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Johnny Drama - Fight for You
Some effects and visuals may not be suitable for those that suffer from epilepsy.
He wants a tattoo probably not the best . thing to do but if you say so . [music]. oh no uncle mason what are you doing . buddy take my blog i was filming then . trying i thought it was you jake why i . got a better killers of me what's your . name you're trying to be me what's your . name . are you a jake palmer what but are you . jake paul what is this is this your . murse gun good morning jake polish i . don't know what's going on right now if . you're new here i'm jake paul and it is . lit every single day bro if you're new. here i want to make sure take care of . that part what y'all ready he already . intro to it you know what kid i like you . yeah you remind me of me and i like me . you know what i'm saying yeah camera me . ah i don't know he's pretty cute . are you saying how mister steal yo girl. this is that this is jake paul see he's . a savage oh it's your name erica do you . want charlotte mini jake paul / dry dude . do i do that. oh no no no no hey i know we can break. some i know we break stuff a lot but you . need to calm down titus okay he really . does watch my ball . oh dude it's a mini mini me oops is. right good morning jake polish i'm here . with a mini jake paul jake paul or / . jake paul do you want to help me with my . intro yeah okay you say guys we have a . big day ahead of us there's a lot . flippin going on this morning we started . off in texas roll the clip . and so now we are back here we're back . here in los angeles apparently i have a . little kid now what i get back to los . angeles right i'm doing my thing i'm . hanging out are you hitting on my wife . did you just kiss her i'm trying to do . my intro give me a hug buddy i'm a . vlogger and now i have a mini jay paul . kid look at him i see god he's so . good-looking oh so now we are mobbing . around in the street. we're shooting music videos we're. traveling we're selling merch the . yellows are almost sold out guys did you . get them . i don't know merch lincoln bio you so . hey hey guys hey hey hey kickball team z . exclusive what is your response to the . reason the recent drama and the hate . what do you do what do you do what is . your response seems legit to me i like . that answer . hi jake polish so without any further . ado let's do that back do you want to . drive blood shark okay i'm gonna come . with you all right okay well i'm gonna . show you how to drive all right buddy . you got the wheel i can't even see your . head are you good come on all right a . little bit little bit more little bit . more oh that's good on the hop in the . passenger seat buddy hey . yo . what what what are you doing what is . that funny to you you're good at driving . well yeah yeah this tesla goes fast man . we have to go back now you could have . seriously killed someone . you seem unfazed he is unfazed what are . you saying buddy. okay what about erica what's he want . erica okay jeez did you seriously could . have ran someone over you realize that . you just don't care do you want me to . beat your brother give me a hug buddy . give me a hug come on bring it in buddy . uh-huh . oh this yeah this is a tattoo yeah it's . a too much gun how did you know you are . the same one would your parents be mad . at you if you got a tattoo yeah dad kill . you wanted that too you want this tattoo . they would be happy he wants a tattoo . probably not the best thing to do it's . everyday bro do you want me to hold . these two okay i'm ready eat them . i'm not gonna eat them you always have . to plug the march whenever you can it's . vital you say lincoln bio go get it it's . the hottest march in the game yeah you . know your mom's phone number type it in . and call her hey hey yeah hey titus is . mom where i'm here with your son he . wants to get the same tattoo that i have . so i was just gonna have him call you . first to make sure it's okay you're . gonna be able to do this watch . that's it right yeah all right . done this before this is it tickle are . you julian don't drool buddy . i'm i keep on going boy there is ever a . definition of someone being your flippin . boy it is right now and this is nice . i'ma have him call my brother and see . what he does you recognize him apollo . that's me say hi apollo apollo. what are you doing doggie are you ready . to do a more jake paul stuff all right . let's go buddy. we're gonna meet your parents here okay . i told them to come here we're gonna go . to the store and do some jake paul stuff . all right. are you a savage flippin boy all right . let's do it . - this your dad all right what's up jake . up dude yo i'm in love with your son . he's the best ever yeah all right you . want to go inside the store and mess . with people buddy so this is the store . you grab these now you go up to a girl . and you say hey baby right there there's . all right. your favorite color okay put that down . you fired it up yo you farted on me . here's what you do you take your shirt . off and you start running around like . crazy back off. hi sorry unfortunately say and do that . you can't tell me what to do yeah you . heard it you owe me now fast enough you . want to do more jay paul stuff yeah okay . you want to make a song okay let's make . a song buddy best friends forever . well here at the studio this is a mini . jay paul meet dynamite dylan buddy . that's dynamite dylan and this is where . blood shark came from what are you doing . yeah good job buddy okay i don't know . who's teaching these things broke your . son's know is that you are you thinking . buddy you like them or know what you . think you know what it says it says . please do not touch the vehicles . i service so if you want you want to . make some music you like beats like . music dynamite dylan has been doing . music for a while now i know that call . you died am i done because you blow . stuff up and your music is fire but . where have the teacher mikey looking . yes know what he's doing look he just he . just walking around it's everyday bro . with the disney channel flow for us you . lowered it down for him here comes stan . that's good . minnie jake paul i'm bout a ball dab in . on the haters you did it buddy. we should do a song together i think we . can arrange something cuz if not man i . got some competition well you you want . you order their song with me i don't . want to sound petty but yes oh bro i . mean i'm down talk to the milk we have . to finish your song wait we're finishing . this song first ok we just freestyle . this i'll know what's going down jake . polish i'm about to give you a preview i . can tell me . [music]. alright so we just made that song and . actually like five minutes you guys are . about to get a preview of it we're gonna . do like a little mini music video i . don't even know the lyrics so it's . literally just gonna be us dancing to . the song ready and roll the trip . [music]. good sure of the shoulders only . [music]. [music]. [music]. mini jake paul got a mini tattoo he'll . run up in your house shooting you with . the fucking crew blonde hair pink shirt . and there's ella's on two mini j oh . minnie minnie jake oh yeah minnie j-pop . minnie j-pop and my boy about a buck and . you'll chick about the cop you're about . the for minnie jake my boy is only three . he's tall as money where's the diaper . sometimes you gotta pee he's an og so . damn fast. a lamborghini he likes his girls in . bikinis he'll poop on you if you mess. with me . cuz he yeah minnie minnie jae-ha minnie . j titus . [music]. you. he's uh he's done why you got he's done . oh i'll do the outro mini jukebox guys . that was a little song titus is done for . the day look he just wants to play with . the park . loreena cop the hottest merch in the . game you already know link is in the bio . copy yourself some yellows are almost. sold out so go while you can we just . made that fire song and a music video in . five minutes they're so awesome spending . time with mini jay paul i really love . him i will see y'all tomorrow . but huh guys titus also has a youtube . channel if you want to check out - i'll . put the link in the description yeah . you're working on your channel yeah ok . apparently he's working on it i don't . know where i'm gonna vlog in the morning . but i have some exciting stuff planned . for tomorrow and i will see you tomorrow . because like titus says it's everyday . peace jake pollard's whets pop and check . out this new merch . that merch is hot boy new items of . merchandise limited time click the link . make sure you're subscribed to keep up . with my life on a daily basis and if you . want to see more content check out . yesterday's vlog because it is super lit . plus i have a second channel jake paul . to which you guys can subscribe to right . now and if you want to see more content . from everyone in the house . our group channel is called team 10 . chuck see you guys tomorrow . poof . .
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