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Beach Stereotypes. Love 'em or hate 'em, we all know 'em.
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Caption: Oh there give me a chair 25 more yards . what dude i think you got enough . sunscreen. fun fact when you match the color to . thin that's when you know you got enough . on ya face basis okay oh yeah beach time . oh jim sturgess need to get video that . darley barrel you're going to get smoke . down here that's just part of the job . interaction when you're a couple . thrashers like dude my hair takes so . salty up your boards oh so sick no . matter what you've done dude you deserve. respect i don't know how to keep the . hair out of my face like no matter what . i do those barrels were gnarlier than . like going to cracker barrel unless i . just stare up or do one of these maybe . people are going to they're i'm crazy . i think up ton you quote man 3x3 by 20 . you standing water you security detail i . don't want anyone that sent 30 meters of . this perimeter six millimeter shovel the . yellow one. thank you corey my steps 90 degrees to . the most part for the most part fix it . tom to take a picture yeah . [music]. we jump on one or go oh maybe we should . switch because i think they are all . moving around when you make one more . just one more okay girl perfect the . foreshadow with that plot twist it . quintessential token next lee buono oh . gosh no thanks i'm okay you guys are the . nearest restroom is yeah i went earlier . they just write up their water it's . definitely salty right here no just look . for warmer whoa that's guns no joke huh . ho capito men oh yeah it's not as bad as . it looks . come on my head on in now okay okay hey . i ain't hurt all right nobody else hit . me. oh. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. three-two-one huh miller clean all the . mail or five years hey why don't you . plant take another one for him really i . feel like you have milk you can never be . too safe anything watch out for the . undertow i think this is a really bad . idea . [music]. it's really not that bad i totally agree . on the last thing when you're selling . supposed to be 80% chance rate . but short tooth necklace i could totally . be my student customized knives with . your name on them i don't have a sister . but if i did oh my gosh i need is . probably don't need anymore cousin boy . hurry me all right we're going to get a . drink oh no john my son has done more . work building a motor on his sand castle . then you've got always sweeter oh be . there in five minutes deal with a bunch . of nimrods on the phone . sorry starters on you yeah hey buddy can . you hold just one second now it's not a . great time i'm on vacation . hey car you ready oh yeah right . you guys do know the fish pee in the . ocean hey real quick send me that swan . it's got my pizza oh my gosh you're . ridiculous oh is it alive oh i'm so much . going through i'm gang agent swimming . pool can you guys actually 383 got . afraid i heard you're supposed to spit . the goggles really i'll give it you got . it you got to get into throat it's a . mucus now read your thoughts or in . [music]. for boys oh okay headphones . oh sorry gotta have this merlin you know . when i was i got some kind of master . rash i got to get some relief why didn't . you say so i got some powder right here . ain't goodness pick a key real quick i . need you to grab my shore gotcha . oh i can see the redness from here tommy . it works every time york for you wiffle . ball back to you you look like a bad . name guys come on football and frisbee . how many things would you go i'll meet . you guys over there . [music]. well sand dollar for something isn't it . you're not a keeper bubble that's 200 . more and i can make my bride a necklace . and it won't cost me anything . [music]. sup guys thanks for watching if you're . not already a dude perfect subscriber. make sure you click down here so you . don't miss our next video part sewing . trickshot also huge news our brand new . iphone game launched today click here to . download it for free and if you want to . see the other stereotypes videos like . right here signing off for now pounded . saga . [music]. .

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