You Won’t Believe What We Found Inside The Walls Of The Team 10 Mansion..

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I was so creeped out.
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Caption: Go downstairs oh great they also know . that you're upstairs so that's good too . let's go youtube channel on youtube we . go we'd be m and x cus if you're new . here my name is jake ball and yo i just . love getting jump on because we are so . how are we guys i'm feeling good today . put your vlog belts on welcome to the . chiefs head man shinyo it is a good day . got a case of the blues today it's a . little who else has blue hair look at it . look at it now michigan's in the . championship today baby go blue look at . nathan shirt which i speaking of ohio . and michigan um you know we're doing a . lot of ohio stuff today i have a full-on . surprise for you that you guys probably . are going to love so be ready for that i . just have one question and the question . is for mr. ryan bmx guy over here who's . gonna win cast iron logan oh no i'm . gonna win bro screw logan aunt cass i . ryan won he just said he's gonna be with . ksi on wednesday. yeah we're doing some bmx business . listen we might kiss but that's besides. the point i need you to do this can you . bring him something for me maybe come on . [music]. i need you to bring this to ksi if . you're gonna be with them on wednesday . and tell them to train every day bro . she's motivation yes i loves me come . show me mother you know it's just weird . cuz you're friends with both of us . anyways guys speaking of the fight it's . happening okay. like desi was making all these videos. talking about contracts and blah blah . blah and this and that and us not . fighting no no we are fighting guys . august 25th it is going down bro and i'm . clarifying this guy's because he made a . video saying that it wasn't happening . and he was just like yeah and it's a but . you know boom get down gun big bulls . wasting my time what i'm saying is this . jake poole i'm gonna fight you if you . sign the contract if we start the . contract won't fight i genuinely feel. bad for him i don't know why he made . that video hold a hold on pull up my . sources are telling me something yeah . yeah jed he he made the video cuz he's . run out okay okay so apparently he made . the video because he's running out of . content to make so he's just making . stuff up to try and get views so yeah i . just wanted to clarify that for you guys . also england it's not his say okay yeah . i guess england isn't his city also . found a crompton he's my sword so be . ready to watch august 25th guys jake vs. deji oh gonna be one hell of a fight i'm . scared. anywho back to the surprise that i was . talking about earlier you guys been . talking about it but i know what it is . stay right there everyone stay right in. your exact positions i'm gonna go get it . how long dude no i'll be right back with . the surprise i really 2,000 years later . me but seriously i actually do have a . real surprise for you guys . and the surprises that we created a . half-mile off-road motocross track in . our back yard. [music]. [music]. it's actually way too epic guys i . figured you know from ohio michigan why . not take that hillbilly side of us and . put it right here in calabasas . california. look at this we're about to send it on . this guy about to shred this course but . the funny thing about it is like i like . to call myself a bouche billy because . it's like i'm bougie but i'm a hillbilly . so i'm a bouche billy you know what i'm . saying i invented that follow me on . twitter you might be wondering why i'm . wearing goggles it gets dusty okay super . dusty and i'm not talking about dusty . depot on fortnight . no not talking about that however you . guys can follow me on twitch right now . add jay paul games if you do want to see . me play for tonight . coming soon but pointers so we're about . to send a however i feel bad man cuz all . we've been doing is like guy stuff you. know what i'm saying like just manly man . man's like yeah like stuff that makes . you go like we're just always doing man . so i feel bad guys so i figured we. should incorporate some more girly stuff. into the vlogs like doing nick . crompton's makeup don't do your makeup . why you got to do more girly stuff in my . vlogs will do to make up a jig . [music]. today we are giving nick crumpton a. beautiful makeover today i'm not good at . this we have the last lash sensational . full fan effect wow great this is called . the dabber you just dab also dab it's . like a bad wrap yeah this is an eyelash . clamper i believe and then we have a . wrinkle warrior we got to fight those . wrinkles and then we're just gonna . finish you off here with a little bit of . lift off start here with the dabber i . stole this from erika please don't tell . her or comment on any repose telling her. that it took a lover oh my god that's . cold . startin to rap to you and you're . beautiful in your day okay it looks nice . too no don't eat it okay also since . we're doing a girl segment could we talk . about boys yeah bella then jake . the other night he tried to take me on a . date