Peppa Pig – Peppa’s Christmas 2016 Full Movie

Do you know that Peppa Pig is a British preschool animated television series created, directed and produced by Astley Baker Davies, which originally aired on 6 May 2004, and is distributed by E1 Kids. To date, four series have been aired. It went on a hiatus for 2 years and 2 months before re-premiering on 14 February 2015. It is shown in 180 territories.
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It is christmas eve ever in georgia going to post their letters to father christmas here at peppa's friends advice box the children have all posting letters to father christmas oh what have you won't ask about the christmas ball may get a toy spy ship a little guitar toy a skipping rope a tramp it hey back and paul george has asked for toy train people and i enough i it is mr. zebra the postman like cookies a lot of post today father christmas it's very important that bar christmas gangster he leaves it an orphan home yes i can see that well if i'm off to the north pole today i can't stand around chattery by pepper george we're all together christmas tree is everybody ready let's go [music] this is miss rabbit's tree shop and always rabbit hello there we'd like to buy a tree please what salty looking for please don't say an apple tree or a cherry tree i don't have them like a christmas tree few i gotta understand the van these are the littlest one we were looking for something bigger this is our meat range still not big enough are you sure daddy pig they looked lovely to me and this is our biggest trey perfect johnny god i'll ask mr. ball to carry it to your car mr. paul mm how everyone makes three this one gonna be call the yes now where's your car oh al car is quite small isn't it that is just going to have to choose a smaller tree no need for that i'll carry it home he can't be that heavy see you later see you later bye-bye that he's been gone for ages oh i hate part trees ok mmm what's that noise [music] oh tree heavy it was a bit heavy yes the tree fits in our house don't worry i'll make sure it fits it is a lovely tree thank you for carrying it all the way home daddy pig you're most welcome let's get it decorated pepper what's the glitter on the tree george hangs the balls mummy pig fixes the fairy lights and daddy pig puts a star on the very top of the tree there whoa christmas tree pinkoo what a charming so he's a guy like point all lovey pepper now it's time to maybe that's enough singing do you know what day tomorrow is christmas is a little snack for father christmas why just father christmas come down the chimney me why doesn't he just leave the front door oh good question pepper if you see him you should ask but father christmas won't come unless you're asleep in bed we go mr. brown gave our letters to father christmas i'm sure he did anyone get a spaceship is the escucha picture with the can you remember everything your friends asked for course i can jackie it's important what's good night my little piggies sleep well sure you stay up all night and see father christmas george he's a she well i'm going to stay wide awake 0900 pepper is asleep what does that flying past the window and what was that noise george loud banging noise coming from the roof he's father christmas oh father christmas just have a few more presents to deliver ever want so your gorge 13 why do they make these chimneys so small oh oh oh no father christmas has lost his nest why are these chimneys always so so okay ah i see someone's left me a mince pie and a drink specials oh george its father christmas oh no there and who might you be i'm pepper and who is this very smart young gentlemen it's george pleased to be to george has presents the georgian they might be you have to wait till morning christmas how do you know what presents to give everyone i have a list uh which i seem to have lost and i only had a few more to deliver to suzy sheep danny dog petrol codis utah idea spaceship picture guitar immediately mouse zoe number-one pandya skipping group and rebecca a trunk thank you peppa your next to welcome what let's get these last presence which means climbing back up this confounded kidney the christmas why don't you use the fight yeah i loping goblins what a good idea bye-bye heparin floor oh wake up pepper and george it's christmas day george has a toy train and never has peppa's friends are here christmas christmas everyone may i gotta make sure i cracked and cool skipping world i trump got what they want to father christmas is very clever well actually it was me who told him what you all wanted to be silly peppa it's true georgian i so far the christmas here at granny and grandpa p happy christmas everyone i say look at those big boot prints and there's more of the same boot prints on our roof it's true i so far the christmas wow happy christmas pop catch me god god pirate piggies taking peppa and her friends for a day out on his boat everyone onboard food and her friends are all we're in my face george you could wear my pirate hat today we are saving to pirate island if we're lucky we might find buried treasure pirate island sounds like a great place to land here we are pirate island what's not it's a metal detect or it finds buried treasure gran topic is using the metal detector to find buried treasure haha the metal detector has found something let's dig it up it's a little coin treasure let's find some war ah we found something else it sounds be my goodness this piece of treasure is quite heavy oh dear that is not buried treasure that is a rusty old shopping trolley oh maybe that's enough treasure hunting who wants to help build a big sandcastle what a good idea daddy pig now i'll just check on the boot strategy pig is going to help the children builder big sand castle and grandpa pig is doing important things ah this is nice very br just closed my eyes a little bit brownies with children and making a face and cars they need lots and lots of sand where you buckets to make the couple's turrets what a splendid castle time to go where's the boat gone look funny grandpa pig is fast asleep and the boat is drifting away we have to wait grandpa up shout as loudly as you can wait wait oh no grandpa pig is still asleep help us too far away to hear us we stuck on pirate island we're castaways will be here for a hundred