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In a second just one second we're about . to do something that we've never ever . done on a vlog before good morning jake . pollard's that's right it's me cade i . have a little surprise for you guys . and jake this morning so we're staying . in a hotel together and jake is our next . door neighbor nate and i are staying in . this room right nathan right right . correct so hey i wanna go wait jake oh . on this vlog cos he left his vlog camera . in my room i think it's gonna be cold . remember the ice bucket challenge . room service. good morning it's winter in back oh my . gosh time to work however good morning . jake. polish what your blog belts on and if . you're new here i'm jake paul you guys . are the jake pollard's and this is las . vegas baby . oh what happens in vegas stays in vegas . and you're probably wondering ah why is . the blonde shot and the brown shot in . las vegas suit watches what city you see . what had happened was guys is uh you . know that we do big business move and . currently here in las vegas is like a . big business like tech convention thingy . majiggy whatever technology is like the . move whatever boom we're doing business . here in vegas and now we actually got . here last night roll the clips we got . here last night roll the clip . what happens in vegas stays in vegas . that is that is vegas we're here we're . here. vegas we're here baby but yo welcome to . the most of the youtube channel on . youtube. y'all just became a part of today's . journey no boy opal is it a big one whoa . however let me get you guys caught up to . speed because some stuff has already . gone down in yesterday's vlog i actually . turned into the mini jake. paul roll it. oh hey white chick come some sorry what . did you guys do made me take paula's . dope but i'm back guys and i yo it is . time for a bad pick-up line . hey baby huh dude you're supposed to be . a girl take two hey baby . you know how much of a polar bear how . much a polar bear actually weighs enough . to break the ice hi . however enough with the bad pickup lines. guys also in yesterday's vlog i bought . chad a car congrats on the car chat and . you're probably wondering jake why does . it look like you have makeup on well you . do i do i do. america the reason i have makeup on . though is because your boy has like to . speak in front of a bunch of business. people today about social medias and tim . tens and and fluence and and just . overall just on my overall path to . conquering hollywood oh oh oh so your . boy had to put on the pink outfit gotta . get the jake walmart's going you got to. do the hair and you got to put on the . makeup roll the clip . are y'all mother look for sex because my . girl z's got the lights so you can see. how ugly i am going to be a mama yeah . you hit his hair vegas baby vegas baby . she's a plugin i'm not talking about a . merge point however i'm going to take . this moment to plug the more expand joy . taco backslash shake well that's what my . mom says mom good morning bouncers. hamsters erica costello here get him and . makeup done this morning yeah and i just . want to say i hope y'all are having such . a good day if you don't know who i am . i'm erica costello eric acosta be the . type that does like . no oh you asked me if i want eyeliner i . don't want i live it wrong what happens . in vegas stays in vegas . 12 seconds later okay fine i want . eyeliner. america calm down first take so sexy and . also hashtag technology guys because we . are almost at this event and it is the . most technological event of the year. it's called ces or something like that . in sumer electronic show consumer . electronics show. i just heard vegas i was in guys on . today's journey with us is manager kevin . [music]. the man the myth the legend uncle okay . filmer uncle nation . and chamoy hashtag sexy professor . professor . pulver . this event is like manager kev's natural. habitat this is all he wants to do is do . pit look he's on a phone call right now . as we speak like he probably knows . everybody here this is his natural . habitat guys just look at him . manager calf here i managed on jay paul . t behind uh you want to do some business . together. i drink green tea a lot you know kind of . good-looking for my age what in this . call right now what it's really hard for . me to concentrate on this call right now . it's really hard got a dailies call . please be quiet back backtrack just tone . it down please shut . however y'all are caught up to speed and . it is time to vegas baby so put your . plug belts on and get ready for today's . ad adventures baby good morning vegas . come back in here you're gonna mess your . makeup up in the rain we're here . damn son you're looking good you're . looking gonna keep it up all of you . i see i told you the pink was hashtag . sexy it says ask me yeah you have do you . have jake palmer . jake oh yeah okay just a question fans . wear that go back to us jake paul run . ok ok we want 1 million you know i got . kevin rolex too for this very nice thank . you jake i appreciate it no problem he's . getting all emotional now ok i'll take . the emotion out with the emotion you . know do you hear that this is where we . need to be i know they're drifting we . need to go there i told you this place . was dope and we are convention ready . this place is like absolutely giant i . got my badge and kate and i ate . sandwiches and we're ready for the day . good how does it go sandwich good and . we're off to a great start because look . at this yellow boy made it on the wall . cuz i'm so out here hashtag technology . however guys this is a crazy place of . business like look at this a bunch of . manager kids as you see here on the team . 