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Someone told me never saw . please don't exist in my life these days . but you showed me if i . just find a fit i need to believe . in a fungus by simple if you want it bad . dr. sky-high test your limit . when i stopped in france . most that i can see i'm sorry so you're . probably wondering why i'm crying right . now and the reason is is that this is . the first this is the first time that . i've actually felt really pregnant . and oh this is actually the third time . that i've tried filming this type of . video and every time i've tried filming . this . it was always not pregnant every time i . saw my pregnancy result it was always . not pregnant and so today is the first . time that i actually genuinely feel like . i might be pregnant which makes me so . happy because we've been trying for like . a year and i've always felt so much . pressure because i really want out to . have a sibling and i really want austin . to be happy so i'm sitting outside of . cvs and i just picked up a couple of . pregnancy tests i got this one it's a . digital one and then i got got another . digital one so to be honest i've been . taking pregnancy tests pretty much every . month um i take them without telling . austin i don't want him to know that i'm . taking them so often because i feel like . it could affect our relationship so what. i do is just i take them and i hide them . like i don't put them in the trash or . anything because i feel like everywhere . to see them he would question and so i . kind of hide them in a drawer and i was . going to take one this morning and i . usually always have some available but . for some reason today i didn't have any . left which is kind of weird because i'm . always buying them and i always have . them you know in my house handy for me . to use. so the plan is to go home and take a . pregnancy test and hopefully surprise . him if i am pregnant if i'm not pregnant . then i guess we'll keep trying but i . really do feel in my heart that i am and . i'm not gonna go on and on about why i . think that i'm pregnant because to be . honest they're just little signs here. and there um as far as like any symptoms . i've been feeling a little bit nauseous . and a couple the last couple of days but . that tends to be like the normal thing . for me because i've been breastfeeding . for almost two years now elle's gonna be . two and four months and so i usually . just get my period but it's never really . on time because i guess like my hormones . are all over the place and so this . symptoms are really normal for me but i . do feel in my heart that i could be . pregnant i don't really want to put too . too much effort into this video because . like i said i've been disappointed so . many times where i made this video and . it never got uploaded and obviously no . one ever saw it so i'm gonna try again. today and we'll see what happens . um i had two huge signs and these signs . are kind of like spiritual i can't . really explain them but i had those . exact signs when i had elle and so . that's why i really feel like i am . pregnant . so austin is currently at home i just . left the house to run some errands i . went to the bank and then i also picked . up some pregnancy tests . grandma is actually on her way to our . house right now so she's gonna be able . to take care of al while i do the tests . and austin is actually waiting on me and . grandma to get home so that he can start . filming a video for ryan's channel so i . figured that would probably be the best . opportunity for me to take the test and . not have them around or hear me or . anything so that's what i'm gonna go do . and i plan on taking you guys with me so . wish me luck and we'll see if i'm . pregnant . and i just went to go check one off so . he's actually outside so i don't have to . whisper anything so here are okay so i'm . just gonna use this one because i feel . like i need a digital one . so these they're blue test bay whether . you're pregnant or not pregnant. so sorry it's so i'm gonna go take the . test i'm actually going to leave the . camera there because i have it in a good . position i don't want to move it so i'm . gonna go to the bathroom and come back . and then wait to see what it says what. the hell okay so this one looks like a . defect one because it already has a line. say you see there already has a line . saying that it's not pregnant so i don't . like this one . [applause]. see this is the kind of things that i'm . dealing with very not like just weird . signs i don't know what the hell oh this . one has two different kinds of tests a . digital test plus a pregnancy test . okay so i'm just going to do the digital . one which is this one it doesn't say . anything at all so i'm gonna go take . this one . okay so these are usually like three . minutes long so as you can see it's . already starting to add up i'm just . gonna leave it there see what it says i . just poked the the box over the actual . test so i can't actually see anything. until i take it off so i'm going to just . like walk you guys through it while i do . it and see what happens so so you guys . have been wondering when we haven't . filmed in the last couple of days it's . just because i haven't been feeling . really good i've also been feeling weird. and that's why i actually do feel like i . am pregnant but if i'm not like it's . okay if i'm not pregnant . i just feel like these feelings wouldn't . just randomly come and so it's been . about three minutes but i'm just going . to give it one more minute because i . feel like if i look at it and it doesn't . say anything at all and then i don't . know i'll just it'll it'll just stress . me out so i'm just gonna wait one more . minute all right guys so i think it's . time to look at the result . [applause]. i'm pregnant. oh my god i'm pregnant . oh my god i just knew it . i'm so happy guys i know i'm crying but . i'm so it's been so long oh . oh my god oh my god oh my god i'm . pregnant. oh my god so now that i know this video. is actually going to make it on youtube . i feel a little bit awkward but i'm so . happy and i can't wait to tell austin . and uh so what i'm gonna do right now is . i'm going to get myself together so that . awesome doesn't know something's up and . i'm going to tell al first so i'm gonna . bring her in here in like a couple of . minutes and i'm gonna set the camera in . the bedroom and i'm gonna . another camera up so that he can hold it . and film himself while i give him a gift . so i had already had this planned out so . what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna actually. put this in this car dat box i'm half . that it's pretty long so i know it'll . fit i can't believe that my actual idea . is coming to life now i'm just so crazy . so i'm gonna put this in the box and i'm . gonna hand this to him ethan i think . it's a gift or a ring or something . because we've been looking at rings for . the past couple of days so i'm gonna . give him the box and then he's we're. gonna get his reaction on camera three . alright guys so i just took another test . with another brand and it also says . positive so i am in fact pregnant so now . i'm just gonna call ellen she's actually . in her room with grandma right now and . just text grandma telling her to open . the door so she can hear me i like me i . have something to show you . mr. buck oh baby mommy's here here's . another baby . [music]. you may never have another one like you . yeah yeah yeah yeah you ready okay . [music]. yeah maybe sh ya know we can't tell him . right now hold on so they are over there . and they're still filming which is . perfect timing . come here al come on come on minimus . come on beautiful baby yeah he's coming . he's coming so this is what i have. planned i'm gonna put this like that in . here. [music]. nice we love ace family can you hold the . camera please i have a surprise for you . surprise but hold it on your face . i'm so much so next out baby what are we . doing are we doing so gift for you i got . one already huh just open it what over . there do that no no no you have to open . it yeah. [music]. holly aim oh okay . [music]. girl . they're real . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. when you see it again we see it are you . [music]. speechless. [music]. i love you so much that is crying. because he's happy l has got to be a big . sister excited so much shot man i have . to look at this one more time i really . do sorry guys i look crazy so when did . you so you decided just surprising whoa . guys we're leaving. as you heard the doctor . we are not pregnant sad but not sad seba . not sad it's not meant to be it is what . it is just know next time this happens . she will definitely be pregnant . next time yeah i'm gonna surprise you . what why can i know anything it's gonna . be a surprise yeah i already like . pictured in my head like i know exactly . what i want to do like i want to find . out more you find out in the transient . oh my god this is crazy guys you don't . understand how happy i am right now gosh . [music]. it doesn't say not pregnant like i keep . having a look at it because i don't know . if it's real it is real genes . i don't you feel in this oh yeah just . put this over here guys we're gonna take . some time to let all this process and i . guess we will see y'all soon this is . really heavy . oh how to speechless . they're speechless . they're speechless i don't know what to . say. i usually have a lot of to say but . i don't know what to say i'm just so . happy yes i'm happy . i guess we'll see also peace . .

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