We’ve never seen him cry before…

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We've never seen him cry before...
Hey what's going on here that my check . my check hold up check the camera oh . you're recording this yeah don't laugh . come on stop what happened you k you . know i lost my dog bro i just let about . to be any like he disappeared i don't . know chill all right okay you guys will . be fine him i can't find him yeah i . actually just like my dog romeo then no . i love that he's like god i don't know . all right i'll find them baby don't . worry we'll find them okay we'll find . them don't worry . let's go so dang this is actually real . killing off is just weird bro where's my . dog man who wiseman i will when was the . last time you saw him like i don't know . man we got we got to go like i let him . out to pee right outside my house and . then i just kept calling his name and . he's just not coming back bro you don't . know where he's are i don't know i just . want you guys as hell but i can't we're . going too slow right now we're moving . too slow let's go find them so we're. gonna gator . there's no flashlights inside grab some . more all right we'll go get the gator . ready romeo . romeo. i don't know i don't know i guess he's . never expecting this . no stars went back to his house i'll go . check up on them like the driver off the . gator the flashlights looking like i . don't know why he went home you should . be helping us look . i looked everywhere i looked everywhere . guys like around my house here like i . don't know like help me please like you . got oh it can be anywhere bro you know i . don't know man i think once use the . gator. why would be in the barn like i've . checked there already he's not there . usually he doesn't run away it doesn't . mean you guys leave the door open . william went out for dinner he got . scared of something those coyotes out . here maybe ran away i don't know problem . y'all know i was a good boy like usually . he comes my calls name good go romeo . you see romeo you see romeo he's walking . away like come on man i think he's just . a little angry because we woke them up . that's all find them we just got a look . bro. sitting okay yeah hop in really don't . look okay . let's do it. oh. i got there . sorry wait a minute . there's another one there's three. new friends and he was playing around . with them . tom you know i'm sorry . what's wrong bro like i've been looking . for like a half an hour now like i let . him out to pee and i can't find him nah . sorry i've been here for over an hour . and definitely hasn't come past here . i'll keep a keep an eye out for you . though brother . yeah okay deb the lights on and i'll. start cameras in form for you guys . it's the puppy bro i think he's looking . over there . way off the property now . i think that's him . there's like a couple of spots where you . she likes to go either you stay or he . comes to the main house or i don't know . sometimes he likes to go like drink . water from from the pool so you'd be at . the pool . you don't look . i've been doing the nighttime man like . out of all possible times all right well . he's not in the pool so that's good . all right society she's not here what do . you want to do tonight bro do you think . he'll come back tomorrow morning like . isn't that what dogs do he's in the wild . bro like what if something happens i . mean the security is gonna keep looking . for him all night too like maybe he's . just like playing around somewhere like . you always plays over here bro . dude i'm not gonna lie man i feel pretty . bad for sarsour now like this is sad i'm . hoping we find him if not tonight . hopefully tomorrow and the daytime it'll . be easier he's a tough dog so i think . he'll be all right . yeah i hope so too i won't see him . anywhere the pool house so if he's not . on the land then yeah we're out of it . what is that oh is that just a log yeah . i think this is the look he's not there . so now what we do i think we have to . just wait bro . fired . sarris it's better to just wait till . tomorrow morning . okay good morning guys um i just woke up . it's like 7:30 in the morning . um it's me and alex right now i was just . being you know alex so it's uh um we're . gonna go wake up the brothers and find . romeo eddie yeah i'm ready here we go . really feel sorry for cyrus like he was . texting us all night but we just . couldn't find him and the security guard . was out till 5:00 a. m. couldn't find so . here we are here you want to grab onto . the camera bro. morning it's almost your birthday thanks . man. okay so we're just gonna check the pool . house now we drove around it all day . yesterday in there oh no bro i told you . i need someone lock them in there when . we make the burgers man i knew it romeo . what are you doing in there romeo romeo . good boy yo come on . [music]. well what i look at your prize oh boy. yeah we're gonna hold your trap that . house then we check it and block . yeah yo it's already going back home . romeo go home come on go home. [music]. cyrus did you find them . here c'mere we need to talk my boy . that's my boy. oh my gosh roomie i'm taking the boy and . someone forgot to check it uses down . their plane it's my son that's my son . thank you guys oh my god yes well now we . found romeo i guess it's time to do some . more vlogging and get this paste back on . the road if you enjoyed the video make . sure you give it a thumbs up and . subscribe i post every friday and . saturday . check out the new song that we just . uploaded stop that that's right let's go . that's right you can get on i to spotify . apple music you name it it is a big . message it is our cause to stop bullying . and change the world and it's down in . the description go check it out yeah . peace. .
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