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I have footage of my roommate stealing money from me.. So i confront him in this vlog about it... Carly and Erin seek help.. Zane destroys my car. Bignik lets it all out
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Caption: Would never make fun of your mom you . just did before your camera was turned . on my mom's last night in town but david . goes oh she's dying call with the magma . yet grasped the complicated it's fucking . crazy yeah i'm gonna make my so thank . you. your mom's gonna die soon wi-fi carly . there's a lot of driving or just oh my . gosh wow since you guys have a problem . with your manners have you guys ever . thought about hiring like an etiquette . teacher that like helps you to be more . polite. yeah yeah yeahs literally hired once you . could like so many like chuckling when . you're or you want me to film it yeah . and she coming any minute entire . actually named seΓ±orita carmelita senor . the camera didn't want to ask carmelita . like really got posture so now would you . perfect your posture and your friends . here . everybody ready table right but another . going to give anyone going to slide you . find different airplanes like smaller . aircraft are still yeah i'm a danger to . society would you ever join a gang . yeah maybe part of a gang called seven . doors burst open door like was a bitch . slow-like come through that we talking . in your face in my car dude what if you . spilled on the speed baby you have like . them clumsy bitch i'm not close to . garbage treat me normally are you . pregnant you're pregnant for girls and . boy oh it's a boy and three going . probably do me a favor and not shave . we're talking and they were a game what . a miracle honesty that's a box and . michael replied thanks for helping me by . bed i love you bye . well below your language is beautiful i . can you teach us some spanish computer . from a leader you don't even speak . spanish so go ahead and teaching from . spanish oh he's on the loose and . actually use my view or a war then more . poor he's not me it's very good enough . we've got to get the blue hole e all and . all for one of the cheapest guys i . noticed i wanted to print the test i'm . going to drop a five-dollar bill and i'm . gonna see if he picks it up and puts it . in his pocket or if it gives it back you . know and i'll be like two seconds as . such a good thing you know what did you . actually this particular function . applied all of their stop on our job is . policy it's not another fucking kidding . me my sandwich that part of that wasn't . scripted 10 que le but these are you not . having someone named in here get your he . didn't tell anybody . yeah why do you ask me about what's . living in the shadow thing like how they . get in there . the other night when i was sucking . someone off name with their asshole . architect putting their balls in my . mouth. what can happen when you are leaving the . rockstar life started like living in a . tenement house we're ready five dollars . a month and meth is being put to worry . about a little bit of fabric in your . belly button there's like a little . friend is currently in thees ees that's . very hot pics watching luke but you . liked it subscribe tweet me at david . dobrik guys lies in here right now so . i'll just gonna help me with the outer . you know what happened to your . girlfriend last night what happened . there she made what you make love not . war . jason wants me to throw it on the key . during the key i'm gonna throw have wood . creaking i wrapped it in paper attached . back you fucking good . .

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