10 safari right now manager kev is . spotted in his natural habitat last time . we're on a team 10 safari there was a . lion in our front yard i mean well the . side oh he spotted us jake's still . running jake oh jake's gone oh god we've . lost him we lost someone the safari i . think i'm safe beyond this barrier here. i found the control panel to the whole . event if i lose they got to turn the . whole event off all right rock paper . scissors shoot doing it anyways yo yo . sorry this is actually your natural . habitat literally everyone here knows . the cabin that gates business under . house . what do you mean there's other stuff . this is this is his natural habitat . tipton safari bro . but guys this place is like a giant maze . of like the dopest products and like. technology and dope stuff in general so . i want to show you guys like the most . funny most lit and some of the coolest . technology and products that are here . you know they have tasers here bro i've . never seen a taser i'm freaking out bro. look at this thing it goes on a window . and it just like cleans the window yo . you guys don't go fist ball boom . it tastes like lemons it's tandem bro . he's trying to be undercover i'm gonna . let him do his thing but santa is here . he's trying to be so low-key right we . caught you say enough run and guys i. found to the ohio section nothing like a . good old tailgate we got a barbecue we . got football we got a tv cornhole we got . pickups oh yeah okay we got generator we . got there's an rv with the helicopter on . top of it and the rv has a hot tub in it . too this makes the cool bus look like . the full bus it's like a giant metal . military robotic dog oh my gosh i told . you it was a giant dog what if you're . not first . your last back chance and anthony are . here where no check do it chance and . anthony i'm not just me cave anthony . what's facebook is that like a yearbook . you got in school like the book is a . book of faces all i know is that i . played in this celebrity soccer game one . time and i scored a goal . we have wind speeds we're moving at an . excess of 25 miles an hour this crazy oh . we're going on the move chest bump y on . the move we're on the move and the moon. now you space yeah their space this . space. [music]. made it to our next location and guys ah . in a second just one second we're about . to do something that we've never ever . done on a vlog before but before that i . just want to take a moment because jake . pollard's we just hit 13 million . subscribers thank you guys join the . strongest the most lit youtube channel . on the platform smash that subscribe. button it's just the start of our . journey i truly want to thank each and . every one of you for supporting me on a . day-to-day basis and this crazy life . that i live but i let's keep on smashing. it cuz talks on talks on talks on talks . guys like i said we are about to do . something that has never been done . before on these vlogs i'm calling it a . 4-minute challenge where you have to do . something for four minutes straight . without stopping no cuts no editing and . you do it in a public place i think we . got a hit an air-hump for four minutes - . that's stamina you know we get a timer . put your blog belt on guys in three two . [music]. are you take poli . we can do a selfie - selfie sorry four . minutes. [music]. my head . poor how hard they can be smart i feel . like i'm steve a little bit 4-minute . escapes 4 minutes . [music]. right. [music]. only three more minutes no it's really a . workout. [music]. kid. but you definitely pull in the back boss . so she's aviva gun don't have to workout . today. [music]. okay at least the merchants keeping me . warm are you doing that my good friend . [music]. [music]. [music]. oh the back i'm gonna make it all for . now . i don't care what it says oh you know . i'm gonna i won't be stopped . thank you for your support you're still . watching this this is the hardest thing . i've ever done in my life i commend you . i don't know about these four minutes . and they do you want to yeah this is . i don't even running hook . [music]. oh hey what's up bro. how you doing alright turn the cabin a . delivery turn it yeah so what 45 seconds . ice their own we're almost done . seconds. for 44 cents . oh yeah how's this pictures we're done . run okay okay . [music]. we got eight more seconds . all right 30 more site time thank you . guys so much . high-five cop your self some of the . hottest parts in the game fans raikou . backslash jake paul you already know cuz . that we completed the 4-minute challenge . guys we're going back to los angeles . right now . vegas was fun and i will see y'all there . tomorrow because every day bro what's up . jake pollard's listen guys i want to be . able to give you guys exclusive updates . on merchandise news things i have going. on in my life if you guys want to be . able to communicate with me text me talk . to me do with all of these amazing . things then go to next jake paul me tex . jake paul calm which is gonna give you . guys exclusive discounts exclusive march . exclusive text message it's literally. that easy so go to text jake paul calm . right now and we're gonna be chatty . deb's everyday bro . make sure you're subscribe to keep up . with my life on the daily basis and if . you want to see more content check out . yesterday's vlog because it is super lit . plus i have a second channel jake paul . to which you guys can subscribe to right . now and if you want to see more content . from everyone in the house our group . channel is called team 10 chuck see you . guys tomorrow. whoo . .
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