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Today we got to spend what could be our last day in the snow for a couple weeks. So excited for tomorrow to try and take this tree down. Also did a really cool trick with the RC truck on the trampoline. At least I thought it was cool. haha. Love you and appreciate all the daily support. You are everything :) Smile More.
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This is my life as a Father of my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013.
I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
Hey i am not are you awake because i'm . not awake . i know you're always ready do you . remember we put the water balloons. outside do you think they're done . nothing he's looking jet no yeah now . let's get . whoa there like ripped open let's go . welcome to the vlog guys we r last night . if you watch yesterday's blog we throw . some water boys but look the rubber is . blown off of them. that's actually the water well it looks . cool the cern that's ice brother so we . took water balloons we fill them with . water and food coloring and then we . froze them so let's get a knife . we need a knife that is why i'll do the . food card works so good just peels over . this one's bleeding game haha yeah i . think we added too much weight you want . to look out bright they are no that's . like it does look like what i think you . can handle a little blood you've given . birth so pretty cool are pretty fun . experiment i don't think it's supposed . to leave food coloring everywhere but . definitely something fun to try the only. thing that's thanks for the kids you . have to be patient you have to we all . night at least a few hours where we live . but you crazy dogs doing huh what you . crazy dogs do i i think it's the last . day of our snow guys supposed to melt. it's actually supposed to rain and that . will definitely not all the snow hope . you're feeling good hope you're having a . great day we're just getting our started. we want to start with our balloons that. we did last night unfortunately couldn't . show you on the vlog because they were . frozen bar right there dude that's a . water balloon. wow i didn't even pop it ready . oh haha up their minds did you come here . we go you do the honors the first one. come down here . oh-ho-ho you peel the orange dude . that did it . ok we're going to take the sony out . because it does pretty good slow motion. and we're going to drop let's do the big . green one. yeah hot spot here we go 120 . i have no idea if i got it let's get you . oh eh oh yeah i missed it on the edges . on the edge of the they hit the screen . about to fall here it comes . i can't hang onto liquid with because it . is kind of our last day of snow we . haven't done any rc actions we're gonna . get a couple rc's alkanes already been . tested his it's rocking i'm gonna take . the summit with the gopro out and yeah . ok . alright this is ridiculous if i can do . it i accidentally just did it here we go . you ready shown stay in the middle okay . often hear right that was almost it . ok . let's see . that is way too much fun . wow . oh i there so sick twisted bets going on . in the smile more store right now todd's . you're working on the tank and he said. who will eat a fish not a real fit not . the fish that we have this is what our . fish eat. it's called a little silver sighs i got . middle hold on do you have a real one . like a full-on i can show you know just . how they come half in our old and chewed . up cheer can eat that or just maybe . kinda like popcorn charlie cook a pickle . the other heels gonna be jealous look at . him look you just shot out he's ready to . eat if you're new to the channel or . you've never seen this this is our smile . more tank this is our real he is red . i've never seen him so social see you . put it right there . there you go there you go bam gone . michael personalized that is that you . stand on a ladder todd this is this is . my own personal latin so this is our . freezer fisher this is what the fish in . our tank and this if these are silver . sliders do include silversides silver . slides we got the popsicle washington is . that tonight try to find a full-size for . what i mean is that that half fish you . got a fun-ball along there anything you . up for the you want a popsicle you want . to heat it up down . oh we're gonna be so dog god get it . i don't know if you're gonna get this at . like i'm kind of turning onto your team . right now i don't know i have the . weakest stomach i cannot do anything. like this. i don't like questions but it definitely . why you're gonna have to cut it off with . your teeth . i was just about she's gonna she's gonna . go forward throwing it out this frozen . bridge financing flex not only 20 it's . gonna swim right now yeah . wait wait wait i don't think you want to . chop it that no i cannot consume the . night and now teaching it cut it made . waiting i'm told you rather you rather . eat two and one long one but think about . what's going to come out of it when she . cuts it in half like the guts and no i . know that's what i said i want to cut it . somebody has to get a 30-second clock. chance to hold it down for 30 seconds to . get the money in her mouth on her . stomach and her stomach she has to show . us don't even try to yet you have this . oh you just turn it a little sandwich . i don't know if i can handle like i it's . not horrible muscles are not holding you . look you're going face-first and i got . it i got to capture all right there . anything else oh yeah you're gonna bite . it. this you need to just swallow just give . him an edge she did it . oh yeah i see it 30 seconds though she . ate it another you are a champ i could . never do that ever never hears about . 2100 24 me 20 from brit 20 from todd . that was the easiest 60 bucks you ever . made. so i am not physically capable of doing . that no way. no all my billet tall and i'm going to . like this we can go high into a high yo . yo . yeah let's go up yo yo yo work . do you remember when we used to say boo . yah oh yah use the yellow all the time . it's like bowie i used to be your dad . now you just dad where is the best one . we've done it is that added it all right . guys it is back time so i'm gonna fill . up the bath routine and actually this is . the only way i could get him in the back . kind of rider looks ok ok ok i did that . on purpose okay you're going to make . your back hold these are like ice . popsicles dude . ready watch watch watch me you had . missed their balloon just took off hit . gain and flew out that was just created . up for you don't know . oh my god came that went everywhere i . get the top boy you in the tub i'll take . care of this it is bad time i'll be back . in one second and we're bad one second i . told me one second i don't know if it's . quite one second off . peekaboo . guys we are going to call it a day. i know it's a short blog but i think . it's a fun blog i had so much fun today . the rc think ill me it was completely . accidental but i let hey yeah i think . you might be wearing the damn bout i . think maybe maybe we gotta come up with. something new we love you guys so much i . got in early get ready for tomorrow's . livestream if for some reason i know . everybody's saying you're going to be in . school and i it's just a really bad time . to live streams make your teachers but . it teaches us today at 1pm tomorrow for . us i guess if you're seeing this blog it . already happened or i pushed it back or . i've moved it or whatever i don't know i . can't figure it out either way we're . going to say goodbye. we love you thank you for hanging out. the streak continues and we've had so . much fun doing it. we love you you're beautiful you're one . of a kind smile more . .
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