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He isn't that what was that what i think we're not meet today i'm with rca beauty 101 had original price into and we're doing the orbeez yeah we have to search in this pocket for a bunch of random items that you decided to put in me up just like very very random there is it hard world egg in here and if one of us loses if when gina losses that she's gonna have to eat the hard-boiled egg ready first object in injury ready go i'll just something that i yeah i just feel good to see you're driving or all deeply depressed i don't find anything you like for living i'm fed up with a never-ending cycle of getting up in the morning to do nothing and crying myself to sleep i count little less for be sent on it you can't you know where that is now i you put the next thing we find is totally i never have to see what that looks like it's a circle a circle on the nuts oh to prove shit nah i'm not i'm alright you know i find no receiving the whole time i up your everywhere oh the girls right there over the bottom corner my docs on top yeah i do what you have to do it was there do you hear you guys have a good kid behind the water wow know what the water was really into your body don't want to just going you can't stand i'm not standing on line i will rule number one yeah i thought this is a workout oh my god it here here you can hold on i'm just really good at what i do i can't cut my eggs and one cookie cutter hey yeah what's in it shami i single rollerskating not rollerblading congratulations is this an eraser or just so you find in here and your way i definitely found you wanna see your face after one ok now we're going to plus week stress to do ya know what i got oh ok now your friend and i can't handle you right now i'm so anything sure bro you sure that was time oh my god you have to watch your slow mode 1 ok guys i found the duct sauce earlier but she never shall totally said duck sauce and went like this yeah it was too right we have to find the duck sauce you really squished it down somewhere how could i playing in here for like a lot but it was down here i un know that yeah you want to rub around my feet i should actually all the gun anything to remember the shaders warmer than my ill with next yep find sick she knows you you literally i thought you could you want i never felt it ever find all the bugs looking for ducks under water but i'm gonna stop i don't want to crack my egg oh there it was next we define is the jawbreaker like found earlier with cheating and she didn't plan it was doing what what's happening right now i'll let you guys know in about 30 seconds of the impossible to find anything in here because we were gonna have our heads going it but i will be the guinea pig to see if it works for you carry in their 100 now you find an egg oh my god so much i think still get it there's an organ just stopped inside of my great now that even get there if i have to throw actually use that worried bucket as the bar perfect perfect i do for a long time after my cats were digging in the water everything i need is actually really cool that allow i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a big thumbs up we going to do on rachel's channels to go check that out needed to create wilson you don't know yet but no speeches like it would be so what is that video go check it out mateys channel derivation tried you know peace on the streets oh my god this is like a whole thing that you have to eat whatever i'm going to try regional what-a-light oh what a life oh you want to taste it though you should just really why you really just the areas you it wasn't that bad my double triple dog dare you that's enough you don't have to do it now you shouldn't do it you're right 00 dd oh my god she's like actually really eating yet put this in your book would stick to that
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