Some thoughts on the shooting at Youtube

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So today was the day today wednesday. april 4th . was the day that i was going to release . my video announcing what i'm doing next . on this channel announcing like my new . daily vlog and all the exciting things . that i'm gonna be doing on youtube in . the near future and then yesterday i was . out sitting with dan my editing partner . and we're finalizing this this. announcement video we learned of what . happened yesterday in san bruno at . youtube headquarters we learned about . the shooting and it certainly affected . me in such a way that i couldn't have . couldn't boats the video the next day . that was about celebrating and fun and . all the things that i want to do here . without first acknowledging . acknowledging the events now i i love . you too. i have a deep profound respect . admiration and love for youtube i credit . most of my career and the success that . i've found in life to youtube and when . it's provided provided me with and i . know that when i say youtube that most . of you think of youtube the website . youtube is a website but when i say . youtube i'm thinking of the people the . people that i know at youtube the people . that operate youtube the people that. that make youtube happen and when i see . on the news the helicopter footage of . youtube headquarters in san bruno i . don't see a generic building but i see a. building that i've been in i've been in . multiple times i see a building that . i've walked through the halls of i've . spoken in there i've shook hands and. hung out with and gone down there goofy . slide that takes you from one floor to . another i see a collection of human . beings of incredible human beings a . moment when there's a when there's an . event an atrocity like this a shooting . takes place and you see it on television . you see it in the abstract but seeing . youtube on television yesterday was not . abstract for me and typically when . something like this happens we focus on. the people who are injured in the people . who are killed and fortunately as of . right now no one is no one is dead no . one is dead that is besides the the . monster that committed. sacked so i think i think what it must . be like not just for the people who are . injured but for the thousands of people . that work in that building what . yesterday must have been like for them . i'm i'm imagining you're sitting at your . desk you're doing your work you're fine . to finish what you need to finish to go . home and feel good about your day at the . job you hear a commotion . maybe you hear gunshots there was a . report yesterday that it wasn't the . gunshots that most people heard it was a . shaking they thought it was an . earthquake at first it wasn't an . earthquake it was the sounds of people . running of a lot of people running on . the floors above them so you get up and . you start running but you don't know . where you're running and you don't know . why you're running you don't know who . you're running from and then you hide . you find a place that you think is the . best place for you to hide you're hiding . with your peers you're hiding with your. co-workers you don't know what to do now . you hear what sounds like police in the . building and you you hope that it is . police in the building you're trained in . these situations you're we're taught in . these situations that when you hear a . knock and someone says it's all clear. you can come out - first call 9-1-1 to . make sure that is indeed a police . officer saying all clear and and not an . assailant and and that's what you do and . it is all clear and and then you're told . by that cop to march out of that room . maybe an office maybe your office but . march out of that room in your place of . work with your hands in the air in . single file and and not just out of that . room but down the hall but through your . entire place of work out the front door . down the sidewalk and i imagine your . their hearts are pounding they're. nervous you're there they're anxious. they don't know what has happened the . specifics of what's happened they don't. know if their friends are okay and and . and once everyone's safely evacuated . then everybody has to be patted down by . police officers to make sure you're not . armed but you don't have a weapon and . then finally you're you're clear the . police tell you you're all set you're . clear go over here walk down the . sidewalk whatever it is but you don't . have your things you just left this . office maybe you left your car keys you . don't know how to get home so you have . to what call call an uber or call a cab . and you're sharing a ride with somebody . and then finally you make it home you . sit down in your couch . you sigh a breath of relief and you have . to process this and i just cannot . imagine how traumatic that must have . been but then once you are in your home . in a place where you're you're . ostensibly safe then you have to start . to process what's going to happen . tomorrow and when you go back to work or . what are the new security measures and . more importantly when you go back to . work you're going back to what was . effectively at least at one point a . crime scene. and so i think about that i think about . all of that i think about what that must . be like for these people and certainly . not just the people that i know they're . not just the colleagues that i work with . because of what i do on youtube but . everybody in that building it's those . people it's everybody in that building . that make this website happen that . enabled this it is because of their hard . work that connects all of us so i have . no call to action here i just wanted to . make this video to let everyone at . youtube know that i'm thinking of them . and to say to my audience that i hope . you two are thinking of everyone at . youtube who's having to deal with this . both directly and indirectly okay so i . will see you tomorrow for the launch of . or the announcement video of the launch . of you know the future of this channel . okay and if everyone at youtube hang in . there i'm thinking of you we're all . thinking of you . .
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