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The kids loved doing this challenges--be sure to wait for baby Michael to wake up and join in the fun towards the middle of the video :)
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Hi today we're getting we're going to open all the flavors and tastes and blindfolded and try to guess what they are let's get her blindfold on i can't wait to do this are you letting ya ok let's get started who's going to be the first one to pick ok little pic first we'll start with alyssa ok here's a list of picked okay everyone's gonna try this one on flavor final favor thanks colonel 46 get better i think it was a good to wear an exact the answer was pop tarts gone nutty peanut butter and jelly strawberry i'm you happy that in it ok zack reach out and you pick the next flavor ok to fix this one now pop charts are usually made in the toaster i think their best cooked a little warm but it's like a pastry with some stuff in the middle and then some frosting on the top so they're pretty popular in the u. s. especially for kids ok hands out guys i'm just like barry just tastes like what do you think chris you're right it was wild berry good job guys ok chris reach your hand out and pick the next one ok just kind of like vanilla i feel the blueberries i think sprinkles cupcake ella that's pretty good no it is time to study cupcake i'm john guy ok david you're trying to reach in front of you and pick a flavor ok looks like it's gonna be good to wait white wash white frosting what do you think chris clap clap ground crackers what i got a lot of our david i think i like cinnamon which is six a roll david you're good at this good job buddy that's what it was ok yes ok listen you're next ok happy you got a big box who test back chocolate and milk chocolate lunch ok very hot chocolate or something good job guys listen i got it right on the edge ask them good job zach it you're going to pick up he's going i blueberry hill yours are good because you got it right it was blueberry what yeah good good job you did keep your center it's your turn to pick right it's a white one with colorful sprinkles on top of the insides purple-ish ok move one of my favorite i blow you know what it is already yeah what do you think about that mm i don't david what do you think are you sure zach and grace think of your own answer also what do you think that he is kind of similar to the chocolate fudge one that's what it kind of tastes like but look at the closest it was hot fudge sundae this was the chocolate popped her on the outside with sprinkles on it and the inside white ok you don't wait for the one with his cat does it what do you think ok in the christmas sprinkles david and so on a hot fudge sundae and that's what do you think happy this one was red velvet so it was a red outside part that's kind of a chocolate flavor with white on the inside okay lissa go ahead and pick up like oreo cupcakes with a little strawberry design ok i think like strawberry added you guys are all pretty close especially david it was wild berry bloom but i had that strawberry ish you know fruit flavor would also have the outside don't like a cake - yeah okay okay there's that day i got it as lord was everybody else think i find anything to watch - what do you think chris no no no you guys were right this one's kind of a lot of graham crackery crust and chocolate marshmallow nyan psych course and healing ok chris your turn i'm going to push it a little closer to the center now guys about your choice i can't see me ok there's chris's is your favorite flavor of the first kind of cool thing we tried yeah yeah okay baby ok you guys mostly all going to write ok what you want to start picking yea yea even got this one your grace taste cookies and cream oil kind of you because they're good target your voltage cookie the green but the box shows oreos la go and pick okay yeah okay job and strawberry and its case probably the entire i do not be out chris what do you think we take my cool think you guys are close it was raspberry oh i want you at pic ok looks like a good on this fine michael oh yeah your hand chris you gotta love it lap ok we have reese's peanut butter you even closer look good job chocolate peanut butter is what it is and that's kind of what races is so i tell you walk up that one right ok there's money in this one oh that's cool strawberry yeah just stopper have them what do you think chris blueberry and strawberry and it was strawberry do it is your turn this is david slaver are you guys getting full there are 19 flavors of pop charts together they're trying today luckily there are only trying a small bite of each one ready yeah i think it is like sharing - everybody copy this is a valid copy well you guys are all right it was cherry care pick again this one is unless i got here and put your got no okay like shaving ok so that last one was brown sugar cinnamon and zach is picking this to love zach no zach pick this one what do you think chris is super good you guys are right this almost chocolate chair it's like a horse okay for the last one michael do you want to give me the box yeah ya know this is what michael picked you want to try this one michael you something to drink some water i thought it was fun okay here guys no michael shop i don't know anybody else runner that's a good that's that oh you guys want to take off your mask what you're going to say alyssa chocolate and me look what it was yes so the chocolate-dipped strawberry and look at all this lots of pop charts on so what was your favorite flavor you guys look at all these different flavors try to remember all the ones you tasted you just hold to the beginning right over here my favorite was sherry and well very sure you look smart and a complex something that they're long oh ok let's go ahead and look at the library bloom this is the fringes one you guys ate they have different designs are holidays everyone their just lots of cool pop tarts after which was cool i feel like i looking guy wow that looks cool all you're going to another one and it tastes different you can see it i like to lunch with sprinkles you're like those ones yeah okay yeah
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