We Tested The Aaliyah MAC Collection

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MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah Launch Party in Hollywood
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images
2000 Teen Choice Awards
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File photo dated 20 March 2000 shows US recording
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Aaliyah Remembered on MTV
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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno ? Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
MTV Video Music Awards - Aaliyah
Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Funeral for Late R&B Singer Aaliyah
George De Sota/Getty Images
Performer Aaliyah is Dies in Plane Crash
Spencer Platt/Getty Images
Celebs Attend Premiere of 'Me, Myself & Irene'
Getty Images/Getty Images
Brenda Chase/Getty Images
Celebrities at MTV Awards
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Caption: Thank alia you are li okay today we're . gonna be trying the new mac elia . collection i am super excited for this . collection because alia long deserves it . she had such an effortless cool style . she exudes just poppin she's a . legend to me . she's always rumpus in there like a . simple style but very sexy she was so . pinnacle to black womanhood and just . like this dope fierce 90s aesthetic she . was such an influence in music and in my . life and she was actually the first . celebrity i ever cried over that died . because that's how connected i was with. her i'm excited . [applause]. [music]. yeah i shadow palette i like i can do a . lot with this this is lipstick okay . let's see more than a woman makes sense . oh right like what what do you think . baby i'm gonna say like it's like . reddish or like burgundy oh my god like . a wine yeah something sensual okay oh . right right plum like i don't know i . have to see it on but it's pretty that . is pretty ok the lipstick is so soft . try again my people that mac pull that . my photo on instagram that we put . jemaine in tone on a lip shade you know . thank you. oh i love dark oh do you want to try . this eyeshadow cuz looks so pretty i . just want to do this purple man let's . try it alright let's gonna take my . glasses off y'all can't judge me is you . under eyes it is going along oh my gosh . okay girl your face is beat clearly i . need some assistance oh yeah we're gonna . actually put some more i'ma make you . louie okay one of the things that like . really look nice will be as well is that . she put on for the skinny girls mmm . because i'm not thick but i grew up in a . society where like dick was it like like . she didn't have like the biggest butt . but like everybody wanted her mostly my . hair slim ting ting ah so oh it's so . pretty. pretty i think you should put it all . over your face that looks good your eyes . no little smear oh . y'all know the vibe i'm going for the . whole high editorial like if y'all call . me in the comment i'm not gonna find you . and i'm clown you bad cuz i know i look . cute okay i like it . you know i don't like a subtle highlight . though i like to pop out you gonna know . i'm here hello brought one to the party . my best one is yeah i like though it's . really good in my music video ready i'ma . switch it up to it hi i don't look let . me just do away with this just be simple . here was more like aaliyah so we tried a . few different look tried to match our . shadow throw hard but we got it we . managed i think aleeah would would be . satisfied with this look she probably . would have tweaked it a little bit more . on her own thing the packaging too you . know the colors yeah the packaging is. real nice i think mac did a great job . once again this collection honors her . perfectly the colors are very 90s but at . the same time kind of work for today she . was so like iconic in the night he said . it's like this is a nod to the 90s and . to her and her personal style a style . and i think they managed to capture all . of that in this collection and a . collection like this is important for so . many reasons first of all it shows you . that brands are listening things like . this can happen whether it's selina . whether aaliyah like if there's . important figures that have been. monumental to you and your growth like . you never know dope collection i'm happy . [music]. .

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