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Get your little butt in there traffic trap big trap it look at all that trap big what's up my friends if you watch yesterday's blog that you know i crashed pretty hard i got pretty sick has some kind of head cold my sinuses everything still pretty plugged up so forgive me for how i sound my body feels pretty good yeah wrong strong like a friggin walks like a trance or rat if i flex all right my shirt already got holes in it taking selfies taking selfies selfie i can't get that taking 100 old he's not picking it up upjohn again how you doing you too kid take good care of her man that's my baby it's not the bloody so we've just got to a place come highly recommended from my good buddy kevin mosa loser rosa there was no parking so we were forced to do ballet on our what are sweet beauty ok the restaurant is pronounced and mozart mozart i don't know those are the back yeah differently than traditional people very real more time garlic bread actually comes out of the box relative tomatoes do you want to hear mommy's pretty good with crowns huh is she the best yeah she is the vast that looks great so i'm the first to the net we're more used to the my god chain it's a restaurant where its traditional victorinox cheese this is a little different for us and really do you like it what do you think about me that was pretty good just waiting on our car huh we're gonna get the pic will go to the candy store no mommy needs you no mean no me no me no me ok please remember where we park because you know i will mess it up i will definitely let us all down let's just start filming where we park side are always know where you pay attention where we're going just like daddy you look at the sunset look at that you can just barely see the sun going down it's pretty cool still can't see at all speeds so we come to the candy store so here we are well it looks like everybody ate all the pizza three is jaw breakers that tax crazy the one with me and give me a lot of the worker to grab those big ones and the look on his face you like this is what i'm gonna go hold it up if his truck but it's going to take two hours to clean up and we got candy right five pounds of gummy bear oh my god we just ran into this bookstore and i found a that when you about states i turned to ohio actually didn't know any of this stuff one of the capitals columbus is the rubber capital of the world that's pretty crazy you know that ohio's beverage is tomato soup beverage i mean tomato juice strategies but even still that's what it says that's what it says our beverages is tomato manages should we get this book it's called i wanna be a pornstar very old legacy it looks old let me see a lot of trouble your finger fit in there all right it's funny bonnie bonnie i did the worst thing you could ever do today it's one of the most for me it's like a pet peeve i forgot deodorant what do you think of that you still think i'm attractive ya see what this lady thank you it happens all the time i'm sure you guys when that happened you forget me over and you go out like crap every time i want maybe it's just me ok you don't i don't you get a greenback probably car lovers check this baby out won't tell me what it is in the comments case we just got back up and want to do this instagram photo for a little while i didn't come up with the idea i've seen online you probably too but it's not to be funny to incorporate with my editing and blogging my head is so congested but it's basically the picture of the guy working on his computer in the girl with her underwear now but the funny part about this is brittany will have underwear but she'll be in our shorts so only you guys were actually know that it's completely fake photos completely rigged should be fun now i guess i'm just going to sit at this table yeah i want to clean it up the like yeah - so silly as on the pictures look like he's naked and she's pulling on her ever really she's completely clothed and all you just put the other way right there okay hold of that you can really trick the internet with this photo is if you shave the guys legs and have the guy do this even just from the me up you want to shave anything else we got the nice studio lighting here only the best only the best for my pictures how's that yes ones that don't tip over on your head let's just take a couple of see what it looks like my problem is even for instagram i take so many photos but he just loved it or don't we just we hopefully we got on that i lets you animal you can see how many i have to choose from right is this the rest of my life right here if you need help trying to charge right and now you gotta plug that into the wall you know wow you shoot you with the google gum it's the giggle gum school i'm not even touching you giggle gun to school here stand up stand up to your karate kick oh yes show me your full correctly and then we'll keep the blend so i do you grab the cake so then yeah yeah did lori teach you that yeah on your date huh but alright guys thanks for hanging out with us today start for the stuffiness it good was it the slow mo yeah thanks for hanging out with us do the you don't worry i can't help you gotta get him you get it oh that's the plan all right let me end it you're gonna do that ok yeah what's in this ready yeah all right yeah all right no more function no more punching i will block it if you try to punch thanks again guys for watching and hang out with us today we will see tomorrow don't forget to smile more class you do the click smile more and then right yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah everyone who we are going to the store romans not feeling it at all
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