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Some things don't exist in real life . these days but you showed me if i . you just find the fit i need to believe . time is possible if you want a bad look . this guy - hi. test your lip . like stop incredible post there i can . see i'm sorry what's going no every but. you guys can hear my voice is still gone . from the event if you are new to this . channel make sure you hit that subscribe . button enjoying the family ace family it . honestly still feels like a dream . thank you for comment it's not because . of you. [applause]. the ace family is one strong army and . today it was booming . i can't believe we pull it off like i . can't even believe we did it . ace family you guys are unbelievable the . energy that night in that arena . [applause]. it's crazy because like i literally felt . like i was at home like it didn't feel . weird or nerve-wracking or anything i . literally just felt at home because i . could just feel your guys's energy and . it was so amazing i was trying to . explain it at the end of the livestream . but it was so hard to get into words . because it was literally the most . amazing feeling that i think i've ever . had in my life i don't even know what to . say like that night it almost felt like . it wasn't real you're gonna mean like. you're not feeling when you're doing . something it doesn't feel real so you're . just like going with the flow that's . what i was doing the whole night and i . don't know if you guys could tell but i . was like winging everything like nothing. currently wing the entire thing austin . hosted the whole thing okay and he . played the entire time for three hours . this is unbelievable like i was just so . amazed watching him like he just did his . thing and as you guys know austin sense . of humor it came out like it always does . and if you guys are part of the ace . family you guys know austin and austin . was just having a blast and i'm so happy . god you got to do it i was trying my . best to put on a show as you all know i . hate for things to be boring so . hopefully you all enjoyed it . all i could really say is thank you to . everyone who was there and thank you to . everyone who is watching we can't thank . you guys enough all your love and . support none of this would be possible . without you guys truly and just know . that this is our first of many charity . events and if you were unable to get a . ticket for this event you will for sure . be able to get a ticket for our next . charity event because we will be hosting . it at a much bigger venue and again i . want to give a shout out to jessica and . holliday they are a huge asset to our . team they literally made everything come . together and again i gotta show love to . all the players who participated the . level of respect that they show not only . at the event but after show so much . character i can't thank you guys enough . you are a part of our family i honestly . don't even think we should call y'all . family anymore we need to be calling . them army we're too big we're too big to . be a family we're one big-ass family . guys we've been an army for real the ace . army not like family i seriously . all i gotta say is if you are a part of . the ace family and your cousins or your . friends are not a part of the family . make sure they hit that subscribe button . and join the family because we are one . big-ass happy family so a lot of you . guys have been asking what charity are . we donating to what charity is it so as . you guys know in the past couple of . months that we've been talking about . this the way that we structured this was . the winning team would get to pick the . charity of their choice and luckily we . won so thank god so after the game we . spoke to all the players of the team and . we decided and that it would be awesome . if all of us as a team got to give back . to one charity altogether which would be . so much bigger of an impact so before i . say anything at all . austin and i have had a couple of . charities in mind one in particular that . i've had in mind for a while now which . i'm really grateful that we won because . this is something that i've always . wanted to do we're not gonna . specifically say what the charity is . today because we want to kind of keep . that as like a special surprise and it's . also not like in contract yet in writing . yet but i will say one clue and the clue . is that we are all going to be flying as . a team overseas for this and it's gonna . be so amazing and the best part about it . is that we get to take you guys with us . and capture every moment and every step . of the way which is really cool because . you guys get to see where the proceeds . went to and exactly you know what we're . doing with it so we will give you guys . more information in about a week or so . we have a few meetings to finalize . everything so it makes you guys stay . tuned so i know you guys read the title . and you guys are probably wondering what . the hell is going on what are they . talking about are they really making a . song so the answer is yes about eight . months ago we made a song together . miss me you won't run away stay with me . right with me and it was just for fun i . have to emphasize on that because just . for fun just for fun guys we know we . can't sing this is just for fun we like . to do things outside the box we like to . spice it up a little bit for you guys . give you guys something new you guys has . been asking for a new song for a long . time now ever since we did that last . song you guys have been asking when is . the new song so i do have to say that . this new song is gonna be so much better . than the last one yes and we're also . gonna be making a music video for it as . well yeah i know he's gonna tell them . all that well there you go guys . she just spilled all the beans and glen . travis is also gonna be in the song with . us yes guys so it's gonna be all three . of us me katherine and glenn on the same . track the super summer jam alright guys . so boskie ready to head over to the . studio and take you guys with us i even . look like i'm about to make a jam so if . you already and you want to see a little . bit of behind the scenes footage makes . you give this video thumbs up right now. are you ready i'm just nervous for the . video cuz i know we're gonna do like . we're gonna make like the craziest music . video like we