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After the longest wait of our lives, Our baby girl has arrived. This has been the greatest experience ever. Having our girl right inside our own home. No medication. No needles. Nothing! Brittney is the greatest EVER!! So strong. Both baby and Mommy are healthy and happy :) Thank you so much for giving us a couple days to just enjoy the moment. We are now returning to YouTube :) Thank you so much!!
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
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Caption: [music]. so your arm released according to . according to that test you honor i felt . so much as it has so accurate i'll be so . happy oh my god . last night we found out that brittany is . officially finally pregnant . yeah brittany is pregnant even believe . me why don't you believe me . you may have a sister or a brother we . don't know you want a sister you're . gonna have a little brother or sister . how do you know do you hear anything . there's a baby saying your name there's . a bonny baby maybe just maybe we'll have . one of those a little girl dude we're . having a baby it's your little baby bump . little baby both ha ha ha ha ha ha there. is like popped out we get to go hear our . baby's heartbeat for the first time ever . we'll be bringing you along it's in . there right now what how they gonna get . the best look at this oh my gosh i did . awesome. yes oh my gosh believe it i can't . believe it either . i wanted my boys so bad and i got my . boys and then i really wanted a girl and . we've got our girl we're bringing it a . little bit our girl into the oh my god . we are having a baby girl oh gosh you're . having a little sister you're gonna have . a little sister yeah what are oh my gosh . think she's taking that case that's . routine her first time i five gang give . her high five on a belly . it's really weird cuz she's not here but . like you feel like she's missing out on . what we're doing this is a . once-in-a-lifetime family trip and the . baby even your body it's like waiting . for a shooting star wow this is this . baby baby baby stuff that is pretty cute. i don't mind stuff for a girl for me is . really weird i've never done it this . would be my first time ever but i am . excited to like be out one day be like . i'm gonna get that for my little girl i . can't wait for the day of actually just . the first few days leading up to it's . gonna be just crazy guys it's gonna be . crazy you get excited for your little . sister are you gonna be a crazy little . brother aren't you give me a good boy . he's not ready we're playing every day . he's like oh the baby was just here this . is our baby girl and she's coming super . soon so close look at her is she's in . there that he's right here . [music]. life is coping in brittany . ant duck got the duckie outfit tell me . liza. okay tell our baby girl how you're . feeling right now are you excited you . are like grab four days do not let her . go i would just like to say to our . future baby girl that i am so excited to . meet you it's driving me nuts . like it's so weird imagine having . something that you want so bad right in . front of you right there all the time . right there like it she's right there . she already shilling only nuts . oh good it's rolling around it's like . for you whoa like get me out of you know . this is one of our last dinners before . there's another one of us sitting here b . is for brittany obviously noah and kate . i still got an open star so that's going . to be motivated if i have another kid . i'm gonna save it . [music]. oh . [music]. [applause]. [music]. oh . [music]. heart rate breathing so-so oh yeah oh . you didn't hear did it what are you. doing down okay we're officially clamped. and what's that do it just this is . totally monica some time but yes that's . awesome i did all those i mean it's . already clamps because it had important . jelly that clamps it down so if we cut . it without that it wouldn't believe . anything and you're so chill she is - . okay cut as chris for that coordinate or . as close to the rubber band as you can . without cutting through there we go you. were free miss we did it . she is past oh she got the biggest . cheeks i've ever seen she got chunks on. her eyeballs. how much was saying seven care all right . see the what's she weighs oh no eight . 500 look at that oh you pressure be . right there across your feet like yeah . cain brought you balloons . baby girl cares check her out. he's like wait is he really here . [music]. everybody's loving the cheek . she got giant cheeks what do you think. oh my gosh michelle like her nose well i . know this place had like a manger be a . walking up at the dahlia in a hander . serious i want to give you a hug thank . you hide me on keros yeah absolutely . far far we've got a little sister dude . you're the protector of the sista yeah i . know. well guys we finally get to come on this . vlog and tell you guys that our baby is . here our baby girl is here like i'm so . excited oh oh she on for you you gotta . do beyond oh i just want to like put . audio in there i don't even really know . where to begin on thanking you guys the . support uh missing a few days of logging . just everything a couple days uh it's . just been amazing . thank you for your prayers thank you for . your support thank you for being right . here with us brittany got to have the . exact birth that she dreamed of having. which was right here in our home . no medication not crazy you're such a . champ like i've never been so proud of . anybody in my life. that's my hard work you did so good it's . so worth it oh i know she's happy if we . did it any other way . you be in a hospital be in a hospital . right now you know that we'd be in a . highlighter yeah. now you wouldn't it's like you with him . thank you so much for being a part of . this journey it a whole new journey . begins and she looks so red on camera at . least she's not blue i'm talking about . you my goodness she gonna make it . rolling y'all she is um brittany's . breastfeeding and she latched on . immediately that is such a weird things . they latched on but she did she's eating . so good um she's healthy everything's . awesome guys and so i got we're gonna . start fresh she's finally here we can . get back to uh look like i'm still . pregnant . whoa don't take a little while i'm . telling my face love you guys thank you . again plus for all the likes and shares . on our videos and we will see you . tomorrow . you are beautiful you're one of a kind . smile more . you. you. .

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