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On this episode of Breaking Trail, the EPIC conclusion to the teams encounter with the king of the Savannahโ€ฆthe African Lion!
Letโ€™s just say that Coyote and the crew get more than close, they get as close as you can get!
Get ready to witness the tremendous BITE of the KING!
If you missed Part 1 of the Lion adventure watch it here -
HUGE THANKS to the Kariega Game Reserve and the Reserve Protection Agency for hosting the crew at this location. Please visit their websites to find out more about their efforts to protect South Africaโ€™s wildlife! - and
*No lions were harmed in the filming of this video. The veterinary procedures depicted were a scheduled part of the lion's health and wellness management and all elements of the procedures were preformed entirely by licensed and trained wildlife professionals.
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Caption: I know you guys are thinking right now . can we see the lions teeth yeah we can . see the lion's teeth you guys ready. since sunrise the current i have been on . the search for cricket game reserves. pride of lions working in tandem with . the reserve protection agency and a team . of field veterinarians today's goal is . to safely tranquilize and collect . biometric data from these predatory cats . paddy the other teams got the client's . over the hill a radio call from the . opposite side of the reserve delivered . confirmation that the lions have been . located on a fresh kill for the safety . of the lions in the veterinarian's . collecting the data the field team . decided that all four of the cats would . be darted so with everyone in position . the final moment was upon us and the . only thing left for dr. waldo dreyer to . do was hit his targets some big cats . there we go . target right on that females rump . got one got one nice shot. wow you seem spring into action like . that okay we thought that maybe the . lines would move up when we darted one . we've got four lions three females and a . young male it's a young male right still . an enormous cat all right getting ready . for the second dart . here we go we've got the male coming up . are on the backside here . right the upper front of your chest . no i can't not yet kid me . the females all must have a clear shot . [music]. super windy though could throughout the . park do not want to add the enema pace . [music]. as a shot . got him. right the mail has been darted . one lion laughing. wow okay we have three of the lions . started at this point male and two . females one female still does not have a . dart in her though so we're trying to . move the vehicle to get in a better . position this is intense hold on guys . beware you got wine here we go look at . this good shot zoom in zoom in got it . all lions have been darted and they're . all staring at us now saying okay what . you guys doing out here with all four . cats successfully darted we watched from . a safe distance as one by one they . succumb to the effects of the . tranquilizer serum all right now it's . just gonna take a few minutes for the . tranquilizer to set in it's all stu get . out of the vehicles we'll move in and . get that biometric data wow my heart's . racing right now how about you this is . crazy time was of the essence so the vet . team needed to move quickly. this meant that as a camera team we . would have a very limited window of time . to capture an up-close presentation with . these sleeping carnivores given his. iconic stature i was beyond excited to . showcase the male while in the . background the veterinarians would be . collecting the sought-after biometric. data from the females in human terms. this procedure is comparable to a . check-up at the doctor when it comes to . lions this includes pulling a small hair . sample from the tail checking body . length. pauling overall health and lastly . microchip identification. a female down right here it just lines . laying around everywhere lines . everywhere keep in mind guys these lions . are just asleep none of these animals . are actually hurt here it is that is . unbelievable right there this is the . closest i have ever been into a wild . apex predator of this size you can feel . it breathing ah beautiful animal how . this creature is enormous and it is . still a sub adult male lion i want to . come on this side just to show you this . paw you've got the main you can see its . face is covered up there it is asleep . look at the size of this animal's paws . it's bigger than my hand that is crazy . and so heavy. so much weight and so much muscle in the . front section of this cat you guys want . to see those claws don't you oh yeah. ready for this kind of sit down here get . ready. that is impressive right there and these . claws are constantly growing throughout . the course of the animal's life now like . all cats they have four toes up front . but also a do claw on the side you see . that that is the key piece of power . right there because when they lunge . toward a water buffalo or build a beast . and they latch on it's this claw that . hooks in place and make sure that that . prey does not get away and that's what . they do. latch on and then go for the neck now . the lion believe it or not does not have . that powerful of a bite force as . compared to other big cats only . somewhere between 600 and 900 pounds per . square inch but what they want to do is . go for the trachea you get the trachea . you're cutting off the windpipe and that . animals going to suffocate . now the males while they can't hunt . aren't the ones that are actually . hunting so when we came up on this pride . you see that they've taken down an . impala it's likely the females that . killed the impala . but then the males will come in and they . we'll feast first wow this cat is just . the coolest creature i have ever been. around let's take a look at its head . real quick look at the size of the ears . massive ears they're capable of moving . these individually they have incredible . sense of hearing look at the mane of . this animal it's so dense and smells . like south africa it smells like the . savanna a little bit of grass and a . little