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CODY KO is an actor/comedian/YouTuber/podcaster/soundcloud rapper/internet badboy based in Venice, CA. He speaks in several podcasts and makes comedy videos on YouTube, some of his most popular videos being his commentary on funny things he finds on Instagram.
Cody Ko
Well hey how you doing how's it going . good to see it welcome back to my . channel now this is this could quite . possibly be the chillest video on my . channel so welcome i'm sure some of you . know the chilled cow channel on youtube . so it's a 24 hour stream where they just. play low phi chi last feeds you can do . anything to study you know that's what. she that's what she's doing she's what . she what is she even writing do you . think fanfic she grabbed his dick. throbbing as it leaked with pre common . anyways it just plays she laughs music . all day and you can just vibe out to it . so i got my coffee here and this mug by . the way can i just say this is how i . know i'm getting old cuz i'm really . stoked on this mug that i bought this . novelty mug that says coming in hot . that i got from urban outfitters a ball . place it's not even like it's not even . like i found it at a flea market it's . like from a mainstream store coming in . hot and i'm so stoked on this when it . came in the mail coming in some good . shit. it tastes like piss so anyways guys the . chilled couch channel is a live stream . which means there's a live and active . chat all day right beside and so i came . up with his idea all on my own no one . else helped me come up with his idea i . thought we just vibe up together and . read the chat cuz there's no better . conversation then people chilling to . chill ass chill fucking chill a slow 5 . beats . [music]. god it's been how chill is this video is . this video about the chillest video . you've ever seen go find me a chiller . video in this one i fucking dare you . i dare you i'm sure i could fall asleep . right now that's how chill i am your own . the video is still writing but the book . will never gets full that makes me angry . lamelle because there's never enough . fanfiction to be written that's why . there are infinite dicks leaking and . pre-cum you can't write about every . single one it'll never end and you'd be . doing the world a disservice if you . didn't write about them agreed i'm 68 . hours in hahaha she's been watching this . for 68 hours straight no breaks like . this i wonder what he country in the . background that's a good question it's . whatever it is it's fucking chill you . can we can agree on that okay look at . that. europe you're a bass looking landscape . that looks chile's fuck do you think the . cat ever gets tired of moving its tail i . mean i feel like that's more of an . existential question than anything do . any of us get tired of the mundane . routines that we seem to abide by . everyday like robots maria i'm so . stressed y'all it's ok maria you've come . to the right fucking place just inhale . the chill shit and exhale the chill shit. because there's too much chill to go . around so people do you think fat girls . are ugly holy fuck . wiggly boob going for it just just . trying to fuck up the chat right now i . know we're all chilling and everything . and everyone's hanging out but is it . what the fat girls are ugly not all of . them some are so aren't it depends on . the girl see this is some fucking chill . dish it is are you serious she just has . the most controversial question ever and . people are like well you know it depends . girl chubby are the best boob size is . the key for men i personally like skinny . flat-chested girls that's awesome bro . it's chet it's so fucking chill i . personally like skinny flat-chested. girls that's awesome bro . i like boob size that's awesome bro and . i like potatoes are we just saying . things we like hot showers putting on a . fresh pair of socks my friend got . murdered from her illegal immigrant. boyfriend please press f jesus fuck i . hate being homeschooled. yeah but tyler the benefit is that you. can listen to this shit all day you . throw this on your parents are gonna be . like god damn what is this welcome to . chill 101 if you could all turn to . chapter 69 this one's good i'm feeling . this shit what the fuck what weed does . your boyfriend consume fuck is that so . funny what weed does your boyfriend . consume a lot of it do you know where . you are this is low fight hip-hop beats . all right we're all fuckin bullets of . our mind right now not me though i don't . smoke weed just took the best work poop . hey mario. big ups for the honesty i appreciate . that work poops are the best poops . because you get paid to do them how dope . is that i used to take likes when i have . an office job i used to take minimum 10 . poops before lunch cuz you're just . sitting there on your phone you're . getting paid to on instagram it's . awesome but then i will go on instagram . at my desk as well so then i'm also . getting paid on instagram now however . this is my job so i guess every every . poop i do i get paid to do it . that's awesome i'm actually gonna go . take one right now god damn knows the . chillest poop i've ever taken. r. i. p anthony bourdain paying some . respects might as well whatever your . size girls you are beautiful . that's the same person who poses the . most controversial question ever in this . chat now you're gonna come around and be . the bigger person on us holy shit no pun . intended by the way so does anyone think . fat girls are ugly just people start . going crazy and she's like well i don't . so you're all the bad people i think . everyone's beautiful and you all suck . ass you know what i'm actually gonna i'm . gonna fucking say something this what's . good check this shit out. i'll show is that you can be rich or . just nothing like dust . everybody end up dead there's no escape. oh my god what i don't get out of here . with a anti chill shit i don't think . about death right now . or maybe i do it because you know . everybody does die there is no escape so . maybe it's just better to you know . accept that chill with it hello in from . texas has realized no one replied to . mind what's good probably because. everything's good so it's stupid . question anyways i'm from my mom's hole . oh mom's hole what hole her ass hole . so what the freak am i doing here i . don't know adam grossing me out that's . what you're doing here oh my god this is . that's a bonito and i know there ain't . no screaming galileo chill it out okay . inside voices world best cars just woke . up dude you can't be over sleeping on . that student cuz i need to know what the . world's best cars are coffee is life. tell me about it . it's like that pizza all right don't . pizza me before my morning mood i'll . tell you what coffee is bay and mood . when parents aren't home i love other . cat is just showing at the window . looking outside that cat is fuckin mood . and pizza is fan a my bae you guys i . just want kill the cat okay okay world . best cars why don't we stick to cars god . damn the title of that song was we are . born and we die alone . stalin why why yeah i love this song to . hitler hitler um stalin yeah hitler . um stalin what's up will anyone care if . a little pomp died yes dude i would care . ass get it all right guys i gotta stop . this video eventually we've been shown . for a long-ass time and i got shit i got . a do let the chat no see guys nice . chillin with you these if anyone . responds come on let's get one response . before we go that's all i need and b so . not chill if nobody responded i love you . cody i mean fucked up this spelling a . little bit but you know what it's fine i . love you too jay lien this is what it's . about. chillin together all right it's spelled . with the c but you know what it's fine . i'm not mad about it because this is the . chill zone and i don't get mad about . little things like that just don't fuck . it up in exile okay jay lee cody with a . seat but like it's super chilled up . thank you guys for chilling me and i'll . see you guys next time . fuckin i don't even have anything to . blog a mr. itself fucking chill as video . [music]. .
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