What If You Spend 1 Nanosecond In The Volcano?

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Hey arnold hope you're doing okay well . how's your blood pressure cuz ii . teleport transfer won't wait forever old. buddy today you're going to become one . of the few will visited the surface of a . lava lake and the only one to get out of . there alive although all bets are off . with your luck arnie alright then three . two one . open your eyes or you'll miss everything. you only have one nanosecond you're in . africa at six hundred and thirteen . meters above sea level in the vent of . the seething volcano air to ail . impressive ain't it the air temperature . at the surface of the fire lake reaches . twenty-two hundred degrees fahrenheit . that's hot enough to melt cast-iron hey . chill out arnold in one nanosecond . nothing's going to happen i mean if you . really run out of luck and stay there . longer your lungs will burst into flames . at your first breath your skin will peel. off the only sensible course of action . will be to plunge into the lava lake . completely so that you pass out due to a . pain shock and within 90 seconds wake up . in a better place not much of a prospect . huh so stay put bud and arnold take your . finger out of the lava oh great . what now arnie want me to teleport you . to the summit so you can enjoy the view . you hear that sound - arnie get out of . there the speed of this fiery stream is. one mile per hour hey are you serious . and you wanted to go to hawaii on . vacation if there's an eruption there . you won't be able to outrun the lava . flow even riding a hoverboard well . finally a sprinkling of something useful. out of you arnold put your finger up if . you like this video send it to your . friends and subscribe to my channel . there are many more exciting experiments . coming with our friend arnold . .
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