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Caption: [laughter]. i think erica is pregnant no but . seriously guys i think erica's pregnant . i didn't think i'd ever start a video . like this i think we never think that i . would say those words like over the past . week i would say it has been like acting . really weird. she had her parents and like family come . into town to hang out with her randomly . she's been really moody with me she's . been like sleeping in like super tired. and like almost like sick combined with . the fact that i found like the box of a . pregnancy testing like in my bathroom . trash can next to the toilet oh i'm . really freaking out this is not good at. all however with all of that said i need . to figure out more details i need to get . to the bottom of this i need to find out . if ariel really is pregnant i don't know . what to do i think i'm gonna try and . have like a conversation with erica . right now maybe with this camera right . here like a hidden conversation but good. morning jake pollard's what scoochie . welcome to the mostly youtube channel on . youtube if you are new here my name is . jake paul you guys are the j compilers . and if you haven't punched that . subscribe button like that or need it . what are you doing bro subscribe joined . the most elite youtube channel on . youtube that is a verifiable fact i put . a hole in my wall yesterday please join . today. jibber jabber. [music]. today's journey guys you are locked in i . am about to go get erica right now bring . her in this room secretly recorder and . trying to get her to admit to me that . she is pregnant . great plan jake huh thanks jake i know . all right let's go hide oh i thought you . said hi . i'm not in here . i received a man ever since i need to . talk to you do you have something to . tell me. so you have another son. no i have it you just think that i'm . acting weird so you're accessing your . mind you have somebody tell me yeah i . know jesus christ every way whenever you . feel comfortable to tell me we can talk . tonight . okay yeah are you sure yeah yeah . she's been meaning to tell me something. [music]. or good no bad it's really bad so now i . really don't know what i need to call . someone i need to call someone i could . tell my mom but then it's like awkward . cuz momma's gonna be like although here . mm-hmm . do you think logan knows what to do with . the babies here baby erica's pregnant . what do i do. all wrong trying to figure it out . cuz i'm vlogging it you definitely have . the right person to call by i'm free . damn calling the fish fan they have cute. little baby twins kylie will know what . to do he's the coolest dad on earth you . skied down my stairs yeah i think i'm . doing good i figured i'd call you . because i don't know what to do but i . think i think i think erica's pregnant . that's what i said. whoa so i don't know for sure but i need . to figure it out like no . i know her boobs got a lot bigger and . [music]. the grapefruit-sized probably she's been . like acting weird and like been getting . like tired lately like super tired i . found a box to a pregnancy test in my . bathroom no i think she already did bro . and then she said she has something and . she's been meaning to tell me already or . not. topped already know i'm not a good. parent you're you're coming over ted . khaila . he's coming over with the ready or not . robot tire or something . i love you you think you're gonna be a. good dad. no will you will you take my kids to . take them take them tasty thank you . so erica has a confession to make to me . guys i really think she's pregnant but . guys i also have a confession to make . and it's to you guys i'm sorry i'm a . vlogger rolek spit you know guys i have . a confession. everything was fake fake dude co but it . still looks real like it honestly it . looks it's real guys this just goes to . show that everything like media news . press outlets things that you read. rumors that you hear online that they. could be fakes man including the news . yes make him saying linda's history . england is my city i can subscribe or . you're fired . oh and guys i just have one more message . from president trump go get some joe . palmer link and description everything . is fake guys except my yesterday i put a . hole in this wall okay you saw it it's . because we actually have some . construction going on like i'm not just . a reckless vlogger putting holes in . walls i wouldn't just do that we're . actually getting construction done and. so i was just like hey this is this . perfect for my vlog i can just put a . hole in the wall and be a vlogger vlog . vlog after i put a hole in the wall . yesterday there was a radar sweatshirt . inside you don't know i'm saying it was . lit i'm here to tell you about a contest . if you get a radar sweatshirt in the. next 72 hours hold on i need to play the . official radar sweater song one of these. in the next 72 hours guys they're like . absolutely fire i know you're probably . wondering jake like yo check out that . march you're wearing right now you don't . i'm saying that's fire but it's a . hottest brand this is coming out soon . don't even worry about it but if you get . one of these in the next 72 hours guys . one of you is going to win these giant . cutouts of team 10 that you guys can put . your face in so it's an official radar . count girls go right now to fan joy . tackle next let's check ball or fan joy . like i've actually shown which everybody . [music]. [applause]. [music]. yeah yeah that's the paula's pause . actually wears the boots a little more . in this way yep definitely bright man my . consultant team is here yeah ready . you're not here you go what or not don't . it's gonna test to see if you're really . ready to be a dad i'm not ready . oh what. wow we brought this baby it's gonna test . jake's ready ah he is so not ready no . i'm ready look we know he's not ready . we're gonna start with programs see with . the baby which is the really hard . program because let me tell you . something buddy babies are hard oh my . god we're gonna start and you get a . printout score at the end to let you . know how well you did as a dancer babies . actually like we're tracking my results . exactly just like that now whatever he's . marked you down ten points i think we . need to streakiness . once they put this in you can't do some . like that to the baby because it's gonna . track and then you're not gonna be ready . yo look at your baby right now . oh it's bonding with you that was the . like those little googas and guys those . are the point wait i think it's saying . something hello yeah i think it's off to . a bad start i know that out of power . likes babies look at that it's a baby . what the hell's going on oh oh it's . crying oh this apollo no i know why it's . crying come on come on come on it's time . to breastfeed this is jake paul jr. well . i figured you know if we're gonna have a . baby one day if we're gonna have a baby . one day we need to be ready for it . okay okay i don't have anything in there . oh no what are you guys doing like a . public breastfeeding or like a private. race he's a public breastfeeding so la . he's talking . what is this thing's name yeah why are . we doing this because we have to be . ready for a pregnancy you know maybe . okay what do you know about pregnancy . what are you guys talking about . i just hope you're gonna be as good of a . mom as as pam good morning je pullers . but the stuff you do not have my vlog . camera stop stop you're crazy . hey honestly as soon as i get a baby i'm . gonna make baby merch - you know you got . to utilize this i've always wanted to . become a family channel blogger you know . we should look at how cute he looks in . the merch - and you can look as cute . you've got a fan joy taco backslash a . fall thanks baby we're gonna get so many . failed squeeze it come on we're . breastfeeding you know. [music]. [applause]. you guys do this when you're preparing . for your baby . oh see i told you the arm why couldn't . you just tell me tell you why i know . you're pregnant it's okay to toss erica . i'm not pregnant. this way listen don't be ashamed that . you're pregnant it's like a it's like a . beautiful that's why you were acting . weird earlier you guys i'm not pregnant . yes you i'm not freaking pregnant okay . then explain your boob is getting bigger . that happens like every other month you . know that explain the pregnancy test box . in my toilet box of trash man when i was . sick it was at this moment that he knew . he was a pregnancy thing you think that . i wouldn't tell you if i was pregnant or . have a heart attack we've gotta . straighten that child this is a fake toy . and i'm a vlogger and this is comedian . comedy so then what do you have to talk . to me about later i want you to take me . [laughter]. some nba team santa paula now joe . welcome as demented you to john museum . give that subscribe button a little bit . of a head by today's post notifications . shadow goes to ryan matthews from . wisconsin ryan congratulations if you . want to post notification shut up . click that little post notification . button it's everyday brew per page join . the everyday bro movement people and cut . yourself some of the hottest urged in . the game go right now because the take . collars sell everything out and . subscribe button and join the most lit . youtube channel on youtube i'll see . y'all tomorrow . [music]. .

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