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Will The ACE Family name change???...
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Someone told me never saw . please don't exist in my life these days . but you showed me if i . just find the fit i need to believe . anything is possible if you wanna pass . look this guy high-test your limit . you feel like stop incredible most there . i can see i'm sorry i cha cha cha i told . for your. [music]. [music]. where is she. [music]. where did you go is that starbucks. looking for you this morning . you got you got starbucks this morning . so you didn't get this one you didn't do . this one. you gotta get you a starbucks before you . start home today i see you okay all . right guys i guess our one and a half . year old daughter oh no you need to put . that being you back on can you guys . would be up dada dada starbucks thank . you no we're just playing guys it was . just a fun little q skit for all of you . we want to put a smile on all of your . faces this morning hopefully it worked . so if you are new to this channel make . sure you hit that subscribe button and . join the family and if you guys don't . have any ace family merch all you got to . do is go to shop hey steli comm link is . always in the description oh and not to . mention we will be having a huge . valentine's day sale coming up so stay . tuned for that . and if you didn't get a chance to see . our last video our ball cart caddy is . back home looking better than ever roll . the clip superplex i'll just boot you . choking you desert . [music]. [applause]. [music]. and and that a family is now five . million a look at the view though you . guys are so amazing so now let's get to . them yeah let me see that camera what my . girls go girl where are you oh you guys . in the room play what are you guys doing . what are you doing you cookin oh you're . making dennett breakfast this morning . huh can i get eggs please don't want . eggs and toast and then orange juice so . orange juice scrambled eggs with cheese . on top and then toast with jelly but you . can't touch it okay what is that whoa . arielle and sebastian okay you you see i . made it just no no no where you going . she stole a lively come bring ariel back . come here right now hide should i be . door hey hey come here right now . i don't play that i don't play that i . don't play that come here right now. [music]. [music]. l can you play a song for dad dad play . the piano but first you need other song . where's your the sock you don't know my. mama has it looks right there mama does . have it turn with your leg i have it she . knew you had it now put your sock on so . you can play a song for dad day okay put . the sock on good yeah . wow you gotta put your own sock on good . job. you're a big girl alright let's play a . song for dead . that is hard okay so this song right . here is dedicated to every single one of . our family members everything we do is. for you so don't find legos okay we're . gonna make a lego person okay there we . go we're making a legal person guys . alright so here is our lego person looks . like a deformed your ass yeah what did i . teach you if this is a boy what do you . do if you try to talk to you what do you . do yeah okay i think you've done i think . i think he's done okay yeah all right . baby . so i think it's time that we answer the. question the question you've all been . waiting for the question that you've all . been asking every other comment are you . ready here we go it's so now to answer . the question that you all have been . asking the question that we see every . day. why do you were asking this question. even before we announced we were . pregnant so do you want to explain. mm-hmm okay take over so this question . is something that obviously you guys . know from the caption but it's also . something we've discussed before on our . channel and a lot of you guys are new to . our channel so maybe you haven't seen . that response so we're gonna get that . today so before we begin just a little . history on the word ace so when we first . got together and we had a family i first . want to say sorry to cut you off i first . want to say if you do not know what a . stands for i'm sorry to say you are a . part of a funny because a little go out . in public and people would be like hey . ace hey ace and don't think your name is . a you can go yeah or they'll think our . last name is ace no base family so if . you don't know what a stands for i guess . just listen up so it stands for the . first letters of our name so austin . katherine and out but when we first . started our youtube channel we were . katherine and austin blob literally for . like a second . i can't leave all of it all i gotta say . is i'm so glad we changed yeah so when . the first start our youtube channel . we've had a katherine austin obviously. you guys know if you've been it with us . for that long we didn't take youtube . seriously when we first first started we . probably post it like once a month and . then finally when we started posting we. were like okay let's make this a family . channel and there weren't many family . channels back then so we wanted to name . our channel something that stands for . family and so i was thinking one day and . i was like hey all of our names put . together like the first letters of our . names about ace and so i thought it was . really cool and iseult because the ace . definition stands for unity exactly like . just crazy because we didn't even know. that until someone told us one day and . we were like that is so crazy this is so . destiny so we named our channel - ace . family and we're so happy that we did . because today it's what it is and we're. so grateful for that so to answer your . guys's question before we found out we . were having a daughter so while i was . pregnant we thought we were having a boy . and i told austin all of my name ideas . so my first name idea for our girl was . out there was a second name idea for a . girl and then there was the third name . idea was for a boy and so this is some . really crazy who's gonna sound . really weird so the other boy and girl . name that i love the only two other . names that i absolutely loved start with . the same letter so i can't tell you what . that is but let's just say that this is . 100% destiny because i'm telling you . that this is crazy the ace name was . decided way after those names were. picked ace didn't even exist . and then all these initials make so much. sense that it needs to be a really . confusing to understand i hope that you . get it i got it so whether we have a boy . or a girl. the ace family name will not be changed . but there will be a letter added if that . makes it that's all we're gonna say . sorry guys so i know a lot of you are . going to try to guess what our future . channel name will be i'm not gonna lie . you guys are really cool but like i said. this was discussed and decided way . before ace was even created and so we . have to stick with that we wanna have to . stick with destiny so you guys will find . out soon all we gotta say is um stay . tuned so thank you all for tuning in as . always before we close out today's video . we do have to give our post on vacations. shout out to a little bit . today's posted a vacation shout out goes. to lone wolf let's shout to you lonely . like that name whoever else like a post . on station shout out all you gotta do is . subscribe today's family hit that . subscribe button turn our pulse . notifications hit that bell button and . once you do those two things all you . gonna do is comment done it's that easy . so obviously if you liked today's video . you got to give it a thumbs up give it a . thumbs up if you're excited to be on . this pregnancy journey with us so like . comment share and subscribe and like me . beautiful queen sorry sorry my beautiful . pregnant queen always say we'll be back . with my videos peace . .
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