to the cheesecake factory and then . he was like we're splitting the bill . what a poor still you've literally got . my eye oh my god okay no you have no . idea what you're doing . oh yeah honey darken those brows honey . what's up nick what are you doing just . browsing ipod nick thank you so much . that has been a makeup by jake we'll see . you tomorrow . like and subscribe later sucker. got the goggles on guys and it's time . for the team ten motocross track in five . four they enjoyed that commack slash . chick won't go get some hottest words in . the game three two one go . [music]. [music]. nice no scrape. it. [music]. [music]. it was at this moment that he knew he . [music]. [music]. you need text from a random phone number . it says . you don't know me but i hit something in . your roles while you weren't home . i bet finds you before you find it all . right it's a creepy fan or something bro . i bet it finds you before . what are you hiding a wall oh i had a . while to find you first . what did you say the clouds no they were . in here they were they were in here . while we were gone . stop that bro this is some sauce yo this . is like salt i don't want to play game . and i don't wanna know what this is no . real chess it take really say no say no . bro we each know you will say yes . powerful allen play we don't roll . what's the video . no well that's the crib that's my . painting that's our room where's let's . let's play no i'm gonna play how fast . can you dial nine-one-one an iphone . that's all my playing they said good i . like games. highbrow while you're going in one . player solo hopefully it starts by i'm . saying hey go buy yourself somewhere . it's already started it's creepy if you . look closely at the beginning part of . the video it's the march cut outs from . the new york city pop-up shop and that . competition just ended but also the . winner of that competition is kenya . beckman from irvine california . congratulations can you won the radar . competition you're doing that march . cutout we love you shut up . i'll have versus the game fans or that . go back so it's jake ali okay back to . the game. go downstairs oh great they also know . that you're upstairs so that's good to . know well let's go . [music]. are you sewing it as ghosts no i'm not a . clown i'm a friend . oh friendly go buy the team ten sign lol . got you its dante i hit some lego scenes . in your wall the work is done hope you . like it man my kids are fans and told me . to prank you god damn it dante alright . yeah yeah let me explain guys alright so . the other day i put a hole in the wall . roll the clip and it's because we were . having some art work construction done . like i said in the other blog the other . day we actually have some construction . going on and dante was the one doing the . work apparently he decided to prank me . and its kids a fan so she shouted at . dante's kid but the whole art work is . done guys and you're probably a little . bit confused but allow me to explain . dante installed these legos into the. house so it looks like our house is made . of legos though yo like look at this man. it's like these poles are like made of. legos and stuff it's so dope and he told . me a couple days ago i then like put it . together it was done with me . but he told me a couple days ago that he . was gonna hide some scenes some lego. scenes in the walls of our house ah . so check it out oh my god i haven't seen . this year this is so lit yo it's a jake . merch store look at this there's like. merchants yo this is the dopest tree so . re there's another scene . what is. one oh my gosh it's my lambo oh my god . it opens no no you're getting this it's . a jungle yogi hide some stuff in my . walls funspot room all come on what is . this this is you in a power way why oh . my god it's me in a paulo on stage you . probably modeled that after the . pennsylvania concert that was lit and . don't worry it's gonna be even more like . we're on to regret so you can go to the . link in the description and get your . tickets to come on wait what is this . it's like fish someone fishing oh i . think it's logan and i know this is so . dope what is that is it pool yeah pull . hard no don't just pull a little bit i . don't want to talk to you like that come . on yo let's get someone else let's get . someone else . and there's another scene this is the. hidden scene because i saw this happen. already and i saw you clear you know i . still pulled it and focus became friends . without kovacs let's take paul follow me. on twitch at jake ball games and you can . win $1,000 in the next 24 hours yeah my . dad is here so you know what's about to . get a lid over the next couple of days . betcha . but that subscribe button punch that . subscribe button hottest merch in the . game. how does merch in the game you heard. refers every day bro please join the . everyday bro movement people and count . yourself some of the hottest urged in . the game go right now because the take . callers sell everything out and . subscribe button and join the most lit . youtube channel on youtube i'll see . y'all tomorrow. [music]. .

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