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I am about to give you a tour of the . inside come on what is gucci this is . absolutely insane. you have no idea what is about to go on . i got my black shades on we got best . friend tony over here right now we are . in dallas texas at a backyard water park . at one of the biggest houses in dallas . if you are new here i'm jake paul you . guys are the jake pollard's and it is . lit every single day bro there's so much . to explore guys like look at how giant . this whole entire place is i know what i . want to do what do you want to do i . don't know what i want to do it's so big . we got cliff dives we got water slides . we got a zipline and also guys we are . here for a charity event because . hurricane irma is about to hit florida . and houston still needs help so uh we . got a big day ahead of us you're gonna . do it on my huggle nathan hi buddy . anthony's gonna send out i'm jumping . yeah bro we got to start off the vlog . like it's super hot fire my boys plan . yes wait i hope you're smiling . i hope you're working hard i'm about to. hit this zipline like i said party . people we got a big day ahead of us i'm . understend it but i can't get my murse . wet. do that how is this even real like that . guys. we have a long day ahead of us we're . gonna have some fun let's stop slipping . get some work done. [music]. [music]. [music]. i swear there's like something in here . are you there's like something anyhow . that's like grabbing my neck he'll do . you shoot he was a bar yeah yeah . jokes breaks funny . are you a jake caller by chance no or . here yeah your voice we're from ohio . fried chicken roll the clip hi i told . you you should have been a dick baller . manager kevin good morning buddy hold on . guys let me grab my everyday bro . backpack guys like hold with jake powers . to bring supplies and this is what's . going down it's lit guys i don't know if . you remember this but i am sick i don't . know if you can hear it my voice i don't . know if you could see it on my face but . i am sick and so i brought my date quilt . so that i can't push through the day . kids all you need when you're sick is a. little bit of dayquil michael jordan. played in the nba championships with a . 102-degree fever if you think being sick . is gonna stop me from vlogging you're . wrong this isn't even a paid. advertisement because if it were manager . kevin would be on the sticks negotiating . it you think it's a brand deal it's not. i just got my day quilt that's all . you're zoomed in if you're not zoomed in . on your face then what are you take will . no free brand deals though so don't buy . a day quilt but i got it still now guys . anthony what are you doing bro i'm just . putting off the good day that's my day . take it all right team let's put the . supplies in the u-haul i'm gonna . livestream some stuff and meet some fans. and i got my dayquil so let's hit it . [music]. [music]. all right guys i'm meeting some jake. ballers you brought some supplies we're . making a difference people seventh grade . teacher seven teacher are you in the . family you're in the family what was the . family and your teacher yes i dropped . out of high school are you mad at me a . lot of people . [music]. i guess who the jake pollard's are out. here they bring this apply yourself we . put it into the trash bag you all . shocked . come on hey the same . [music]. [music]. it's made with bits of real panther so . you know it's good all right guys we are . leaving the supply meet up right now i . don't feel good at all but for . perseverant we're doing it we filled up. a whole dare you all truck jake hollers . if you guys came thank you so much we're . trying to make a difference let's go . back to the house oh you're back at the . house guys now it is time to get let's . take you on a tour show you all of these . amenities look at jericho i'm the . chaplain lexi sonny we're out here gang . gang gay all right guys i got flip in . sam earlier i'm gonna give you a tour of . this whole entire place sorry . a giant tiki man and behind me you will . see a splashy thing tony how is it . barely it's lit oh okay party people and . back here you will see the outdoor . basketball court tony how is it. apparently it's wet he said that before . how do you get up there and now we are . entering into the slide area we got . three slides green purple and blue it's . a global anthony i need you to help me . review the slides okay okay now we're at . the top of this beautifully . architectured stretch dollar bill and. there's three different slide let's hit . the green dude. that's my boy hey uncle nathan you want . to transition them to the gopro for me . do it what lets off live in heaven is . this speaker waterproof probably not . okay. okay guys i lost my speaker we are now . filling this large water bucket up with . water cuz it's a water bucket we should . prank justin the freshman where that . we're gonna get justin to walk out here . stand right there for our photo shoot . all right let's go your justin does that . also guys this is the end or no last . wall court you guys saw a little bit of . it yesterday and also come here . dang i don't know well justin didn't. fall for our prank i'm kind of thirsty . in eternity it's really good . okay so this is the full-court tennis . court court court this is how the tennis . players do it it was at this moment that . evening are you all right so now we are . back at the top check this out yo you're . going out there they're going over here . it's gonna be a squad jump . all right waterpark i love you but it's . starting to get dark outside guys i am . about to give you a tour of the inside . come on well first guys but first i got. a change you're probably tired of seeing . these nipples ready three doing it i'm . about to give you the fastest house tour . possible in the world before we do that . guys today i saw like the funniest video . ever and the flip enzo basically this . kid is three years old and he mimics me . i am in love with this kid roll the clip . [applause]. house . here you go thank you these i love daddy . let me live like a day i woke up my . sister all i can watch two servers this . but work cab at the base own it yeah . gotta be awesome . kiss albert . oh oh oh yeah it wasn't it date date . either side by blah sark hey good . morning . that way again . abed go feet door did you think . yep i'm a grandpa. i'm not your grandpa oh . rather come on. i'm not your grandma but i'd like to be . erica i find you i'm not erica sorry dad . and i'd argue. okay don't take dad i had to work out . not that one dish that i like my answer . like this er make sure to watch gaviota . heater . everyday well tear later no dad it bro . that is the funniest thing i've ever . seen like who is this kid i'm gonna fly . him out here i'm gonna find him i'm . gonna marry him i'm gonna make him my . little brother yeah i really do all that . stuff yeah yeah you do anyways let's do . the fastest house tour ever okay ready. i'm gonna start it off here this is the . best walk for this is a dj booth this is . one of the many guest rooms there's like . six plus six bunk beds in here there's . like 400 million rooms in this whole . house this is a ping pong table that is . an air hockey table this is batman this . is a bowling alley in a house wat i won . it's my big day this is erica's room . [music]. jessica jaw dude this is a movie theater . look at the floor i like that this is a . soda machine why this is a 4000 cup 4000 . car garage you can't see the 4000 but . it's there this is the second movie . theater why you need to man i like it . though so this is a massage chair this . is a full table this is a craps table . this is a hallway from harry potter this . is a bedroom this is a bedroom this is a . bedroom this is a gymnastics thingy this . is a golf thingy this is a driving . thingy and this has been a jake paul . vlog thank you guys so much for watching . guys make sure you copy yourself the . hottest sports in the game you already . know is super hot we are about to sell . out of a lot of our items guys the . yellows are almost out the sweatshirts . are almost out so cop them while you can . join the strongest team on youtube smash . that subscribe button rep them work hard . and thank you guys so much for watching . and i will see y'all tomorrow because . it's a brilliant day jake pollard's . what's poppin check out this new march . that marches hot boy new items of . merchandise limited time click the link . make sure you're subscribed to keep up. with my life on the daily basis and if . you want to see more content check out . yesterday's vlog because it is super lit . plus i have a second channel jake paul . to which you guys can subscribe to right . now and if you want to see more content . from everyone in the house our group . channel is called team 10 should see you . guys tomorrow. oops . .
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