have all this in mind and . the song is really good too like my . chill chill chill we say something i'm. not in the song right now is just austin . and go ahead and i literally listen to . it every day because it's so good okay . that's enough but i go tell them i just . want to say it's literally so good like . i don't even even need to be in it but . but the only reason i'm in it was . because austin was saying that he wants. to make a music video and like it would . be cool if i was in it and stuff but it . has to be in without me like it's so. good it's really good you think so well . in it it's not complete know it i'm a . bit well good like every time someone . like comes in the house and i'm like . yeah you wanna listen to the song it is . a lot better are we saying too much we . just gotta you know let's just let them . decide for themselves. alright alright and what we go see y'all . over there . bye and we're here guys we have made it . to the studio we got popcorn here for . support. we got my baby over here looking . beautiful as always just . kind of nice ain't gonna live with it. what is this over here for the sound can . bounce off yeah i think so we got the . lights right here for a little bit of . energy we got we got these big speakers . right here you see it and we got a glen . travis right here all right glenn you . want to let the acm we know what we got. going on all right so you guys heard the . first song your maze so now we're . working on a second one and i'm gonna be . on it with them and it's gonna be crazy . it's gonna be a summer banger and gonna . be able to dance me good you're gonna . make it feel so good don't want to hear . snippet i can play something you go play . a little bit pop we're saying no but you . guys gotta wait you know me i got a . surprise eggs family so y'all gotta wait . i'm sorry all right so who get on a mic . first popcorn so glen since you're the . one who's uh writing this song whose uh . whose get on the mic first i actually . think you should get the camera you . tryin to put everybody else on the mic . hey chill dream chills . i'm trying to get comfortable if i'm . gonna do it right i gotta be comfortable . hey iii chill okay you're gonna do the. right now part okay octave above . [music]. it's the same things just higher so . it'll be like right i'm really filming . this right now it's okay it's okay it is . a little secret i'm giving a little . teaser don't do the foster like me doing . right now. hey smell me though austin and catherine . are currently inside the recording . studio making their new summer jam and . all i gotta tell you guys is this song . is about to be so epic it sounds amazing . one of the best songs that i've actually . ever heard so i'm about to take over the . vlog for a little bit so come with me . let's go get them their favorite drinks . from starbucks she's aced famine i don't . have the worst luck ever i literally . wrote down their orders in my phone but . my phone died and they don't have a . charger in the car hopefully i can . remember what they said they wanted cuz . i gotta get austin katherine and glenn a. drink. [music]. what are my other tricks you guys happy . okay yeah let me get one for me and i . think with and then something about it . okay yeah yeah that's it mango dragon . fruit but i think like it's out without . lemonade and coconut. yeah thank you so much . all right guys the moment of truth guys . yo yo yo i look you forgot what you guys . wanted me to give so i want you guys to . try this to tell me if i did it right . yeah that's y'all ready tell me i don't . know it i don't even know ro hopefully i . got it right though here you go bro i . got you a green tea oh yeah is that it . oh yeah that's it oh of course . alrighty soundly so your boy did not . mess up i'm gonna pass the vlog back to . austin guys so i'll see you guys later . hopefully you guys enjoyed my segment . this is so good let's call again dragon . fruit limbs up glynn stern loves famous . yeah yeah all right family we just . completed our summer jam should we give . a little snippet since we teased them in . the beginning we should give them a . little snippet they deserve it . hayes family y'all deserve it only if . you get to do good thumbs up right now . though all right glenn give a little . snippet. hey okay that's enough hollis i was . gonna let it rock all the way through . okay that's all they get i'm not gonna . listen to more you're way too kind no no . no no they gotta wait they gotta wait. you do want to play them a little bit of . yours we just played them like 10 . seconds they can wait you guys can wait . right all right glenn so what you think . your honest opinion what you think about . this song i think it's a smash i think . you know kathryn killed the awesome kill . d and it's you know you gonna hear it . though summer he's gonna feel really . good like i said you ready all right . popcorn so you heard the entire song yes . i did. so be honest with the ace family right . now what you think it's not like i told . you this is literally one of the best . songs i've ever heard and that's oh this . is really really good sound like i don't . think anybody are you guys are just so . creative you know they're just so . blessed oh all right ace family makes . you guys stay tuned for that song i wish . we can just release it today but you . guys got away. whoo all right guys so we just made it . back to the house we can't wait to . release the song along with our music . video that's all i gotta say it makes . you guys stay tuned for that . well before we close out today's video . we do it to give our pulse in case you . shut up to whomever . so today's posted a vacation shout out . goes to sakis dot panelist so shout out . to you hey shout to you bro thank you so . much for being part of the hayes family . you already know we love you whoever . else like a pulse implication shout out . all you do is subscribe to the eggs. family hit that subscribe button turn . our post notifications hit that bell . button and once you do those two things . all you gonna do is comment done and . obviously if you liked today's video . you've got to give it a thumbs up give . it a thumbs up if you are excited to . hear our new song so like comment share . and subscribe and like meet my beautiful . pregnant queen always say we back with . more videos peace . .
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