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Mijn Loom Bands / Rainbow Loom "dragon scale" tutorial in het Nederlands. Mijn nichtje wilde graag dat ik deze video zou maken, dus bij deze! Ook hebben velen van jullie gevraagd om meer Rainbow Loom videos!
Vergeet niet te abonneren! Het is gratis en zo mis je mijn nieuwe videos niet.
Voor deze armband gebruik ik 16 elastiekjes per kleur. Dus het hangt af van hoeveel kleuren je wilt gebruiken. Ik ga van rood, naar oranje, geel, groen, blauw, paars, roze en dan weer terug naar rood. Dus dat is 8 x 16 = 128. Een ander armbandje had ik meer elastiekjes gebruikt, iets van 144 maar dat was net iets te groot. Hangt dus van de grootte van je pols af!
De reden dat ik dit niet in de video heb vermeld is omdat er zo ontzettend veel mogelijkheden zijn. Hier zijn wat ideeen:
In plaats van 4 elastiekjes op 1 laag kun je ook 5, 6, 7 of zelfs 10 elastiekjes gebruiken (mits het op je loom past ;)), dan wordt je armband breder. Ik zou aanraden niet meer dan 6 te gebruiken per laag (dus 12 breed in totaal), anders wordt ie wel heel heftig!
Je kunt ook bijvoorbeeld een verschillende kleur per laag gebruiken of van kleur wisselen om de 2 lagen. Of binnen 1 laag verschillende kleuren gebruiken. Dit is echt een SUPER armband om mee te experimenteren, je kunt dus ook schuine strepen door de armband maken of zigzaggen. Veel plezier dus!
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Wallpaper - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Caption: Hi, today i will show you how to make this dragon scale bracelet. in dutch, it's called "draken schubben" and here i have one in white. but i'm going to show you how to make it in these rainbow colors. of course you can choose to use other colors if you prefer, because there are so many possibilities!. for this bracelet, you only need 1 row of pins from your rainbow loom. a hook. 4 c (or s) clips. and a bunch of loom bands in rainbow colors (more info on how many in the description!) . if you are right handed, make sure the opening of the pins are to your right. if you are left handed, then it's the other way around. grab your first band, here i'm grabbing the color red and i'm starting on this pin. you can also start on any other pin, it doesn't really matter. put your band around the first pin and stretch it onto the pin next to it. make sure it's in the shape of an "8" and turn it away from you!. it is very important that you turn it into the 8 shape away from you! . make sure to skip this pin before you add the next band. so we'll start on this pin. again, put your band on the pin, stretch it, and turn it away from you into the shape of an "8". and do this again, and once more. so skip 1 pin, add a band to the next two pins, in the shape of an 8, away from you. skip another pin and add a band, in the shape of an 8, away from you. this is how it should look! and now we'll work on the second layer and we'll be filling up the gaps on this one. so grab a band and shape it into an "8" and put it onto the two pins that don't have a band between them. so , in a way here, we're filling in a gap! . then skip the next pin and add a band in the shape of an 8 (turn it away from you) between the pins that don't have a band between them yet. and do that for the third time. now you've filled up all the gaps - but i like to add an extra band all the way at the end. because this band is 8 bands wide, so i put 4 bands on the bottom layer and now 4 bands on the second layer. so you can add more bands per layer, or use less bands per layer, depending on how wide or slim you want your bracelet!. now, we'll start to hook!. so grab your hook and pay attention to this: you can tell that this pin has 2 bands on it, and this pin only has one band . so stick to this rule: on every pin that has two bands, hook the bottom band to the top. so on the next one, grab the bottom band and hook it over the top and continue to the end of the row. sometimes, you'll come across a pin that only has 1 band attached to it, when that happens, just skip it! . so we'll just keep on hooking the bottom band to the top, use the hook to grab the band and move it over the top of the pin - work all the way to the end. as you can see here, there's only 1 band around this last pin, so this one we'll skip! . now, push all the bands down, like this. because this way, it's easier to hook the next layer!. for the third layer, i'm using the color red again. we started on the first pin on the first layer, then on the second layer we started on the second pin, so now we're going back to the first pin again. so, every layer you switch starting from the first and second pin. from now on, you don't have to make "8" shapes anymore!. so, just grab your first band and stretch it over the first two pins. then grab your next band, skip a pin and add it onto the next two pins, like this!. okay, so now you grab your third band, skip a pin again - so you start on the pin next to that, and you just stretch it over those two pins!. skip another pin and add your 4th (and last) band. now, in total, you added 4 bands to this