The police won’t let me vlog anymore…

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Oh oh okay oh he's got my tripod good . morning jake bothersome you know i got . my water i got myself i'm ready to go . here's the thing erica is almost ready . to send it look at her out there she is . almost ready to send i need to have . conversation with her good morning we're . about to get this day started hold on i . know you don't like heights i know you . just like goats punt you're ready to . send it she's ready to send it are you . billy . i'm still gonna send it is that a go is . that a go oh my god it's a go go get the. go erica whoa oh oh my god oh my god oh . my god erica's flying that's how you . guys send in the morning you already. know jake pollard's what is flippin . going on if you're new here i'm jake . paul we're in miami and it is lit every . single day bro and out like what are you. not in the jake paul or family what are. they doing bro do you know what they're . doing i don't know what to do so if . you're not in the gang already smash . that subscribe button we're about to get . started here guys you know i started my . morning off doing that fitness throw the . clip. [music]. just when you thought a lift wasn't . enough it's time to box up me without . baby let's go undefeated what's up back. from the workout guys you know how i do. it i'm a boxer bro what up call me floyd . money mayweather you fitness is the . first step to greatness kids i want to. challenge you to get fit to get your . mind right and to work hard and smile . and dab on them haters every single day. and guys i don't know if you've been . seeing this but yo come over here look . at this yo you see this guy right now . there's this guy on the internet right . now he's going crazy he's all over the . news and stuff people trying to roast up . the guy sucks i'm gonna get him for the . internet i mean again for team internet . you stupid hang time anyways i don't . know what's going on guys we're being . goofy we're flipping kicking we're . flipping right shopping we are in miami . so the energy is high you already know . that we're about to flip and send this . thing today just wait till you see . what's about to go down let's slip into. that so right now we are here at the . zoological wildlife foundation guys and . we're about to play with baby tigers . baby lions look at this look at this . we're entering the jungle there's like . lions and tigers and stuff in there and . they eat freshmen ha but guys seriously . this is about to be an experience of a. lifetime i'm also going to fight allegra . allegra allegra like the thing from . napoleon dynamite what's a like a dude . it's a flip in like ross like a lion and . a tiger mixed and i'm gonna flip in . fight one we also get to cuddle some . baby cubs some chimpanzees maybe some . monkeys all right we got these little . monkeys here . we got my boy game as it go guys i am . about to be a volunteer of this place i . got my official shirt right here i'm . about to put it on ready three two okay . i am now an official volunteer guys this . is lit we got monkeys we got more stuff . going on what are we about to see next . we're about to go see some tamandua. zeldor wise known as the lesser anteater . okay so this is an . hey that's just friend up there guy feed . it this one they might not eat it but if . you want to try to let them look i want . to be a volunteer drake the volunteer he . is scary for you a jake pollock oh he's . not a jake parlor no more let's get all . these loggers these are the big cats . right here how you doing guys there's a . monkey over here - he's trying to sing . good time hey monkey you sound like a . fire alarm there's a leopard he's on the . prowl oh no oh my god there's goats eric . are you in now we have five of michael . jackson's flamengo's right here no oh my . gosh buddy hi you want a pop there you . go i enjoy a year oh hi these animals . are absolutely insane just hey dog i see . you what kind of water you got there . fiji your instagram oh you want a banana . you wanna bet oh my boys are bruised . look at him go mad you want some merch . or this apple okay this one looks like . mr. grinch . hi you look like mr. grinch oh don't . thank my blog actually you know what you . can vlog take the vlog there you go . log it who knew that monkeys could vlog . jake the volunteers coming in take it . off take it off there you go i'm out . here doing good look at them jump all . right monkey three two one this isn't . something you see every day people . there's a baby monkey look at it go hi . okay i'm here with mr. owl yo buddy how . many licks does it take to get through . the center of a tootsie pop the world . wants to know please tell us he's not . budging tmz exclusive our relationship . is is in the works we're getting better . justin look it's me and you it's like . the dad and the freshman the little . freshman this is a skunk . why is it not attacking well it's . actually dissented so it doesn't have a. scent. oh hi buddy okay so apparently this one . likes music. we'll see hey hey hey yeah yeah i've . spotted an alligator . hi buddy today we absorb a wild. alligator he's eyeing me down will he. bite just grab his mouth oh my gosh what . is that oh oh oh my gosh she's a blogger . this is the best day of my life oh my . gosh there's monkeys oh my god they're . taking my mic they're vloggers i