Why I’m no longer apart of Disney….

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Kind of like putting off talking about . this the title of this video for the for . the whole day . [music]. [music]. [music]. ah morning me ah me well i know i got it . well let me think of issachar gosh you . guys are awesome oh my god look at this . view am i right i good morning good . morning ma'am you gotta love it guys . today is about to be crazy if you're new . here i'm jake paul and i'm in miami or . miami however you want to pronounce it . brock and it is lit every single day bro . make sure you guys are smiling make sure . you're dab it on the motors run and make . sure you are working hard without any . further ado unless flippin do that . [music]. good morning babe good morning look at . these these are great oh good i gotta . cut out my oh my head go victor you're . doing here you're going on amazed wow . where do you have to go today . you have to go to two shoots in two. shows you're not gonna be with me i . would say for you take each other with. okay let's take you i'm gonna take you . with me everywhere i go all right erica . let's go babe hmm. what i kind of prefer it okay yeah who's . like does it talks it looks cute i love . you okay i'm sorry . let's go do some stuff a few moments . later really oh you can't hear me can . you hear me now erica don't make a scene . erica don't make a scene don't be mad at . me i love you i came all the way here . for you she's on the look she doesn't . love me . anyways jake polish is my new wife ya'll . say what's up it would you guys smash . this girl right here yeah whoa all right . back up back up. sorry erica she's right there it's kind . of awkward this one's not mad at me that . one's mad at me stockyards right my boy . wants to throw hands hold this boy he . wants to throw hands you know you die . you know you're shy i'm not kidding . there we go there's seven one two three . there's seven over there you go so we're . on a date hey hi you're so beautiful . you're like the best i've ever oh my . i know thank you . marriage late dale would you smash uncle . what's your day me no no would you date . this girl here would you date her i. don't know would you date her be careful . what you say next love that he likes to . me would you smash like he likes he . likes would you smash . what's your spouse splash hey would you . smash would you smash hey where's your . date huh no don't say that about my wife . would you smash would you smash would . you smash yeah you would smash yeah well . what was the savage yeah can i take a . picture with you yeah bro let's do it . dad would you smash okay you're gonna go . up to erica hey gonna say are you down . to smash all right. are you down smack really on the answers . question no by which i may be true you . want to vlog here just think oh i'm here . with jay paul yeah yeah yeah with the . water. yeah where's the bucket look at you i'll . see you guys in a little bit no you got . it what what okay gang gang maybe we got . out here we're about to hit some jet . skis doing it to my anyway i cannot wait . to go with you not anymore . yeah no no no ogen i threw me in the . corner on the jet ski for sure yeah yeah . miami pretty hard to ride with that on . there oh yeah oh hi hi say what's up to . youtube what's up youtube . oh look who showed up yeah . it's me i was creepy crusher alright in . all seriousness no do we want to go on . the same jet ski or do you want to. separate jet ski um i think together . would be fun yeah let me told ya . used to call you mom mom i'll call you i . see there's no death robot going to . politely now we on a honeymoon chilling. i know ye and whenever we kiss those . feisty gillian right don't erase them an . interval as well wave all your masks off . your stick your pants off dance class . depends on give you a moment no having . so much fun higher okay uncle david how . you do it in the corner . don't blow america shy swing you off . just a minute i am still a i'm just . hooking us up you special . so they just feel joy when we're . together with you oh . yay that was so much fun guys . i was flipping whippin call me dr. seuss . unless he was by my neck . 2000 years later whoo . guys i've been kind of like putting off . talking about this the title of the . video for the for the whole day i'm sure . like some of you saw on my twitter that . i am no longer going to be a part of . bizarre bark and the disney family i'm . like so reluctant to say that and it's . like my first time like talking about it . on camera and like really kind of . wrapping my head around it and it sucks . like but i want you guys to know like . why how where what and give you guys all. the details first of all i want to say . like i loved everyone that was a part of . bizarre bark and all of the cast mates . olivia madison devore ethan it's going . to suck like not being able to be with . you guys every week now and it's so . amazing to see you guys grow as . individuals and you guys are all stars. in your own right and literally your . guys's futures are also so so bright and . yesterday uh ethan posted a video on his. instagram and like i was sitting there i . was like it made me like wanna cry . i'm like it was so sad because i'm not . going to be able to blog with him as . much anymore or and he was really like . he was like crying like on a green . screen so sure by now you guys have . probably already heard the news . before and that really sucks she's my . best friend . really good mission on tet so go for . your support ah bro you're making me . want to cry. oh seriously like i love you so much and . it sucks that we're not going to be. together all the time now you're like . the little brother that i've never had . it's been awesome like seen you grow up. but for both disney and myself after . communicating for like a couple months . while i was daily vlogging like on set. while i was like growing team ten and . like other business stuff that i have. going on it was so hard for both of us . to make everything work being not on set . with disney was a full-time job and i . thought i was doing everything on top of . that like i made it look like it was you . know easy to like vlog but what you . don't see like a little part like when i . was big and then this morning i was on . set that would be from like 8:00 a. m. to . like 5:00 