We Learned How To Survive A Dog Attack

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People learn to conquer their fear, and survive a dog attack!
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Caption: Believe it or not i've actually been bid . three times americans love dogs as of . 2015 there were over 70 million dogs in . the us alone 36% of american households . only at least one dog but not everyone . is crazy for canines meet these guys . anthony . marilyn and alexia i'm just not . comfortable around bigger dogs i just . feel like they just don't like me so you . know what i don't like them back when i . see a big dog i get petrified the first . thing i can hear my heartbeat going . through my ears i'm deathly afraid of . dogs these guys all have symptoms of . sign of phobia which is the morbid fear . of dogs but their fear comes from a . traumatic experience had a couple of . encounters where i've been i've been bit . it hurts more than you think i was bit . by a dog at somebody's house that i knew . when i was a baby i was bit and you can . see the little mark on their forehead . they aren't alone approximately four and . a half million people are bitten by dogs . each year these guys told us they're . ready to face that fear we took them to . sit mean sit in ocean county new jersey . to train with this guy my name is bob . campanile i'm the owner and head trainer . of sit mean sit dog training here in . ocean county new jersey i'm also a . retired police k-9 officer . i can't really read them i don't . understand if they're feeling playful if . they're feeling angry my gut reaction . dog gets aggressiveness run run for your . damn life the dog's ears are pinned back . the dog is thinking about making a . decision if that's the case the fur . along the dog's back starts to stand up . the dog yawns and shows their teeth the . whites of the dog's eyes might become a . little more visible and last the dog . begins making intense direct eye contact. with you. that's why would you would run bruh this . is mary you know it's very similar yeah . what do you do if you are attacked stay . calm and try as much as possible not to . show any fear or anxiety . don't run running away from a dog can . awaken its predator prey instinct . anything that you have on you that is . not your actual body try to get the dog . to bite down on that instead of you . always make sure your face throat and . chest are protected a bite to the . forearm or shin is going to be your best . bet the bite to any of those other areas . including your thigh could be . potentially fatal if possible you can . try to put a strong stick or rock. between the dog's teeth if you are . bidden resist the urge to pull your arm . away it can tear your flesh and also . aggravate the dog and make them more . aggressive towards you looks like cosmo . is getting ready . my fighter flight response is already . triggering out i mean i don't really . know it's a feel my hands are sweating . my heart is beating through my eyes . nothing's rushing already i'll be the . guinea pig and go be the first one . unless one of you guys wants to do it . what a man i want to do let's go the . train has to believe in like real talk . i'm nervous. i don't care if i had a tank on me i . don't want to get bit by that dog i just . don't want to get knocked down because . i'm small enough all right guys so you . just saw me go through that thing it's . it's a little intense i'm not gonna lie . you guys ready to do this . i have to go man i just want to get it . looks strong as hell be strong it . doesn't hurt but you're gonna feel it . you're ready to do this let's get suited . up bro you ready yeah yeah i'm excited . i'm excited i'm scared but life is about . when we're coming . you got this yeah yes sir about to be . attacked by dog the most nerve-wracking . moment is just when you see it start . charging pain you see it coming at you . and all you see is pure his desires and . its eyes and you know that you're its . prime target like right there like the . one with tony about you on the dog your . whole life doesn't matter nothing . matters i was thinking about it so much . that i went the wrong way i can't . describe just frozen it's much stronger . than getting like kind of hit by a . person i just want to get it done so i . can touch him do not be . [music]. i have to leave i can't i have to leave . the building i can't even watch this oh . i'm sorry. uh-huh i can't even watch this i have to . leave yeah i have to leave i can't watch. this so marilyn is feeling pretty . stressed and pretty tense not sure that . she's actually going to be able to go . through with it but no matter what the . fact that she's here facing the fears . such a good first step even if she . doesn't go through the full bite . experience as long as she leaves feeling . a little bit more comfortable after . having taken that first step he's done a . good thing from that couch you can feel . him but soon as he bit i just knew that . he wasn't he wasn't flailing so i guess . that was a fear of mine that i had . but i feel good i actually feel a lot . better about it than i did 20 minutes . ago this is a good first step but i just . can't do it. petting it maybe i'll try that yeah you . pet him first is he a good boy good boy . there you go good boy i see a lot of fun . actually. i still acute just by watching other . people go through it i got something . [music]. .

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