layer and this is enough because we're adding only 4 bands per layer. now, we'll start to hook again!. so grab your hook and stick to the same rule i mentioned earlier: . every pin that has 2 bands on it, grab the bottom hook and hook it over the top of the pin. and continue to do this until you reached the end of the row (skip the pins with 1 band) . as you can see here, on the very last pin, there is only one band!. so, make sure you skip that one. now, push down the bands again. and now we'll add the fourth layer, which is still red. but, what if you forgot what pin you should start on . i'll show you a trick, to find out where you need to start. make sure you're looking at your loom from the top and stretch out the bands like this. as you can see, i have a band that stretches between these two pins, but no band between these two pins! . so this is where we need to add bands for the next layer. it's basically just filling up the gaps :). i see that i need to start on this pin, so i'm grabbing my first band and stretch it between these two pins. and i continue to do this until i added a total of 4 bands to this layer. and now, we'll start to hook again! . i think you know how to do it now! remember to skip the pins that only have 1 band on them!. and the pins that have two bands, you grab the bottom one and hook it over the top of the pin. like this. keep on going until the end of the row. now, we've added 4 layers of red, so now i'm going to start using orange. i will add 4 layers of orange before i start on the next color!. and now the bracelet looks like this!. what if you don't know how long you want your bracelet to be . then use your wrist to measure if you should make it longer, like this!. now, we need to finish the bracelet so that it won't fall apart. grab the outer end of one side and take the band off the pin. then fold it onto the pin next to it. now go all the way to the other side of your bracelet and grab the band, fold it over the pin next to it, like you see here. now, grab the band on this pin. i'm using my hook, because it's easier to grab hold of it this way. take the band off of the pin and move it onto the pin next to it. now these two are attached to each other. and grab the band off of the next pin and move it over to the pin to the side. as you can see it was a little hard because i was trying to be careful :). now we have 1 lonely band left, and we're going to grab it and move it over to another pin, doesn't matter whether you want to hook it over to the pin on the left or on the right. but anyway, just take it off of this pin and i'm going to move it over to the pin to the left, so the outer ends of the bracelet will be more balanced this way :). it is still not safe to take the bracelet off of the loom - it will fall apart!. first, we need to add c or s clips. so grab your clip and grab your hook, so you can stretch out the bands. that way it's easier to add your clip. here you can see i have a c clip. again, it's okay to use an s clip. and push the opening of your clip onto the band, and then it's attached. now i'm going to add clips to the next pins that have bands on them. make sure your clip covers all of the bands that are on the pin!!!! very important. stretch it, add the clip like you see here. and repeat with the next two :). i have another trick to make it a bit easier. so grab your c or s clip and place it, so that the opening of the clip is aiming upwards. as you can see here, it automatically got into this position, so that saves me work! . and it even happened on the next one for me!. on the last pin, i needed to adjust the pin, so i did. if you do this, it's just so much easier to attach the other end of your bracelet to the clips!. there are no set rules for this step, but just pick out 4 places on the other end of your bracelet where you want to attacht it to the clips! . i'm picking a band here that already kind of sticks out, and i'm stretching it and will move it over to the first pin. and, as i said, it's super easy to do this because the opening of the clip is aiming upwards. and all you have to do is push it in. now i'm going to find another spot to attach the clip to, again, it doesn't really matter which one you pick. and then i place it over my second c clip. and then i push it into the c clip - then it's attached! easy :) do this with the other two clips. and now it's safe to take the bracelet off the loom, yay! . so just grab one side and take it off the pin carefully. and then grab the rest of the bands and take them off the pin one by one. carefully. yay, the bracelet is finished! this is how it looks. let's see how it looks on my wrist . as i said in the beginning of this video, there are so many possibilities with this bracelet - you can make horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, diagonal, zigzag, different colors! the sky is the limit!. as you can see, it really looks like you have (dragon) scales, and i think it's such a cool bracelet . i hope this tutorial was helpful, i'll see you in the next video. bye. .

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