To Our Daughter

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Directed by Tyler Ross @wttyler
Music by Jacob Wilkinson-Smith @mybestfriendjacob_
Yeah we're going and we're waiting for . you kylie right there it's gonna be okay . [music]. oh here you go . waiting for you whatever your name is . going to be this is how i found out . about you . [music]. your mother and i were living our lives . having fun as she met your father and . they just hit it off chemistry . [music]. seriously come one day i was in your . mom's bathroom with her and she took a. little test we're sitting at we're . sitting in the yeah. you were sitting on the tub i was you . standing by the counter and then how did . she say though and then she passed it to . me after like surprise like if she just . looked at me weird and i'm like wow oh . and i didn't know that's what she was . doing to my shoes i mean i was it i . couldn't tell you what she liked just . like she looked at she gave us a look i. [music]. was like no baby . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. you're 15 a week now . oh. [music]. so crazy you have five fingers thank you . so much when you're 20 years old you're . just figuring out your life you don't. know what you want you're indecisive. teenager and you're just becoming a . young adult and there was one thing that . your mom knew for sure and that was you . do hear those things those bugs no more . to the side she said i have something to . tell you and i said you're right . obviously that's right i'm crying i was . so happy i was proud of her i knew this . is what she wanted ever since she turned . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. here's another one . we counted all our toes today we just . got that today it's 25 . she'd always said how much she wants to . be a mom and right she only wanted to be . a mom i mean and that's the thing is is . i know it's like i still get chills so . please only he what 22 what 20 pounds . you you know i mean for the for the . whole community . 35 so yeah do cardio if you're gonna eat . any exercise its just cleaning out these . days literally tastes like oh it's the . best nights on something you ever eaten . don't tell double cheeseburger and fries . well done please no one cheese birthday . [music]. should we close the window yeah . [laughter]. [music]. this is the vegas car keys are the four . chambers of the heart watching a mystery . we hear the heartbeat richard grandbaby . do you have any messages to the baby i. can't wake up i mean i love you and i . love you and two years . hether your next place wait for me . so amazing so i'm 34 weeks today about a . month left watch for me one baby two . different is bringing one . [music]. i mean . [music]. [music]. did you figure out the name i think . we're gonna go with chicago but nice you . [music]. i need to school you on what your . vagina's about to be like like for real . do you have any message to your . granddaughter you've got the best mom . and you're so lucky this is such a . blessing it's gonna be the most amazing . journey i can't wait to see you meet you . kiss you love you teach you things that. maybe only i can teach you and your mom . can teach you the things she can teach . you so it definitely takes a village and . i learned that along the way . [music]. [music]. [music]. unfocused. [music]. [music]. [music]. .
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