SHE MADE $17,000 FOR THIS!!?

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Corinna reveals how she made $17,000 in 10 minutes... We also surprise Dom with Tana Mongeau... Jason and I try to get into a party
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Caption: What's up guys i have a delivery driver . coming over right now and i'm gonna . invite her inside and ask for a very . important question i'm babysitting right . now and i need help changing the baby's . diaper and i'm wondering if you can help . you change the diaper no you know how to . change the diaper okay thank god because . this is tana by the way philo youtuber . she said the n-word ones she's not . saying it anymore on camera just . recently went on a date they were in a . dressing room i don't know why they were . trusted room together but jason was . getting changed and jason thought that . there was a spark in the air jason leans . in for a kiss. you're not giving all the information. tenez 19 years old now that i know are . like i wouldn't even want to they're . here for the party . oh you have a new weapon sir no weapons . no drugs no drugs sir no no no nothing . then what the fuck you doing this party . mode where you know that there's a lot. of controversy surrounding her at some . times like all the time constantly . drama-filled poor arliss what i thought . would be fun is i wanted to see what dom . would say about her if he didn't know . that she was standing in the room right . next door oh she'll survive do you think . ten of photoshop's are pictures i could . tell she photoshopped her face there her . boobs oh . photo stop stalking everything bro are. you serious yeah tana is that true . [laughter]. tom now that tan is here does she . photoshop her pictures oh yeah . absolutely. she photos housecleaner crying vidcon . zoo . you've seen her cry at vidcon why was . she leaving your hotel room do you like . her what about her apology to the unwary . that was probably one of the most . foolish responses i've loved every hired . ray irish are you brandon back your . son's a pussy the daughter i always . wanted that's what he said when brandon . and jason started hanging out did you . think that they were having sex . yeah he's mexican he came from mexico my. father understood exactly everywhere. they said how do you think that you've . gotten you're following my tips . forget about your ass okay so you had a . bathing suit brandi okay seven you . $17,000 jason what did you have to do to . make $17,000 because it works for any of . my followers because i feel like we . spelled truth serum in the carina . internet besides like our group actually . under like work for their followers no . mercy our group just you through this . month what why. how dare you i made him the man that he . is - i'll have you know corinna this was . david watching drake & josh ten years . ago the fat one he's funny and he will . be mine because i think jake makes you . like it subscribe to beat me at david . over as many of you guys know i may be . getting deported but chi-chi's worrying . that we can do it cherie she's got my . back you got my back you say yes do you . have my best . [applause]. .

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