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The family has finally moved to California !!! Check out our brand new home!! 😊
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Are you ready hey guys so right now we . are at our going-away party here in . orlando we have a big a really really . big surprise are you ready i'm scared . your skin is scared i'm not gonna cry . though you're not gonna grab this we . have a really really big surprise that . we have been holding back for quite some . time and now here at our going-away . party some of our closest friends and . family about to hit him with a bottle . are you rain already you too y'all about . to get hit with a bomb cuz y'all did not . see this coming. no like we would jay . [applause]. okay so as you guys know me jazmin and a . little baby girl here we're moving the . camera we are all glad they here today . you know as a going-away party so this . is it this is our goodbye to our land oh . but we got one big special surprise . bitch i'll beat ya'll noah which i . really don't are you all right . [music]. now but we're really big surprise and . are you guys ready hey everybody pay . attention over here in this area it's . going hey hit it with it then i surely . know. [applause]. [music]. lando is forever home no better place . than being surrounded by family and all . right baby girl . [music]. [music]. [music]. so it is official we are stayin in . orlando how do you feel this is crazy . yes it's been a long. nice you guys don't understand how much . this means and bill to us this has been . an extremely long journey but what i've . learned the most from this journey is to . go at god's pace this entire time i've. been wanting to like run and do so much . stuff like super quick and like just . pretty much run through life and i. learned that god is once we don't walk . and enjoy each and every single moment . but most importantly those moments with . your family oh it is official this is . not an air b&b this is the new two-times . family residue i'm gonna keep them . waiting . you know there's so much built-up . emotion we can talk about all this at . the end i know you guys are excited for . a tour i know that this was like a huge . huge curveball because y'all thought we . were on the next flight to cali . everybody did everybody our parents . everyone thought that we were halfway . out the doors prank like two million . people . are you ready to give him a tour i'm . ready i'm saying let's start looks kid . we're gonna start by walking are you . ready i'm ready. are you sure i'm positive i know sir . open the door let's go oh you're ready . so you now we're not gonna show you guys . the outside of the house because we . wanna you know keep our stuff private . but at the same time we want to show you . guys the home cuz we know you guys would . love to see it so are you ready i'm . celeste tori so first and foremost when . you walk through the door we got a lot . of front doors this kind of light is . really really cool because it does . people off they feel like they're . walking in the living room and then they . walk in like this courtyard area which . is the best area think about this area . that we love the most is that finally . baby boy aj finally gets the place to . run around. and she free you guys don't understand . how much that means to us because it . really been in a struggle with us she . has been struggling for years then like . you really glow with us so he deserved . this much you know i'm santa find a home . that has a nice beautiful yard it see . this home has some really like high . selling it's very modern it is very dope . man brand-new home right easy we can put . like a baby pool for either slide that . was my favorite thing as a kid so much. more free in revival i feel like refresh . you can see the windows like go around . the entire home which is really really . dope and we really like that love this. home so when you first walk in on other . you guys can see this beautiful . magnificent hate you wow magnificent . kids seriously i'm obsessed with this . kitchen using once oh just what you guys . know this is all of our furniture and . all everything is out in this house . brand-new beautiful furniture that we . bought it's really funny is that we are . so against white because of it because . of aj and we actually chose white and i . am obsessed with it really liked it this . is what we love about this home and has . like our feel to it you know that modern . like elegant sweet touch inside . something really cool about this kind of . subtle . [applause]. see that's something we yell when yo . cows can drop that by lol this couch is . super dope cause you can like extend it . and which is awesome because like you . know we ever want to watch the you know . netflix or gaming just chill out like oh . yeah it's so perfect like hang out couch . area is pretty dope so we just moved in . a couple weeks ago and we still have . like a few finishing touches and stuff. to do we put in off of the big stuff yes . you know add some little flavor to it . before we go upstairs i do want to show . you guys something extremely extremely . extremely dope this home has a secret . passageway that has a jacuzzi . if you come right over here go right . through here is the secret . [music]. i thought i was missing something . we got shot yeah i know we the king of . france takes it ain't nothing there but . this is nice pretty cool story sorry . it's my wine cellar type thing which is . pretty