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The final countdown has ended with a precious gift from God. Welcome to the world Juliet Elizabeth Rader! Here is the vlog of Nia's BEAUTIFUL C-Section birth.
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Caption: Yeah. good morning guys want to go brother. trance again love you know you know we. got out early this morning. 530 just for juliet kids are the. suitcases. this means you're gonna go party so. buddy. yeah you said you did in the car you. want your pants to meet you. yeah you do now i'm in my nice gown. gonna have a hospital gown of my own but. i'm doing a c-section i'm probably gonna. wear an air gown because you get dirty. did you see this back here seem to be. running anyway. yes did you see that it's underneath. i want to like unpack everything ok big. sister pretty mom thank you can reach as. high as you can and i'll do the rest. i'm not ready guys like this is my shot. so we can help computer just we do. this morning after she got right here ok. let's go baby. jobs for me and one thing she's been. worried about most is the kids i'll let. you feel like that's your biggest. concern. it just like we have to plan some. players could see how we do we don't do. they just brought in my hand i was. getting on that. oh gosh someone simply can get something. else. you're having surgery my wife for me and. she wanted to be in this room waiting. now will have your way out and i'll be. happy to see i brought you. your father had my hair and blue here. you guys can be. i just got butterflies in my stomach. here's what we know that i'm sure many. would pretty much sweetie. every was kidding around summers at. least 700 and there's about surgery are. you nervous and a baby. i don't know all just like a nervous. we'll see. ok it's time you guys going out to the. linear and two minutes waiting room. if you go out you look telling who. let's go ponies she was behind . wonderful getting ready to be scared. what's wrong. pass me thinking you were finally. sitting down. we got find her wherever you were. they're fun happy place. ok find a plate and other daughter so. crazy. they're still ready we're ready. i think they're more writing me or not. your chest. yeah. it's kind of the chest. just make sure with me and with three is. numbered. yeah i do. julia yes. that means when she's paying you . i. don't see your face it but she's. beautiful. make sure she got a nice purple color. she's spooky. you build back up did you get it. she's so proven see and. ok. i'm gonna make a friend then you know. she says you're gonna be chunky like. tiffany and let's see here. behind you. how can we get between. from the chicken to know you've got it. perfect. open your eyes of my eyes and they're. kind of speaking. she's got the position i look around and. see how she said it. yeah. are you worshiping. yeah. look at the end. you. i want to. over survivor. okay sweetie comes to the first. yeah. see the difference that knows referred. you ready for me to temporary. yes you're gonna have to keep an eye on. her so come over and check out here. love you. your support. sorry for herself. i want to you know his back mommy. chuckling him. we have. baby &. and just kind of in shock. yes. very nice. my turn. thank you. get ready to start the nursing journey. you might actually be easier to be taken. you're trying to get out. oh yeah. here we go baby. oh hair is gonna yeah i would take. symphony back first just simply make up. with somebody. you make me hard. you looked over and just you right now. yeah. what whoa cool man a car. all right kind exclusive use a little. sister. all right she's feeding right now okay. so you can't hold your just yet. the region to me see those toes you know. whether purple we have to do footprint. when i figure out here i'm going to your. fingers and he had to do a hand and when. she takes our international can play. that gives you sure cuz she live. did you get her something. you got her some leagues you ready to go. see your baby sister your brother your. ok. what is where we're going. where is it he's concerned about her. animal. yeah he doesn't know is that maybe. oh making love you little sister. you love her to die in here born here. good job would do the hold it you cut my. neck it. oh what a good brother oh no you. wow you are the first kisses turn your. little family is family of five. we're going to get a selfie stick. friends getting so wide. my little buddy. whoa he's not with her why. well i started she was here it was like. wow that's tough. where we got here guys your big brother. and big sister bags because today you. become a big brother and sister me. everybody this is your bag because what. if what does that say anything in mind. what does that say it says big bro. because you yeah yeah okay you guys can. open my mother kept america. door is open a room. julie ya later. anything. look yeah pajamas making his pajamas. do you like them apples turn. she's a girl in here. it's awesome yes dance like that. you pick that's yeah that's a beautiful. but it was ok. yes it's starting to carry problem. oh yeah what kind of medicine do you. have to get you i'm gonna do you have. already done that many things i was in. her troop so good make sure what's. happening and even from this angle. ok from definitely something there with. her or later. yeah she does she does look at which. time for us and the kids to go our. separate ways we will miss you little me. i hope you have fun in anna tells your. phone anna. yeah you still my little baby me and you. know that yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. no you're my baby man kids your hey. ok let's go. bag over here is it six times. oh go but three different people have. said i'm a nice book puker. that's nice and quiet i don't know these. people i can for when i feel like i can. vouch for you . you. that's how it is that's exactly how it. is honestly. ok i doing it to get 700 man i have to. change the female diver in a long time. where's the wife set. dad. yeah you're hiding away you go. she's wide awake right now. here take you binky. oh you're so precious look at that. little baby she's a little glow worm. guys there's a little glow worm is going. to try to get some sleep now i feel so. undeserving of this baby she's just so. beautiful and i just feel so thankful. you're so amazing but we'll see you guys. tomorrow. thanks for joining us and sharing in on. this exciting time of our life and i. will see you guys tomorrow. don't worry yet we love you. oh i can i do to get you thinking. yeah. yeah. .

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