know . they want the jake caller you can't have . my subscribers those are my subscribers. i earn those i are no subscribers he . wants pop tags. i know jake the volunteer banana banana . banana banana buy the new merch i know . no does anyone have some march for them . to put on we need some march for these . monkeys hello few moments later i'm here . with my brother drake drake the snake . say what's up buddy hey i don't need you . talking smack back there i'm starting to . think that volunteer jake isn't doing a . good job anymore i want to be like . britney spears . [music]. enough thank you. oh my gosh oh drake what are you doing . buddy drake oh god oh my god volunteer . jake i'm gonna oh oh you gotta hold on . to what are you doing . [music]. we're going to the team penthouse buddy . come on oh you want to chill my boy . wants to chill you should have just said . something . alright squad i'm having so much fun i . hope you guys are too we are about to . meet a bunch of baby little cub tiger . lion thingies i don't know what they are . but they're about to be live he will . bite someone's head off oh my god is so . cute oh little baby like a belly scratch . were you gonna coconut a power attack . this one is mine there are many like it . but this one is mine he is not mine . [music]. chicken boy it was ready . look at that look at that he's inviting . me i've been bitten by a tiger oh no oh . i'm out bob here jake okay jake ballers . now it's time for my ultimate volunteer . test i'm going to fight a liger yeah i . think you're gonna want to roll on this . one buddy i'm gonna be right here to . help you okay all right hi hi want to . start off this conversation by saying . that you're really good-looking okay . he's just as big as apollo i got this oh . just my reflexes oh hiya baby watch out . i'm good okay okay zeus this is a . freshman you eat freshmen freshman food . oh oh okay oh oh he's got my tripod look . at this there's lying spit all over he . wanted the vlog i got a lighter to vlog . napoleon dynamite what did you do today. my zeus i love you . [music]. [applause]. [music]. alright guys so we just got done at the . zoological wildlife ode ocean it was so . much fun and now it's time to head back . to los angeles i miss team ten miss . apollo we gotta go guys wherever wait . one last thing miami i love miami all . right let's go two hours later we're in . the middle of this flight right now and . i'm just just reminiscing you know . the good old days. good good back to la hi yo guys back at . the team ten house actually did you did . you miss me mister hey best friend also . hey legendary shot we're not well not . tube is the last day i can film in this . house i don't know what that means niche . that means war it just what i just said . you ever watch maybe i have beings that . apparently controllers said we can you . think i'm joking . are you actually is higher what do you . mean explain neg explain this time . there's no basically after today if we . film in this house you can face up to . six months in prison because we need . filming box jail or prison don't go to . jail or prison kids unless your vlog . vlog not in this house so how's that . possible if we want to film any comments . no no i'm not the boss of everything . unfortunately you have a cute puppy . though so yeah yeah does it does that . still apply err can i make instagram . stories yeah i don't know i'm just . trying to be a kid apparently i can't . film our vlog at my house anymore . starting tomorrow which is in like an . hour anyways i even have a cute puppy so. like how is that even possible like . that's not even legal was gonna get . bigger . not taller is eva cool edit like blood . sucker oh my gosh oh he needs a title . card already here's one . yeah nigga the telecard - it's funny cuz . you're all laughing and joking but this . is like syria please there's like legal . papers you said i'm go all of them all. of them right here . all of these legal papers saying we . count them nick we're gonna have to move . your desk out into the street tomorrow . morning all right jake fallers well this . is news it's still everyday bro don't . even worry about it . but we are gonna respect the los angeles . fire department and the police tomorrow . because that is pretty intense probably . not allowed to talk about it we're not . talking about it but anyways shake . polish thank you so much for watching . today join the family chop yourself some . hot new merch get better every single . day that's what it's all about guys all . represented in the merch rip it hard a . bond them haters keep on smiling keep on . working hard and i will see you tomorrow . it's gonna be pretty interesting guys . make sure you subscribe to keep up with . this one because i don't know what's . about to go down but i will see you . tomorrow because jake pollard's west pop . and check out this new merch that merch. is hot boy new items of merchandise. limited time click the link make sure . you're subscribed to keep up with my . life on a daily basis and if you want to . see more content check out yesterday's . vlog because it is super lit plus i have . a second channel jake paul to which you . guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from . everyone in the house our group channel . is called team 10 chuck see you guys . tomorrow. oops . .
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