p. m. commands later sometimes . later and i would have to come home and . get everything else done and like i . wasn't sleeping like it was almost like . unhealthy because of that it caused . problems for me it caused problems for . disney could not always be like can i . please like you know has it more time . off have more time off please please . please and it was always hard for them . to work around me then personally i feel . like i'm i've gotten so much older in . the past two years and like matured as a . person in like my brand is evolving and . becoming more of an adult and like i . want to play more adult roles and acting . and grow in that sense for me it wasn't . always fun to like be playing like the . kid role over time of like saying like . here we go like it's funny and like yes . but i didn't think two years from now . which is potentially how long i could . have stated with disney that that's what . i wanted to be doing when i was 22 years . old plain like you know a 16 year old. and so for disney for me we came as like . mutual agreement of like it's best for . us to part ways and go and do our own . thing and continue to support one . another i'm so like you're lucky i was . mustn to do that because i love his are . barking i love disney channel i love the . show. like everyone involved the kratz the . crew it was such it was such a hard . decision it all kind of came into . fruition like over the past week and we . were you know trying to figure out if it . was like if we all wanted to move . forward and eventually that's what we . all decided but it said and i'm kind of . me it was going to be good thank you . you're welcome . there's gonna be time to occur though . because like i can't say here we go . anymore i mean i keep i can but it's . just me awkward . it opens up a couple and now i don't . have the disney channel slow i don't . have the 50 channel flow anymore you got . dropping a song i have to be like this . every day bro with the teens any flow . such i wanted this issue i want to do . the channel flow erika did you go get me . makeup too because like i have to have . my disney tattoo i have a makeup on it . we can take care of myself offer no i . don't know it's actually gonna go guys . actually i was just talking about that . i'm so glad i got that tattoo disney . will always be a part of my life i will . always read disney channel star and it . was a huge stepping stone and milestone . for my career so many good experience . yet and so that's a tube-like means a . lot to me but you know did you hear it'd . be kind of funny i can't even make any . fucking about it you want to go yeah. okay go okay . and jake pollard's i'm still going to . try and vlog with ethan like all the . time as much as we can and now i'm going . to have more time this is like why it's . so exciting i'm gonna have more time to . be making my videos better for you guys . and spending more time working on. projects that you guys get to enjoy and . growing like my personal brand even more . i think everything is just going to go . to a whole nother level now i cannot . tell you how excited i am like i have . never had this much time for the past . two years i've been on set like almost . every single day and so now it's like . i'm on no one schedule we're just going . to continue to go and go and go and dab . and flip and kill it guys i'm so sorry . to anyone who was a bizarre marx and it . sucks like i said but there will be more . stuff of me acting that you guys can . enjoy and i so much appreciate your guys . and support through this one . you guys have been so generous and kind . and you understood my decision and did . you the decision and i can't thank you . guys enough for the support and jake . polish and strongest army out there on . youtube period hands down and people can . say whatever they want about us about me . the hate whatever we're at the top of . the game and the rest of the people are . literally trying to you know pull us . down and again i cannot think jake . pollard's enough to the support on a. day-to-day basis and all we got to do. this flippin battle baby guys you can . take this as a lesson into your own life . i want to help you guys get better every . single day bro you know when one thing . comes another goes what do one thing. goes another thing comes i don't know if . that makes sense it just goes to show . that there's going to be a lot of . opportunities in my life in your guys's . life and sometimes you have to move on . past things sometimes you have to let . things go. even if you don't fully want to do it . even if you know you're still sort of . attached to something sometimes it's for . the best to move on that lesson you guys . can take into your own lives maybe it's . a boyfriend maybe it's a girlfriend . maybe it's a you know a hobby of yours . maybe you know it's a bad habit but in . life you have to learn to let things go . i don't even know what i'm saying at . this point but i'm like i hate making . this video like i'm so sad about the . whole situation but at the same time i'm . happy about it i just keep up thinking . about you think ryan . i love you think. i'm going to continue to you know we'll . continue to talk about that this . situation and going to you know more . details other than a couple of mics . vlogs but i just give one last one last . year we go i do get a lot right here we . go. jake parks thank you so much for the . support as always i'm in miami i hope . you enjoyed the vlog as always keep on . working hard keep on smiling keep on . dabbing on them haters . become a part of the jake paula family . rep you're flipping merch son . back-to-school march is still available . get it before it all runs out link is in . the description baby and guys i will see . you tomorrow because it's everyday bra . hey take polish what's up and check out . this new merch ooh that march is hot boy . new items of merchandise limited time . click the link make sure you're . subscribe to keep up with my life on a. daily basis and you want to see more . content check out yesterday's vlog . because it is super lit plus i have a . second channel jake paul to which you . guys can subscribe to right now and if . you want to see more content from . everyone in the house our group channel . is called team 10 shirt see you guys . tomorrow. .
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