pretty don't alright so this one . has three bedrooms which is perfect for . our family . very perfect as you can see right off . the back you have this nice little area . right here this is pretty much like a . second and what's a pretty dope you know . understand we're gonna most likely add a . tv here don't feel like going downstairs . as being fat asses just stay up here and . you know do anything . so which senate has to win a series . let's go this way present my favorite . room is your favorite if a baby girl . finally hatched her own world finally . not taking over my gaming world right . there's a lot i still want to do to eat . this room just her stuff out you don't . seem to finally put her play mat down . the first thing i did . what is also really dope about this is . that ava has her whole entire ain't too . many people got a day you don't want to . keep your right hand extremely ready for . the next run let's go this room is . pretty much for anybody that wants to . come visit us they have a whole entire . bed and drawers and all of that you know . i'm saying and also which is pretty dope . about this as well we have a lot of . friends and family that come visit us . and they're always wanting a place to . stay we've never had it so having that . now it's pretty dumb you know i'm saying . this is where the magic doesn't happen . the master bedroom ladies and gentlemen . [music]. the master bedroom wow just look at how . much space is in here oh my . for real no joke like the crib was over . there it looks like congesting us oh wow . i have to get like bedding in steps but . i love . pressors we got all new stuff i kind of . revives your life you know i love it . yeah and then now here is the big . beautiful this is my stuff is a shower . is huge look at this this whole big . shower i'm gonna get in this thing this . is huge . wow now i'ma show y'all my favorite part . about the master bedroom it's gonna have . to be right here at all let me open that . thing one time this is my oh my god now . i gotta feel this stuff oh yo look at . that finally have space for my shoes i'm . gonna bring my other shoes in here but . wow i don't have to share with him . anymore. yes oh nice no it really looks like we . have no clothes no go i know cuz these . cookies classes are so damn big for real . that's pretty dope we both got our own . closet i wanted a nice to share with you . i do things i do want to say is that . we're thankful we're extremely extremely . extremely thankful for the doors that . youtube has opened for us you don't . satellite i would have never imagined . you know the saying . in a place like this like it's . absolutely amazing we're very very very . thankful and we cannot thank god enough . or the continued guidance and we can't . thank you guys enough for the continued . support this is this just really pushes . us and motivates us to work even harder . you know like we're very excited for you . know the next steps in life in to just . keep up this ground like real life i . won't tell you that i'm thankful for you . because because you were like really why . i moved to california and you know that . was what your mind was set on and i was . complete opposite we were trying to . compromise and figure it out but this . it's really appreciative colors really . is wanting to keep our families together . close that means the world to me to not . have to leave anybody by most important . about this whole thing is that . you know sam like is together you know . not just this immediate family but our . parents like everything like being here . in orlando this is home like all of our . support is here our support is here and . we could never leave this for real i'm . just so happy that you know god really . work this out i know it's pretty so hard . these past few months have been so . stressful but to finally like be here we . did it prayer because very thankful so . lord i just want to thank you lord for . this amazing blessing you have placed in . our lives we will never ever take . anything you place on our journey for . granted as you to continue to guide us . guide this family watch over this family . and to keep pushing us and motivating us . to to stay to stay striving and grinding. each and every day we're so thankful . that we got this little healthy baby . girl right here and truly i'm so happy . that we've learned the values of family . and the value of what's most important . in this life and truly came thank god . enough. and jesus thing . [music]. [music]. [music]. you're excited let's get cranky let's go . [music]. oh. you know she is not hiding eggs forever . right now she's well sorry she is hiding . in favor right now that's outside who . does inside the house for me but it's . wait a kardashian is now yes i'm sorry . [music]. mama he's both hands from the two times . family this is what it's all about huh . bringing the family all together for . easter sunday mill yes this is awesome . it's gonna be good . i made it all don't you. okay what is a couple housewarming gifts . for my brother. [music]. first to everyone in this household. cheers cheers to everyone in the . household very appreciative for this . moment to bring the families together . and have an amazing meal and great time . because this is the memory that is . absolutely that's gonna last forever you . know we're very thankful to be in the . position that we are in and ready for . this next step in life . [music]. [applause]. .
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