Went to the Hospital Last Night… the reason why will SURPRISE YOU!!

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I got hit in the eye with a pickle...
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Hi so i went to the hospital last night . because i got hit in the eye with a . pickle now there's been a lot of . speculation as to why whether it was my . fault whether i fell landed on a pickle. whether i was just flailing pickles in . my room like i usually do and just . happen to jam it in my eye i was on a . commercial shoot and i can't give too . many details about it but they were . doing something to distract me by . throwing and launching food at me from a . catapult now i wasn't wearing goggles by . some oversight i guess it'll make more . sense once the actual thing comes out . but a lucky pickle went rogue and landed . directly into my eyeball causing me to . go temporarily blind in part of my eye. so i finished the commercial and then i . went to the hospital they didn't have an . ophthalmologist on staff so i had to . wait overnight to this morning to go see . an ophthalmologist so they could look at . my eye there is some severe bruising on . this side of my eye which makes the . blind spot over here because of the . flipping thing that happens in your eye . and it should be fine i don't know if. it's gonna be fine ones wanting to . follow up with a retinal specialist over . there in europe when we're going on tour . for this bad-boy tour right here which . i'm leaving for in exactly an hour so i . don't have a lot of time warsaw i'm . gonna end this here so thank you guys so . much for watching guys you would be fine . if you let's i go blind and then you can . all laugh because i lost an eye to a . pickle. .
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