bit of sand now you look at this . mane you think well what is the purpose . of a mane on a lion other than to have . an epic hairdo and the purpose is . actually to protect them when they're . fighting to protect territory all this . dense fur when another male is rearing . up using its claws and its teeth . protects this lions throat and his face . all right you guys ready for the reveal . let's see it okay i'm gonna pull this . back very slowly let's see the lions . face oh my gosh that is incredible what . a handsome animal right there look at . its whiskers incredibly dense i know you . guys are thinking right now can we see . lions teeth yeah we can see the lions . teeth you guys ready yeah i'm gonna . slowly just kind of pull the lip back . here a little bit wow look at those . canines. boys now lions have three types of teeth . up front here you have these incisors . which used to carry things the females . will carry their cubs around they're . also used to pull me away from the bones . of course the canines are used to . inflict a kill and then in the back here . go ahead and zoom in you see that all . these premolars are used like serrated . sheers to saw through the meat and i can . see the lions tongue in there it's . incredibly grippy like sandpaper they . can actually use that tongue to lick . meat away from bones that can look for . off and believe it or not if a lion were . to lick your skin it would take the skin. right off not exactly like your house . kids let's see how much got a pen take a . look at this either zoom in there see . the pupils are slightly dilated it's . completely out right now . so you got get a tight shot there the . lines have incredible eyesight not only . during the day but also at night . look how big it ted is compared to your . new mass it's as big as your body you . imagine what it would be like to get an . appendage of your body or your head . stuck in the mouth of an animal like . this and keep in mind guys this is still . a sub-adult they get bigger than this . i'm guessing this lines probably . somewhere between 250 and 300 pounds . they can tip the scales well over 500 . okay i'm gonna just flip this back up . over its head so that the sun stays out . of his eyes oh man is your adrenaline . rushing as fast as mine is i'm just . trying to stay calm okay we're ready to . collect biometric data all right let's . do it gotta get the measurements on this . lion yeah okay when you go all the way . to the to the backside here okay . say i've got 123 in hall . fifty-four measurements six and this is . important data for us to know eight . exactly the size of slides pause so if . they're out there and fought looking for . tracks you'd know exactly which line . this is all these kind of walking on the . fights over time will help you . identified individuals so quite a . striking one right yet yeah all right . guys what's really cool is that this . lion doesn't actually have a microchip . in it so we are going to get to insert . one today and that will allow us to keep . a tight record of this animal anytime . that they then tranquilized in the . future to be able to collect its . biometric data wow cool alright so where . do you insert the microchip big needle. oh i know i don't like needles i don't . do very well with needles so we . considered but in the middle between the . solder shoulder blades okay . so just make a little thing to the . scheme okay put it underneath the scheme . alright guys well it's time to apply the . reversal drug so that this male wakes up . and heads back off into the wild but . this certainly was epic . getting to explore here at the cricket . game reserve tranquilizing for lions . getting up close to collect biometric . data i'm coyote peterson be brave stay. wild we'll see on the next adventure . alright time to wake up . [music]. alright guys minds about to wake up head . back to the trucks man amazing . that was cool that was cool . we have administered the reversal drug . and not we are just safely back in the . vehicle waiting for the lions to wake up . i've got a gopro position just in front . of this female we've got zoom lenses in . on the male the ones up here underneath. the bush we can also keep an eye on them . in just a few minutes here they're gonna . pop back up and disappear into the . underbrush. [music]. you can see the lions are beginning to . wake up let's line us right here in . front of us is starting to move it's . been about 15 minutes sounds about right . since the dawn of mankind we have feared . that which is capable of hunting us so . much so that we in turn chose to hunt . many of these natural predators to the . brink of extinction the lion is no . exception. today our mindset has changed and fear . has been replaced with love and . protection for these incredible beasts . several hours after the vet procedure . had concluded we returned to the hilltop . and checked in on the pride our hope is . that they would still be in the area . allowing us to get a final glimpse of . these beautiful cats . [music]. then suddenly in what seemed like a . moment slowed in time the king of the . savanna materialized from the underbrush . [music]. he stepped into the golden glow of the . setting sun and moved with an elegance . that defined him as the ruler of this . land and as we watched our cameras all . fighting to capture the moments as they . played out before us it was not . difficult to pull my eye away from the . viewfinder so that i could appreciate . all of the beauty in this animal with my . own two eyes. i know that i will never forget my time . spent alongside that sleeping giant my . fingers placed upon its massive teeth . the moment two woke back from its . slumber and the site as a stroll along . through the flowing grasses staking . claim as king of the savanna . [music]. if you miss part one of our incredible . african lion adventure make sure to go . back and watch from the beginning as we . embarked upon an epic journey that. brought us up close with a pride of . lions and don't forget subscribe so you . can join me in the crew on this season . of breaking trail . [music]. .

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