years we'll have to eat wild fruit and berries well and you'll have to eat insects and slugs the parents are here to collect the children my hello hello everyone hope you had a nice time yes actually i just left something behind back in a week welcome with all of my heart is naughty grandpa pig we thought you'd left us behind sorry about that granny pig next time i promise not to force thailand i not find time again oh of course we can [music] [music] i have to pick my little profit this is mama pic club it is mommy and daddy pig austin asleep [music] watch get up it's much too early did you know what time it is pepper no clock doesn't work you do let's see if we can mend it ah the old kook why is it called a cuckoo club there's a little wooden bird inside called a coup i've never seen the cooking that's because we stopped whining it's a long time ago the cook who got a bit annoying oh can we find it up again please all right daddy pig is winding up the cuckoo clock yeah daddy pig sets the clock to the lifetime it is nearly nine o clock cuckoo now you'll feel it koo soon what does she look like now let me think she moves her head like this and she flaps her wings like this and she says m qu little you are george look it's going to do something wow city george you missed the coup the cuckoo's we play it she went and you missed it nevermind jules you can see cuckoo next time but you'll have to wait koo only comes out once an hour waiting is boring come on george that's plain sight george does not want to play outside he is waiting to c qu it is nearly ten o'clock george has been waiting for coo for almost an hour mr. dinosaur want you to play too huh george has missed coo again nevermind george why don't you play in the garden i'll call you when it's time to see cool it is nearly eleven o'clock george time to see coo wait george you can't miss cook again which is running faster than he has ever run before peppa and george love playing coos it is nighttime and george very sleepy peppa and george are asleep morning already no time to sleep is not marry well she just needs to sleep like you and george good night my little piggies george i know how to make cookie mommy and daddy are fast asleep watch mommy daddy we got something to show you we make koopa well suzy sheep has come to play with pepper pepper hello suzy me this is my new friend no 9 where is he oh there's no one that susie has made up a pretend friend and papa [music] let's play ok do you mean pepper throws the ball to susie's pretend friend leo car catch the ball can you just doesn't like playing catch what does me all right go ahead he likes to roll is he going to ruin i'm yes yeah well you know that was mia pretend the key can see leo lyons mio will you be my friend too noting his head that means yes peppa suzy would you like to come inside and have some fruitcake mummy pig has two slices of food cake susie and pepper [music] susie's got to pretend friend he's real line ic and does he like fruitcake to leave loves fruitcake don't be silly peppa that was leo that was you me i professed chocolate cake i haven't got chocolate cake will do have some fruitcake he will try to fly mummy pig give some cake to susie's pretend friend george is playing with mr. dinosaur during so george you're missing ya george does not know it's susie has a pretend friend nine says he can't finishes cake george can have it can we play upstairs now yes that's play dressing-up i was asking leon oh yeah no says he likes playing dressing good come on susan playing dressing up is going to be a very glad you one wish my wish is to be queen suzie i'm leo lyon well either adjust he doesn't want to be jesta he wants to leave the king here is daddy pig mummy pig tells me you have a very special visitor is only sue's daddy are you sure there isn't someone else pepper someone else oh it's an honor to meet you king leo daddy pig pretends he can see king leo may i say what a fine gold main um yes it is very fine and he's wearing is best read traps who yes blue cap any peppa isn't wearing a blue jumper he's wearing his best green shirts well it is sort of a bluey-green peppa suzy your friends are here his friend wearing maybe jump in muddy puddles yes are you sure all the ocean jump in puddles without his life to god me when he thinks as well yeah jumping up and down everyone loves jumping up and down even pretend friends that you're enjoy a playing in the garden the grass is not been cut for a while it is grown very loan george where are you i got george i'm coming to get you pepper and george cannot see each other peppa and george love playing in the long grass daddy pig is going to read a newspaper what a nice day for doing something daddy pig loves doing nothing oh goodness me daddy pig we've left the garden get a bit out of control what do you mean mummy pig the grass needs cutting who might like it it's the wild garden ok this will play with this spotty board [music] i think on the ball is lost in the long grass now we'll never find it maybe it is time to cut the grass yes daddy pig i'll get the lawnmower i'm sure it's here somewhere peerages daddy pig has found the lawnmower it's a bit old and rusty johnson's it'll have a grass cut in no time does seem a bit rusty maybe i should phone cramp up big and ask if we can borrow his lawnmower there's no need to phone grandpa haha i just need to push a bit harder daddy pig's our is not very good i oh let's phone grand bar and their grandpa pig speaking hello grandpa pig could you help us cut some very long grass haha certain day i'll be over right away by i think this is a job for betsy grandpa pig is driving his motor mower over to peppa's house and no everyone i hear there's some grass that needs cutting and it's just a bit too long for my lord allah dad why betsy will have it done in no time your coat she certainly is that can we ride on sexy of course you god hop aboard captain grandpa we have this grass cut in no time so tight here we go let's see is very good at cutting grass finished oh my papa missed a bit oh yes what's this kebo thank you for finding our pool grandpa and thank you for cutting the grass gotta cross is easy betsy now we can play with us party ball the ball bounces very well on the short grass to you george [music]
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