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Caption: We need to talk about brother logan . everyone's asked me to talk about what i . think about the logan situation and what . happened you know super dizzy right now. but like i said good morning guys if . you're new here i'm jake paul you guys . aren't they jake pollard's and y'all . just came along for today's journey put . your plug belts on guys because so much . has happened we need to talk about my . brother guys janssen anthony prank me i . prank chest anthony we boom a giant . snowball we're still in aspen jake i . said we're leaving allow me to explain . guys like i said there's a lot so get. ready for me to narrate . today's story for you guys if you're new . you just became a part of today's . journey and you just became part of the . team 10 family rolling don't be drunk . [music]. in his squad hashtag team time bro . dysfunctional family that there is but . guys you saw in yesterday's video that i . said we were leaving aspen however we . got a little bit of a weather update . guys okay guys oh my gosh these are not . looking good guys it looks like we're . gonna be snowed in what's the update . it's snow until 8 p. m. tomorrow yeah it . looks like it's an adult snowed a . miracle it's aspen miracle all make up . the second half a miracle vanish the . second astok miracle mm-hmm you know . what that means we had snow hey guys . take a nod con hold the seat hold the . scene hey guys i just wanna let y'all. know we're kind of doing a vlog over. here no way anyways . guys shut that's my job . let's get the snow anthony thank you . you're a spending miracles you have to . eat snow hmm i know you're a vegan and . all but this is water thank you now back . to you future jacob. so we woke up in the morning guys and uh . we actually realized that we were . stranded here in a snow in my first week . thing we could do is get things poppin . off cuz but before that of course erica . and i got into a little bit of an . argument here's why guys were kind of in . an argument right now another one . another one right now she looks so . beautiful and i told her i was gonna be . mad at her if she put on makeup and . she's like no i took it the wrong way . no i dunno i'm just saying i'm breaking . out no you're not you look beautiful you . don't need to do your hair where is she . trying to look good for besides me . yeah right so if i were to do a makeup . showers the goats the go they already . think you look good so don't wear makeup . he's just thinking about it getting mad . stop thinking about it . it's okay anyways are you gonna wear . makeup no thank you . beautiful . sweatpants it don't make up and stuff do . you'd like you can believe in me there . and then of course she doesn't believe . in me and that this happened i cannot . believe it why i told her not to do her . makeover i need to put makeup on you . straighten your hair just listen to me . for once i'm cute no jake your fridge . that guys are one of the things uh turn . up a notch so he came up with the dough . guys we are currently out here and like . ten degree weather it's snowing like . crazy and we are about to build all . right very very let's go so the plan is . to go from up there and come down and . hit this jump what do you guys think . [music]. will be write to you at the jump and so . we started building and building and. building and building the building and . then we got tired of building so we . started sleeping wake up wake up keep . building keep building but then we . finish building high it was that time i . don't know but it was time to send it . roll the clip joke time party people yo . katie ready this is what you do on an . adult snowdown yeah . oh he was this high . he got so high that we couldn't film it. take - that's a lie right there kid okay . guys okay it can't be the only one to . send it so chance is going and it's also . a second day snowboarding ever. predictions what do you think is gonna . happen gents okay you've heard of here . from chance he's gonna crush it dude but . guys i know exactly what it's going to . happen he is going to eat bad you got it . bro don't let anybody tell you you're . gonna crash you can't tell how big this . jump is guys but it's massive like that . is four feet i guess it's just gonna be . and anthony from now on you got it you . got it you got it you bail bro our knee . is back with the new snowboard which he . says will improve the way in which he . jump you got it . that. you gotta do it now . you can't end it like that bro okay we . gonna replay on that i really think the . third time's the charm here oh god . you got it bro he was just getting. warmed up yeah . oh that was dover i didn't know how you . did that go it was gnarly . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [applause]. i'm under their hip right now and . [music]. wolfgang haha gnarly but yo everyone's . ready we came inside and we're bored . like i said snowed in and we came up . with a dolt game idea huh well . destructive game idea rolling we got the . second try right here two strikes to do . need three till you idea oh that one was . way off well you see what i'm saying . guys so then i was so bored that i i . decided to take a nap and chanson . anthony came into my bedroom and dumped . a pile of snow on me and they've logged . it huh so funny but the worst part about . it bro is that they didn't even have . their microphone on like what are they. thinking does anyways here's what . happened without the audio. [applause]. [music]. [music]. so funny jen snappy he'll love you guys . yeah love you but i couldn't just take . it out guys i had to get revenge i . accept i think mine is more sandwich you . know okay okay . they're sitting on tony's bad but mike . enzi and erica are still in the room oh . snap they're coming back in the room . they come back in the room yeah yeah . they come back in the room . [applause]. let's go hey we took a fat w there you . already know but guys it's time to . address our that and i can't talk . elephant in the room the title and . thumbnail the reason why you may be . watching this video we need to talk . about brother logan . everyone's asked me to talk about what i . think about the logan situation and what . happened i wanted to let the situation . like have some time to breathe i know . logan was going through a lot and . everyone was talking about it and it . didn't feel right to like comment on it . right away but as his brother and as . someone who knows logan the best i do. feel it's necessary to say something . about it or given my perspective about . it i think what logan did was very very . very wrong indian he made a huge a. mistake and not only is he paying for it . but he is learning from it and i think . that in no way shape or form is suicide . a joke or should it should be made fun . of in any way shape or form or or any . behavioral mental issue in general i . could just m'q it's right what he did at . all and i know logan more than probably . anybody else and i do know though that. he did not mean to offend anyone and i . could i could tell when he's like in. shock and and he didn't handle the . situation in the right way but i know in . the back of his head he didn't mean to . offend her or hurt anybody or or create . such a big frustration and he is . honestly truly truly sorry and i also . know how strong of a human being he is . and so to see him like that it was like . it was sad to me but . but i think guys like for the low gang . and forever all of his supporters and . stuff i also know that since he is that . strong person he is going to again learn . from his mistakes which he has and and. and be able to bounce back and i know . you guys are going to support him along . the way just like just like i am and . he's my brother and i love him and . brothers always always have to have each . other's backs and logan if you're . watching this i love you bro so i will . leave it at that guys thank y'all for . tuning in during the movement become. better every day smile every day work . hard every day and i will see you guys . tomorrow because it's everyday bro peace . .

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