriously smile . today is an awesome day and if you're . new here i'm jake paul this is the team . ten house and it is lit everything of . their brothers to go to you guys like. when i do that don't you you want to do . it i like it better when you guys do it . ready go together close like cute twins . that you guys are too let's do that . [applause]. [music]. oh yeah i have something that'll make . you feel better . oh yeah yeah we made it in one day we . complaining we had like three days to be . better god so critical everyone so . critical nowadays erica yeah this could . be yes but you playing and you're not . but if you wear it would be you god the . vlog miss you yeah i missed the vlogs . too actually. oh you just missed a pop tag which makes . you grow followers hey wait so are you . guys. is it jericho back i mean was it ever . hear cut yeah was it a thing yeah why . they that's our baby . wow you're such a good mom really yeah . cute they are. yeah movie made them sure it wasn't that . nice or you know do you know all these . babies right yeah we on yeah you got to . say that you got them from us oh we a . daughter now from jake yeah oh yeah oh . this is telling us that's why let's go . somewhere else chance oh goody some . things oh my gosh yeah what oh my god is . this oh yeah it is raining outside vicki . chucky come back come back we cannot get. rain on our new planet the gucci brella . okay i'm gonna get the gucci bella . oh my god i did not move to la to have a . listen rain how are they gonna get a . tragic. like oh my god you need to get down . you're going on a date with brad brad . think we're good to go . like let's go oh did you have a miss all . quarters yeah no um yeah guys so we're . at the mall right now and we have big . news . tomorrow chance ante and i sorry justin . are going to game one of the nba finals . and we're gonna be repping the cavs so . hard haha baby kill you before i'll be . there oh you're going yeah so but we're . at the mall not to dress to get cavs . jerseys yo i'm going lebron who you . going with anthony kyrie you're lebron . lebron was like oh hi so we should match. yeah boys are you get anyone yeah i . think we got to get a curry jersey but . wait what we're gonna burn it before the . game that's what we're gonna before the . game davenport is you down. oh man bro gotta be swag we're gonna be . wrapping so well chance has this idea. we're gonna get cash shirts and throw . them at golden state fans in the stadium . i think we're gonna get shot yo my man . we need to add for these two we're gonna. throw them out at oracle arena yeah god . bless you man . he knows we're gonna die he's so gonna . sell it to us know what chili with chili . oh oh that's good alright we got the . stuff time to go. oh shit under my legs oh but we got a . fire yeah yeah come on. okay okay that's funny okay i'll go get . filament filament filament jake polish . my uh my older brother logan paul . probably never heard of . he basically uh yes if you could even . call us that . yeah it's youtube video he did he disc . it's everyday bro the song badly with . his little crew learning the name of his . little crude weeds is wanna be wondering . though the help me need or to help me . need you or whatever before we keep on . going with this the song is number two . on itunes . give it up but um we made the number two . song in one day yeah and one day and my. brother decides to come in here and talk . all that smack talk that stick talk and . so you know being the jake parlors being . the team ten being the savages that we . are we don't take l yeah logan already . took an l because i think their song . couldn't even break into the top ten . yeah we we reach the top two seem to be . number one in the day well i don't even . know yeah it might be number one by now . we're like yo if you want to throw bars . let's throw some far so now we're gonna . make it this track low yet we head into . the studio are you upset okay haha guys . we had to do it like that we're making . another song to it we're making another . music video to it oh and guys this time . the music video is going in this vlog so . keep on watching you're going to see us . make it a little bit and then you're . going to get a music video and within . this one yellow man oh man two-for-one . deal yeah cuz because logan isn't . important enough yet to be a separate . video i don't want to give him that much . clout yeah so again we hit him with a . song a music video all in one day . unplanned off the right now we're going . again but this time it's a bigger . challenge because it's three o'clock so . we're three hours behind let's go yeah . back at the studio in this beauty hang . guys while we on the drive here i got an . email from kids fm which is like one of . the biggest radio stations in the united . states and there was a put its everyday . bro on the radio in our hometown . westlake is about to hear west fake oh . man they got radio play we're gonna make . another hit logan logan a source i bro . not really not really at all you did . this to yourself this is on you bro oh . yeah yo what's up bro we're back at it . back in action this time it's a diss . track it's only the that's what i'm . saying fam number two on itunes right . now baby radio time logan just know that . if you're watching this and i want the . audience to know that we're only going . 60% the full 100% it just wouldn't be . fair it was a warning . we're only doing this piece what if you . did you try to come back with another. song we're gonna roast you like and the . only way you could come back with . another song as if it was today after . you watch this because if you take two . days to do it then you're just a bitch i . agree one ally latest mars bars bars got . the first part of this written mother . jump in the booth baby you already know . it's about to go down. whoo check check check check for phone . i'm gonna be right back guys we're gonna . start the music video soon i'm ally loca . ah so we're finishing the song now . chances in there doing some some some . ad-libs the you know like the good type . of stuff but we'll give you a sneak peak . get just amazing music video for this . but first i gotta get my hair cut oh . rich link and bio . jay polar's see you tomorrow because is . every day . bro boos i'm sorry love . how to dish you you started but i'ma . finish also did this a one day i helped . me help you make a better song bitch ya . know is dolak although logging is shit . by the we is the walmart wonder russian . the take palace on top and we say . question . no it's t10 and you know i stare up and . where to buy all your blog look like . mine reflection you talking trash about. the song we made we did it in one day . you had to spend 60 turn on your radio . cos man just hit us with a place only . thing worse than your song is i'm all . gang why don't we talk about higher just . a rebound baby came to you after a jay . mitchell wasn't down till i just go . there that's just my bro my mr. donald . trump there i don't really love him care . come on step hop beat so everyone knows . that mess with me cuz you do movies but . are you hard in the business i've never . done not a script to a stopping on vine . but now your content shit shit why you . drop a song and take me to promote us . current job what happened mr. fitz now . everything you make got my name in it . it's my second song but i'm already on . nothing with it can we book customers . but you don't know how to draw the shit . a dog on top and i will never stop like . i'm running from you make up better song . bitch huh numbers don't lie the logging . is shit and why don't we is the walmart . one direction i'll make a list on top . can we stay flexing let me help you out . i'm all rose myself now you got more . followers on instagram wow i thought for . like 20 minutes of how else i can roast . myself and that's all i got . but i'm sorry logan j/k i'm never sorry . okay thirsty pulled up you call it tell . us sorry water fuck buddy can time . mystery is on - just appears i'm a poop . buddy. tell me help you make a better song . bitch numbers don't lie the logging is . shit why don't we is a walmart one . direction the check alice non-stop we . say flex increase daily day oh sorry . love you for real oh i love you but just . know that jake pollard's what pop and . check out this new march whoo that . marches hot boy new items of merchandise . limited time click the link make sure . you're subscribed to keep up with my. life on a daily basis and you want to . see more content check out yesterday's . vlog because it is super lit plus i have . a second channel jake paul to which you . guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from. everyone in the house. our group channel is called team 10 . check it see you guys tomorrow . poof . .
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