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Someone told me never saw . please don't exist in my life these days . but you showed me if i . just find the fit i need to believe . anything is possible if you wanna pass . look this guy high-test your limit . in there i can see i'm sure in six glaze . and then six white sprinkle thank you a . one of your snickerdoodles two of your . seven layer bars and one a piece of your . marble cake a little box of your milk . patties. thank you so if you guys are confused on . what's going on right now i'm getting . everything that kathryn likes hello can . i get a caramel macchiato on ice with . soy milk please yeah let's do it large . [music]. thank you because she did it i mean we . did it well she did it how are you doing . can i get a large razzmatazz please guys . it worked we didn't think it was . possible but in this world anything is . possible . alright guys so i just got back to the . house and now it's time to congratulate . this woman let's do it boy ola wait . before we congratulate this woman i just . want to say how proud i am of this woman . she has been doing this for almost two . years now . i couldn't imagine annoying . uncomfortable shit all i could really . say is i'm glad i'm a man because if we . had to do it i wouldn't be able to do it . so i gave kathryn all the credit in the . world i swear all you women deserve more . credit than you all actually get and . that's facts all right enough of me . talking this let's go congratulate her . alright guys so i just got the phone . with kathryn and i told her to go to her . room shut the doors and sit on the bench . rhea next to the bed and just wait right . there. alright you guys ready by the way don't . mind my scratch it'll scratch me other . day like a damn tiger and if you are new . to our channel makes you hit that . subscribe button and join the family as . well as copy or ace family merch hey ace . family all you got to do is go to shop . ace family comm link is always in the . description alright let's do it . this is for you this is for you . these are for you and your turn to pop . it yeah left jump this one like that . [music]. good suzy cakes oh my gosh . and then a cookie and let me guess . marble cake you know it you know this is . so bad which was gonna diet oh try one . of these oh yes you did tell them what . you did no i didn't tell them all trying . to wait for you . ace family the reason why we are . celebrating right now is because no more . breastfeeding so obviously we're making . this a big deal faster woke up this . morning that so much was so extra. because we are not breastfeeding anymore. we were breastfeeding for to eat almost . two years which is crazy . yes i love i say we i love that big . night always thinking about like i mean . what is really you yeah yeah yeah so . basically as we told you guys in our . last video we didn't want to breastfeed . anymore and like i mentioned it's . dangerous for my body because i'm. pregnant and so i wanted to end the . breastfeeding journey i was almost two . years old so we figured this was a . perfect time and i don't know if you . guys could tell but it was really . nervous and i almost like in the back of . my mind i was like this is going to be . impossible because elish so attached to . me and so attached to her milk the story . you're gonna laugh so hard this is so . crazy. we had our grandparents take her away . for the weekend which meant no breast . milk so those days that she was gone it . was a start for her not getting any . breast milk which was preparing us to . cut it off completely so once she came . back home to her parents this is what . happened okay . so i so i thought that i was gonna have. a lot more time to prepare for this . i was reading some of your comments and . i saw that a lot of you guys said that . certain things worked for you guys and . so i was kind of like debating on what i . should do and whatnot and so this is . what happened so l was gone a lot . shorter than we expected . she her grandfather brought her back. pretty early which we weren't expecting . at all thinking i was i go to the . grocery store and get certain things and . and so i wasn't prepared as i expect it . to be and so that holiday she didn't she . didn't ask for milk which was kind of . surprising and then at nighttime so . austin was in bed and she got into bed . this is the funniest to me and you guys . don't know else it's with us whatever so . i'm in the bathroom and i'm like oh my . god like i know once i get into bed just . an ass from milk . she says me that's what she calls milk. and i knew that that was gonna happen so . how to figure something out really . quickly because like i knew that i was . done like at that point i was like i'm . not going into this like i'm not gonna . continue breastfeeding like if i'm gonna . cut it i'm gonna cut it i really decided . and so i'm in the i'm in the bathroom . linking around like dammit i will have . aloe vera like i didn't have anything i . didn't have tapes like i was thinking . about pink tape so i grabbed this random . product dude it's a perfect product so . that was in my side of the bathroom so . listen so you some of you guys and the . comments are saying like try oliveira . because of the taste right but i was . thinking no like this has to be visual . okay. that's the beat substitute was thinking . she was thinking deeper than that . yeah oh has to be something where it . traumatized her to where she's like no i . don't want that as opposed to like . tasting it and being like why does it . taste weird or something it has to be . vision was i like quick thinking with . this this product on my nipples i'm . coming into the bed right i'm already . like laughing in my mind because i know . probably gonna freak out actually didn't . know what her reaction to me if i get . into bed and then i'm like oh you want . me out oh my god no ella went bad and . then and she looked at me and she was . like hmm you know me i put extras on it . i was like ill iki ill and she was like . and i was like oh my god like she really . doesn't want it anymore but if she's . scared of me like is she scared of that . but she actually wasn't scared of me . which was amazing cuddled with me but . she didn't want the milk at all mean . katherine worried you're dying you're . like why you she was looking at us like . why are you laughing. great this is a big deal on her like . this is horrible happen to mommy . so i know some of you are curious to . know what this product is and what this . product looks like saves my life and i . no longer breastfeed guys so if you guys. are ready to see what this product isn't . how it looks . give this video a thumbs up right yes . i'm very familiar with what this product . is by the way yes like you got a lot of . you probably have this in your bathrooms. all right are you all ready are you . ready all right are you sure okay right . bitches look like it may just look like . some melted olives look like i dip them . in oil or something now that i'm looking . at him looking moldy bitches a little . like black mold you can't even tell . yours isn't as bad as mine is cuz you . have tattoos gonna like ache all over. but guys what i did when i put this . luminizing blast mask on my nipples and . i promise you if you're breastfeeding. and you want to end your breastfeeding . this is the best thing you can do . promise you because l has not even . looked. my breasts elmo it's funny how like this . story is like not only like you know . what happened to us but it's almost like . we're teaching our ace and the members . what to do i know this is such a great . idea guys i promise you it's if it's . visual it's more visual and it should be . about the taste because this really . worked this out almost traumatized her . to ever wanted again and she's like no. mommy like you're okay so now it's been . three days that i haven't breastfed and . she hasn't even asked for it or wanted . it or anything so i don't want it either . that should look like these bitches mmm . in the morning because like in the . morning that drives up to loki good so . yeah so if you're wondering why we . haven't posted in the last few days we . were trying to accomplish this this goal . i guess you can say i still have this up . me like i've been putting this on me . this whole time just in case she ever . asks and she has to like a reminder that . it's still there um but yeah i mean this . is the best thing so if you guys are . looking for something definitely do this . join the party . ah you like a movie you know what mom . and dad are celebrating you don't no . more milk right no more yeah yeah as you . can see l will only understand this when . she gets halter right pivot okay yeah . tell the ace family no more milk tell . him say bye milk . say bye to them . by me so we're gonna glide until of . today's video right here thank you all . for tuning in as always before we close . out today's video we do have to give our. pulse notification shock to you girl . thank you so much for being a part of a . spam you know we love you right . all you gotta do is subscribe to the ace . family hit that subscribe button turn on . our post notifications hit that bell . button once you do those two things all . you gonna do is comment done so . obviously if you liked today's video you . got to give it thumbs up give it a . thumbs up for all the moms out there so . like comment share and subscribe and . like me and my beautiful family always . say you were not a to let me see yours i . here we go here we go what you think . like we said we'll be back with more . videos peace . [music]. .
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