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I surprise the boys with a pony.. Yes its a real pony lol... Jason and Josh peck get into another fight when Jason tries to sell Josh to a Japanese man for favors lol
The full fight between Jason and Josh will be on my 2nd channel:
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Caption: People ask me why i humiliate myself in . your blog you ask for those two little . angels for two kids . yeah but i don't pay you ok it's for me . i need the attention i'm always on . craigs was working for the atoms look at . this over just found imagine that they . get her house . oh really well. wait one more minute with the same scott . come out here to make any moves i bought . you a little present its opponent . oh my god cutie . oh gosh she's probably really nervous . you don't bring a girl into a better for . the best to meet her and she or . gaby what do you do you know how like . the packing peanuts like a bad idea . right yeah the boys were really mad . right so i brought him something . come here coming ready often the pony . for christmas toothbrush . how do you smell is gonna come in my . room like who's fucking hair is this . like oh my god no i got a great . thumbnail so it's not like it's from his . eye . what's the big idea you want to share . without josh is gonna entertain japanese . businessman i have some japanese clients . ok lot of money in japan yeah josh if . you're comfortable doing this and i. don't see the reason that we shouldn't. do it wasn't come here this guy's great . hero. oh yeah mr here on this is josh pate . little ego no 46 and jason have saying . we would wish he was more like the show . bit fatter . why does he care so much about how he. looks like jason can you ask hero what . he wants to do with josh wasn't always . easy but it was holding a quarter and . two ground . what is he saying jason when i said that . he was a fan of josh's and he wanted to . do a mean green what i really mean it . was going to suck him off in the parking . lot of the chick-fil-a i'm gonna fucking . and we can't have you have sex with josh . peck he's an american icon to what is he . saying because you're cute too . he says i'm q20 lon la maison don't know . jack me around when throwing an ipcc . like joshua look too much like a lesbian . you are blowing this from oh i'm blowing . this really this guy's got a fucking . gear you would have sex with my . undercarriage yeah let's do not yes what . drink and fucking josh is overdue . it's wrong theme of things that are over . what about your relationship with your. kids that doesn't hurt my feelings i . haven't thought about my kids in week. mr. hero i don't want to disrespect your . culture a comment about what did i just . say everyone here free japanese for the . fuck was that all 13 school anyway to . real school and learn fucking english on . a movie set. yeah i'm sorry i was busy being famous . oh come on josh that's a fat kind of . time walk around acting like shit i can . continue to put on this front that i'm . just one of the guys but i'm not i'm . josh fucking back . how much are you selling jaxx's body for . i don't know how about one hundred. dollars a hundred bucks are you fucking . out of your mind. i'm going out there what is he saying i . don't know i really don't speak japanese . i've been making out the entire time i . have no idea what this is saying he just . showed me your twitter feed and what . like this that's where is like thanks . for watching jay makes you like it . subscribe to be at david or because if . you haven't noticed the past five hours . have been pre-recorded and this is the . final one because it comes back today . come back today i'm like i'm so glad to . be back i missed you so much i'm your . sister who did i miss your parents . muslims peer pressure . [music]. these balls are very faulty news release . it wasn't gonna do it for him he's gonna . go to the police . why is it what are fully does anyone . care to know his real name his name is . eric right . .

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