We Eat Like Donald Trump For A Day

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"I feel like garbage."
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I wanna be the best i'm gonna be number . one that's right heath first ethers . first i want to be number one today . we're gonna eat like donald trump from . all of our meals mm-hmm for breakfast oh . wow we have an egg mcmuffin and a diet . coke with a straw and no coffee oh it's . good. how many diet cokes are we having one . with every meal what glasses of water . you just have it like get an iv bag mmm . i'll be in half of this and i wanted to . take a nap this truly is fine dining mhm . no it's fine we're gonna go get back to . work and then we'll come back and have . some delicious lunch i'm excited how are . you drinking better i hate myself . why bother drinking these sugar-free . beverage if you're just gonna eat sugar . next to it how is it drop . well it's lunchtime and we had our three . cookie snack i've got it i've got two . diet cokes on my table what have we got . today for lunch okay wow two big macs . two fish fillets remove bread from . sandwiches add lots of ketchup eat with . knife and fork or pizza scrape all . toppings off and only eat that eat with . knife and fork no no you take hey why . get a big bag if you take the bread away. that's kind of the special part of the . big mac i'm digging that lettuce back no . oh god . oh look at how he gooped out all the. ketchup and a little dollar it's cute . when it's aggressive this is not a meal . beautiful treat now you're taking the . bread away oh this is how babies eat . this is what babies ate this is how . babies eat babies eat ketchup and they . eat frozen food that's been baked do we . have any more edge of my blade you want . more ketchup no i'm hungry okay . like i'm sorry for being like very . aggressive right now on this woman i . need i'm not full you hate it i'm . [music]. [music]. killing my friends a little bit when you . bring some more delicious food by water . you want some deco no it's another one . game and i still have all of these . holy he's doing feel like garbage . i've got a headache . can't have any more diet coke i'm gonna . die. i really just really need some water . i look at just clutter i haven't had any . wolf does chomping water . thank you . it's dinnertime it's dinnertime oh well . done steak with terrines of gravy bacon . crumble salad to be slathered with. roquefort dressing at my ranch bitch i'm . also a ranch bitch i haven't had a . well-done steak in over a decade . how much sauce does this guy ingest . you've turned my plate in a gravy boat . his mistake might be floating at this . point there's so much baby this is like . a decent meal at my auntie's house . you're not cute this house . auntie oh gonna be my aunt keith's house . it landed me on key extra i mean the . steak is actually wedding then oh god oh . god this is not bad to it are you quite . nice thanks i'm starving okay . he'll yeah the dessert is . chocolate cream pie and add two scoops . of ice cream just dump it out just dump . the ball just yeah pour more liquid on . my food are you i'm gonna go be in ten . dude if you don't even see me pick one . sip i don't know anything why do you . mean. i'm pretending this is wine what a time . we had big big bowl like know what i . always say go home have a bowl of water . drink some water . i've like a gail foodie in the mornings . that was the next time i we eat like a . world leader i just wanted to let you . know that last night at about 1:30 i had . severe stomach pains and then proceeded . to fully my brain it's okay i just . wanted you to know i hope we're still . friends . we are it's cool it's still it's not the . worst thing i put in my body here . [applause]. [music]. .
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